The Best Tactical Shooting Gloves in 2024

It’s important to protect your hands while shooting. In a tactical situation, you can’t afford to have anything slow you down, so the right pair of shooting gloves ensures your hands are safe and comfortable.

Regular gloves fail to offer the security we need, so we made it our mission to hunt for tactical shooting gloves. We researched and tested numerous of them before settling on 10 top-rated gloves.

The following section dives into our reviews, while the buyer’s guide that follows should help you make a decision.

We don’t want to waste any of your time, so let’s get into our top list so you can find the right pair of tactical gloves.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves:

1. Mechanix Wear: M-Pact MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves

The Mechanix Tactical Gloves, available in five different color patterns, offer well-rounded protection. There’s plenty of palm padding in addition to knuckle and finger guards.

These gloves are worn comfortably in warm weather thanks to the TrekDry material that conforms to the back of your hands. This helps you remain cool no matter what. Many consumers enjoy the reliable wrist closure system on the gloves. They slip on easily and fit snugly.

There’s an adequate amount of palm padding to absorb and dissipate energy. Users praise the total protection from the top of your wrists to your fingers. At the same time, the synthetic leather on the palm balances durability and dexterity so you have a great feel of your gun.

The main complaint many consumers unfortunately share is the stiffness of the gloves. There are reports that even after breaking them in, the gloves still seem difficult to flex.


  • Reliable closure
  • Easy to put on
  • Good padding


  • Feels stiff

2. Glove Station The Combat Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves

The Glove Station Combat Gloves feature textured palms to enhance your grip. There’s full-length, padded mesh built into the gloves too for the sake of comfort and breathability.

Glove Station focuses on protection as well via the reinforced knuckles. These military gloves are also made in black, gray, green, or tan so that you may personalize them as you see fit.

Plenty of consumers claim the gloves offer comfort thanks to the soft material. The enhanced airflow is another bonus as the vents work to dissipate heat so that you don’t sweat.

You can maintain a reliable grip on your gun due to the textured, synthetic leather palm and fingertips. These fingertips also add much-needed sensitivity for dexterity.

For all the good traits of these gloves, they don’t appear to have long-lasting durability. Numerous consumers report that they’re best used for light duty since they may easily fray.


  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Good sensitivity
  • Sturdy grip


  • Minimal durability

3. Hatch NS430 Specialist Police Duty Glove


The Hatch NS430 Specialist Shooting Gloves blend comfort with flexibility.

With Synsi-feel synthetic-leather palms and Extreme-Grip reinforcements on the palms and fingertips, you have greater traction overall.

These gloves claim to offer weather resistance with the neoprene material that balances breathability in hot weather with added warmth for colder conditions.

These are the tactical gloves for many users because of the dexterity offered. You maintain a firm grip, and your movements aren’t hindered so you can properly manipulate your weapon.

Consumers note that the gloves aren’t bulky either so you can squeeze the trigger of your gun without interference. They fit like a “second skin” because of the neoprene, which makes them comfortable as well.

However, the material is thin. The gloves don’t feel like they’ll hold up well over time. Also, they may not offer all-weather protection since many consumers claim they don’t do well when wet or if you’re shooting in extremely cold conditions.


  • Good grip
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible


  • Thin material

4. TitanOPS Full Finger Touchscreen Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Army Shooting Outdoor Gloves

The TitanOPS Full-Finger Hard Knuckle Gloves are the go-to versatile gloves that can work well for you in tactical situations, at the range, or while hunting.

They’re made in black, green, and tan.

You can choose from four sizes, and the Velcro wrist strap allows you to adjust as needed to get a snug fit. There’s not much maintenance needed to care for these gloves since they’re machine-washable and dry fast.

As hard-knuckle tactical gloves, consumers appreciate the focus on safety. There’s less chance you’ll suffer from injury related to knockbacks from firing your gun. The gloves are also praised for providing the necessary dexterity and maneuverability needed to shoot.

Many users also feel that these are the shooting tactical gloves made with reinforced palms for additional protection and comfort. Also, the spandex allows the gloves to stretch enough to fit your hands.

There’s plenty of wrist support thanks to the adjustable strap. With that said, some users report that the Velcro doesn’t feel durable and may begin to fray.


  • Good dexterity
  • Wrist support
  • Knuckle protection


  • Velcro can wear down fast

5. Mechanix Wear: The Original Covert Tactical Work Gloves


The Original Covert Gloves are form-fitting tactical shooting gloves that emphasize dexterity. They feature single-layer, seamless palms so that you can feel as much of your gun as possible through the gloves.

You’re granted a snug fit thanks to the hoop and loop closure system. If you want to coordinate your shooting gear, these gloves come in five different colors: black, gray, brown, multi-cam camouflage, and woodland camouflage.

Since the gloves are meant for law enforcement and military use, their tactical benefits are well-noted by consumers. They breathe well due to TrekDry so that your hands remain cool, and there’s ideal flexibility so that they’re easier to perform in.

Both the thumb and index finger are reinforced too for a noticeable improvement in durability.

Although they may eventually become comfortable, many users spoke about the rough break-in period to get to that point. It can take some time for the gloves to fit just right so you can maneuver with ease.


  • Simple to adjust
  • Ventilated well
  • Easy to perform in


  • Rough break-in period

6. Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-02-S Tactical Operator Pro Glove

The Ironclad Tactical Operator Pro Gloves are ergonomic and feature minimal bulk so you can easily hold any gun from handguns to rifles. With the blended spandex and neoprene design, you should have form-fitting comfort.

They maintain their shape well even if you throw them in the washing machine. You can select from various sizes as well as six different color designs.

Several consumers view these as the Operator gloves due to their overall rugged construction. The gloves hold up well to frequent outings, and the hook and loop closure seems reliable enough.

Even with the durable build, the gloves still feel light in weight. They stay in place well even if you get sweaty. Also, the knuckles are hard enough to protect you from impact. Meanwhile, the EXO embossed palm helps you keep a firm grip on your gun.

Despite that, many consumers say that the gloves could benefit from better dexterity. You may have to grip rather hard to feel your weapon better through the gloves.


  • Lightweight
  • Rugged construction
  • Stay in place well


  • Minimal finger dexterity

7. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) – Delta Utility Gloves

No products found.

The FDT Delta Utility Gloves from PIG offer high dexterity. You may feel as though you aren’t even wearing gloves. Available in six colors and multiple sizes, the gloves feature proven support from U.S. Special Operations soldiers.

Material is breathable, the index finger and thumb are compatible for use on touch screens, and the wrist cuffs feature a short design. Many shooters praise these military tactical gloves due to their dexterity.

The fit is remarkably tight, but users claim they feel like a second skin, which gives you better sensitivity. You have a good grip as well thanks to the silicone palm.

When it comes to the fingers, they have a fold-over construction so there’s no discomfort in your fingertips. They’re also vented for breathability. These gloves go on fast too because of the elastic wrists.

Although they perform well, their longevity is questionable. Consumers mention the gloves have low-quality seems around the fingers, so there may be obvious separation there.


  • Breathable material
  • Thin, skin-tight feel
  • Touch screen compatible


  • Low-quality build

8. LA Police Gear Core Shooting Glove

The LA Police Gear Core Shooting/Patrol Gloves are made with shooting in mind. They feature high-quality dexterity so you remain in control no matter what situation you’re in.

With a hook and loop closure, you can quickly and easily secure the gloves and adapt them for a personalized fit.

The flexibility of these gloves is a feature that stands out among consumers. Even though they’re form-fitting for security, they don’t appear to limit your maneuverability. This thinness allows for necessary dexterity. You should have better control of your firearm as well thanks to the grip on the fingers.

Also, many consumers praise these as the shooting gloves for women due to how much smaller they are compared to other tactical gloves. The material is soft against the skin as well.

A downside to the gloves is the Velcro quality. It seems like it can easily catch the fabric of the gloves and wear down. Additionally, the company states the gloves are touch screen compatible, but consumers report that you need to apply too much pressure against your screen for it to work.


  • Flexible
  • Form-fitting
  • Material feels soft


  • Velcro seems low in quality

9. 5.11 High Abrasion Tac Glove

No products found.

The TAC NFO2 Gloves are the most popular 5.11 tactical gloves worn by law enforcement officers around the world. They utilize the company’s patented Tactical Touch, a precision fingertip design that doesn’t hinder your strategic shooting skills.

You can purchase these gloves in either a storm design or a black color. Consumers speak highly of the breathability the gloves offer, especially in warmer weather. They’re light in weight too so you shouldn’t feel constricted while wearing them.

There’s a good deal of grip assistance in the palms of the gloves. With the neoprene hook and loop closure, you can slip these gloves on with little effort.

Although the gloves are built with reinforced finger joints, many consumers believe the stitching is of poor quality. This leads to uncertainty about how long the gloves will last before the stitching frays or tears.


  • Grip assistance
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Simple to slip on


  • Poor stitching

10. REEBOW TACTICAL Military Tactical Gloves

No products found.

These Military Tactical Gloves are heavy-duty gloves that aim to protect against abrasions and impact. Because of this, they’re used as well for combat gloves as they are for general shooting gloves.

They’re stitched well to hold up to frequent use and feature a wear-resistant and anti-slip design.

With a lightweight build, the gloves should be easy to maneuver in and manipulate your gun without issue.

Consumer responses about these black tactical gloves are generally favorable. They appreciate the spandex as it provides just the right amount of stretch so that they’re easier to slip on. There’s still a snug feel to the gloves.

The wrist closures secure well, and there’s a good deal of sensitivity in the fingers so you can squeeze the trigger better.

Some consumers brought up issues with the knuckle protection though. It’s soft and flexible, and many users feel that it won’t adequately protect from shock.


  • Quality spandex for added stretch
  • Secure wrist straps
  • High sensitivity


  • Knuckle protection is too soft

Factors to Consider

It’s not the best idea to grab the first pair of gloves that look tactical enough and make them your shooting gloves. There are certain factors to think about that separate average handwear from quality military gloves.

Feel free to keep our recommended 10 products in mind, but you should know exactly what to look for. This way, you won’t have any trouble deciding on a pair of gloves.

Tactical Gloves Advantages

The right pair of shooting gloves provides you with certain advantages while out in the field.

Injury Protection

There’s no denying that whenever you shoot your gun, you risk injury to your hands. Repeated stress conditions are common, and quality gloves can help reduce the chances of you developing them.


Whether you have issues with your hands like arthritis or you’re the picture of health, holding a gun isn’t the most comfortable experience after a while.

Gloves can add a layer of comfort, especially if they’re ventilated for warmer weather or insulated for the colder months.


What do you do if you’re in a tactical situation and your hands start to sweat? You don’t want to risk dropping your gun, so a pair of quality combat gloves comes in handy here.

Many are designed with anti-slip or grip assistant palms to help you maintain a firm hold on your firearm.


As you decide on a pair of gloves, consider how functional they are.

Is there enough dexterity so that you can feel your gun? Also, consider the flexibility aspect because you still need to manipulate your weapon properly.

Also, look at the palm. They should feature a textured pattern or a seamless design to help you keep a steady grip.

Weather Protection

This feature depends on your specific needs. If you know you’re going out in warmer weather, consider gloves that are ventilated well so that your hands can breathe. For colder weather, you’ll want to look for insulated gloves.


How should tactical gloves fit?

Tactical gloves should always fit snugly so that they won’t slip off, but not restrictive. Meaning, they should fit comfortably tight against your skin without feeling as though they’re cutting off your blood supply.

Is weather protection important?

Like with any gear, your gloves should have some level of defense against the weather. If you need tactical winter gloves, some companies like Under Armour’s tactical gloves provide insulation to keep you warm. Otherwise, consider ventilated gloves that circulate air and breathe well to keep your hands dry.

How do you clean tactical gloves?

It usually depends on the specific gloves you have. In most cases, you can toss them in the wash and air dry them afterward. Otherwise, you can hand wash the gloves. Your best bet is to check out the gloves in question to see if the company has specifics on how to clean them.

Making the Decision

Tactical gloves keep you comfortable and safe while out on the field. It’s not easy to choose the right pair, but we believe that The Original Covert Gloves from Mechanix are the tactical shooting gloves out of our recommendations.

These gloves are form-fitting so that you know they won’t slip off. Meanwhile, their TrekDry material ensures your hands stay cool and dry even if things get too hot.

The seamless, single-layer palm helps increase the overall dexterity so you don’t lose the feeling of your gun.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Go ahead and check out the gloves for yourself to see if they’re right for you.

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