Arlo Pro 2 vs Ring Spotlight in 2024

While there are many wireless camera brands sold online today, few of them can compare to the Arlo Pro 2 and Ring Spotlight. But how well do they stack up against one another?

Having physically evaluated countless products within the category, we’ve discovered that the wireless camera for home use has good battery life and durable construction.

Below, we contest the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery vs. Arlo Pro 2 to see which is best for your home security. Let’s begin!

Arlo Pro 2 vs. Ring Spotlight Quick Comparison:

Arlo Pro 2

Easy on the looks, the Arlo Pro 2 is visually pleasing, decked out in an all-white frame that contrasts nicely with the dark camera lens. It’s easy for anyone to spot and is only sold in one color.

Lightweight but durable, it’s a camera that can withstand the weather conditions of an icy winter or the sweltering summer heat.

It has a small covering over the top front to keep water from getting on the lens. Resolution is fixed at 1080p high definition at approximately 24 frames per second (fps).

With it, you’ll get access to Netgear, a website and smartphone application to monitor and maintain all videos uploaded to their servers.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

The Ring Spotlight is a security camera with two-way talk and motion detection that’s comparable to the Arlo Pro 2.

This isn’t to say that the brand has a few unique tricks up its sleeve.

But first, let’s begin with the basics. The body is rectangular, with the camera appearing to be mounted in an “upright” position.

From a distance, it almost resembles a normal porchlight. This might be a good thing, especially for people who want a camera that isn’t overtly discernable.

Mount it anywhere you want outside, or indoors. The weather won’t be a problem. It’s well protected against wind, rain, ice, dust, and pollen.

Arlo Pro 2 vs. Ring Spotlight Comparison:

Arlo VMS4120P-100NAS Pro 2

Most of the Arlo Pro 2’s major advantages are related to its great motion detection. Even if someone’s not on your porch, you’ll still get notifications of them coming within range of the unit.

Because of this, you can be aware of anyone close by who may try to get close to your living quarters while avoiding the camera.

But that’s not all. When configuring the settings, you can change it to only detect objects in a particular portion of the direction it’s facing. For example, the area to the left of the camera could be scanned for movement. while the right side is left alone.

Using Netgear and More

The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 specs reveal that it’s more than ready to work on any smartphone you throw at it. iPhones, Android devices, and even many off-brand mobiles will have instant access to either the application or the browser.

When you’re on a desktop or notebook, just open your browser of choice and go to Netgear’s website for access. You’ll always have a quick route to getting the latest footage and happenings around your home. All videos are downloadable through the app as well.

You can share as many videos as you want through Netgear. Just log into your account and copy the URL. While doing this, don’t worry about anyone gaining access to the other videos you have saved; only what you share will be viewable to other people. This is a good way to get important videos out to people when they aren’t nearby.

Here is the Video to Help You Install Arlo Pro 2 Cameras

Using the Microphone

When someone makes their way up towards the camera, you can have a full-on conversation with them, thanks to the two-way microphone that’s built inside.

It can be activated through your smartphone, where your voice is heard in the same way that you would communicate with someone through an ordinary chat application. Audio gets loud, and your voice will be heard clearly by the guest from the speaker. Try not to talk in areas that have lots of noise pollution, however.

When you mount the camera and get it ready to record, you might notice how the video is slightly curved a bit. Based on the angle that it’s placed at, this might look almost similar to the minicams where objects get smaller as they move closer to the edges of the lens.

Furthermore, do yourself a favor and extend the time of recorded videos to a longer duration. The motion sensor will turn on and off too frequently if you don’t, saving too many small videos whenever someone comes close to the unit. And if you want to mark down the dates and times of your videos, you’ll have to do so manually.

Should you settle on the Arlo Pro 2? It’s a great surveillance camera that works in synch with smartphones and computers, thanks to Netgear. Mount it in any place that’s sturdy enough (even a tree) and everything else becomes automatic.

No matter if it’s dark outside or in the middle of the day, the motion detectors will pick up on anyone coming close to your property.


  • Power will last according to the level of motion that takes place around the camera
  • Most features on the camera are automated, including saving and uploading
  • Full smartphone integration that quickly sends out messages to any mobile that’s configured on Netgear
  • Very good sound quality when speakers are close to the camera’s microphone
  • Users have the option of setting up motion detection in range-specific areas and avoiding sections altogether
  • Individual videos can be shared without giving access to the entire database (on Netgear)
  • Not smartphone exclusive (Netgear can be accessed from most browsers)


  • Depending on the angle at which the camera is mounted, images might almost resemble a fish-eye lens
  • Too much motion around the camera will result in too many saved video files (and excessive notifications
  • There’s no way to indicate the date and time on saved videos without doing so manually (this cannot be done on Netgear)

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

When you have everything set up and ready for viewing, pay attention to the display. It shows in 1080p resolution. Movement isn’t choppy, gauged at about 30 fps.

Being that the Ring Spotlight is a motion detection camera for home use, it’s not surprising to see an LED light fixed on the unit.

It shines at 300 lumens, good enough to pick up faces and body mass during the dead of night. Even if all of your other porch lights are off, you’ll still make out people without wishing for a better resolution.

And don’t forget, the light will always turn on by itself as soon as motion is detected in front of it. Take a look at the batteries.

It’s possible to recharge the Ring Spotlight in several ways. You could do it with the rechargeable batteries provided, or even hook up a solar panel to the fixture.

Two-way communication is great. From the outside, your voice will sound similar to an ordinary intercom.

Talking with the Microphone

You won’t even have to turn your volume up all the way. Just speak to the person next to the camera as you would with anyone on an ordinary voice or video call.

One good thing about it is how background sounds don’t muffle the voice of your guests. Even during rainfall, your conversations with your phone and computer stay understandable, for you and the person you talk with. And like the Arlo Pro 2, this one has a range that’s sufficient enough to be picked up before anyone makes it toward the front of the camera.

Motion Sensitivity

Could any improvements be made to future models of the Ring Spotlight? You’ll be happy to know that there’s hardly anything negative to say about the surveillance camera. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

Its motion detection works well, sometimes a little too well. Don’t be surprised if you get notifications on your phone whenever the neighborhood dragonfly or grasshopper jumps in the sensor’s direction.

The same goes for birds. Try not to place the cam too close to a nest to avoid too many false alarms. But you could get the occasional alert at times that are even more unexpected, such as during heavy rainfalls. Because of these issues, this camera will function best when mounted underneath a porch. Not because it’s prone to water damage but motion sensitivity alone.

Here is the Video to Help You with the Installation of Your Ring Spotlight

But should you buy the Ring Spotlight? Sure. Just plan where you want to put it ahead of time. If you live in a place with insects and birds that appear in seasonal intervals, be prepared to get a few dings that result in nothing being shown on the cam. But this could occur in city and suburban areas as well.

Still, the sensitivity would be a great thing to have around, more so in compact places (the average subdivision). In the end, you’ll be more than satisfied with the security boost the Ring Spotlight can provide for your residence.


  • Colors appear accurate-no washed out hues or overtly vivid images in files
  • Has a light that automatically activates whenever motion nearby is detected
  • Compatible with some solar panels for automatic recharging
  • The microphone that’s housed on the camera picks up voices at a great range, whereby the speaker doesn’t need to stand too close to be heard


  • Its motion detection feature is too sensitive at times, picking up insects that fly by and rain from heavy downpours

Insights and Takeaways

Comparing top-rated wireless security cameras isn’t a hard thing to do. The Arlo Pro 2 and Ring Spotlight Cams are both equally good and provide clear images and videos for home security. But what’s a good security camera for documenting something important? You could try the Ring Spotlight if you’re nervous about not having the ability to timestamp your videos on the Arlo.

But if that’s not an issue for you, Arlo’s configurable motion detection is great for anyone who wants to focus their surveillance of specific areas of their yard while leaving other sections alone. And don’t forget about Netgear, either.

Sharing the videos you record with others on the internet is as easy as recording directly from a smartphone. It’s easy enough for people who aren’t advanced users to learn in a few minutes after browsing the app or website.

There’s no right or wrong choice that you can make here. Both cameras operate well in multiple climates and temperatures and are mountable to any surface you can drill through. Choose when you’re ready, and make your home a safer place for you and your family!

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