The Best Air Ionizers in 2024

Air ionizers are truly incredible devices that can make your air quality better for breathing, and ultimately, for your health. The air ionizers will bring you peace of mind you didn’t know you could even have, simply by removing bacteria and other particulates from your space.

Using our experience in device reviews, we’ve compiled a list of air ionizers based on characteristics such as purifying range, odor-eliminating ability, and filter styles, to name a few. So, let’s dive right in!

Best Air Ionizers:

1. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier, Ionizer & Deodorizer


The first air ionizer machine in review is the Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier. This unit purifies an enormous space of 3,500 feet and has a plethora of fan levels for you to adjust. This unit is also one of the largest on the market, but the design helps it to be aesthetically pleasing for any room.

Consumers are mostly pleased with this ionizer from Ivation. They claim it does exactly what it’s intended to and that it’s very effective at eliminating odors. However, note that a small group of consumers has had longevity issues, claiming the unit has failed them after only a year or so.


  • Elegant design helps the unit to fit into just about any room
  • The adjustable fan speed allows you to keep the fan at any level you wish – 10 different fan speeds


  • A small group of consumers finds that the unit has failed after about six months to a year

2. OION Technologies B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer

The air ionizer for your home is the OION Technologies B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro. The unit runs 7. W, making it energy-conservative. Additionally, there are no filters to replace, saving you tons of money over its life. The OION operates quietly, designed to run at night without any disturbance. The unit impressively removes particulates down to 0.01 microns.

Consumers are psyched with the ability of this unit to remove nasty odors, notably pet odors. Some users claim to use it for clearing smoke from the air and find the filter to be very efficient! Of course, there is a small group that claims the unit has malfunctioned.


  • The UVGI technology utilizes UV light to kill bacteria and viruses so you can wander about free of worry
  • The fan runs extremely quietly, allowing you to use this model all day, and night, with no noise disturbance


  • A small group of consumers finds that the unit has malfunctioned and overheated on occasion

3. Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

This next model in review might just be the air ionizer for allergies. The Envion Ionic Pro Turbo is designed for small and medium-sized areas, purifying an air range of 500 square feet. The unit purifies three times an hour so that the air is constantly refreshed and healthy. The unit is reported as removing 99.9% of airborne allergens and other particulates.

Consumers are overwhelmingly happy with the Envion model here. The most noted point of emphasis is the terrific ability of the purifier to operate silently. They also enjoy that the unit begins to cackle after a bit, which indicates that your filter needs attention.


  • The Forever Filter is designed to be cleaned and reused, saving you plenty of money over the long run
  • The purifier cleans three times per hour, ensuring constantly filtered, fresh air in your spaces


  • Only purifies areas up to a maximum of 500 square feet

4. AZEUS 7-in-1 Air Purifier


Fourth on the list of room ionizer reviews is the AZEUS Air Purifier. The unit purifies an air range of about 540 square feet, which is around the 500 square foot range that is seemingly standard.

The AZEUS is constructed of a five-layer filter system – one that utilizes a UV-C light sanitizer, which aids in the killing of harmful particulates. Additionally, it has a timer function with multiple time settings.

This unit comes ready to use out of the box, and consumers love it. The low cost is another point of emphasis for pleased consumers, who are quite surprised with the unit’s efficiency and silent operation.


  • The five-layer filter style ensures the cleanliest air as a result of purification that runs up to five times an hour
  • The unit has a sleep function so that you can set your purifier before going to sleep without worrying about fire or running the unit all night


  • Only purifies areas up to a maximum of 540 square feet

5. Ozone Generator Air Purifier

The Ozone Generator Air Purifier is another good air ionizer to check out. This unit only purifies an air space of about 330 square feet, which is smaller than most models. The unit aims to eliminate musty odors and neutralize smoke odors via an ozone-based ionizer.

Consumers are pretty happy with this unit from Ozone Generator. They’re particularly satisfied with the ability to adjust the level at which the purifier works, giving them more control over the ozone being pumped into the room.


  • This unit is incredibly compact, plugging into wall outlets for power and taking up no more than five inches in diameter, which saves you space
  • There are multiple levels of ozone you can choose from when operating, controlling the amount of ozone pumped into the room


  • Some claim the unit didn’t work for much longer than six weeks

6. Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite True HEPA Large Room Air Purifier

The unit in the seventh spot on the ionizer, and air purifier reviews is the Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite. This model is designed specifically for smaller rooms, having an air purification range of only 190 square feet.

This model impressively uses a color-coded lighting system to notify you of the current air quality; it also adjusts to this detected air quality to maintain a constant healthy air space. The fan has three adjustable settings – a low, medium, and high setting.

Consumers love this unit, claiming that it works perfectly well. One negative review points out the noisiness of the unit, stating it’s always noticeable when running.


  • The unit can detect the air around it to inform you of the current quality and to self-adjust to keep the air clean
  • It notifies you when the filter needs changing, saving you from checking it constantly


  • The unit is noted as being a bit noisy while operating

7. Air Purifier for Home Allergies Pets Hair in Bedroom


The next model, the SilverOnyx Air Purifier, is a great option for those interested in small ionizers. This unit purifies the standard 500 square feet range and captures about 99.97% of allergens and particulates.

It also removes particulates down to the size of 0.3 microns. The particulate matter itself automatically senses the air quality around it to properly adjust its airflow for constant healthy air quality.

Consumers, especially those with allergies, love this air purifier! They claim its ability to constantly monitor and adjust to the air is phenomenal and makes using it hassle-free. The efficiency of its size is also noted by many as a huge plus.


  • Collects and captures particulates as small as 0.3 microns, clearing your air of dust, allergies, bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • The particulate matter sensor automatically adjusts to keep your air at the highest quality


    • N/A

8. OdorStop OSAP5 HEPA Air Purifier


The final model in the negative ionizer reviews is the OdorStop HEPA Air Purifier. This model is capable of removing roughly 99.97% of particulate contaminants at sizes as low as 0.3 microns.

The combination filter combines multiple filtering methods to create a high-grade filter, as is denoted by its particulate removal abilities. The unit also sports a sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and auto mode among other interesting features.

Consumers are happy with this unit from OdorStop. A particular note of emphasis is the quiet nature of the unit, which is great for use at night and in sleep mode. Others claim you get incredible value for the price, too.


  • Informs you about the filter life and the air quality via a display on the unit
  • Comes with a sleeper mode, among many others, for use at night


  • Poor odor-eliminating capabilities

Factors to Consider

The following is a list of factors to consider when buying air ionizers:

Purification range:

The purification range is the first factor you should consider when buying an air ionizer. The general standard range in the industry is about 500 square feet.

The first model in a review can purify a range that reaches out to 3,500 square feet, which is pretty enormous.

This type of range is great for people looking to purify medium to large and open areas. Other models on the market only purify a range of about 300 square feet or so, which is still plenty of range for small to medium rooms.

This is the most important factor to consider because if you buy the incorrect range for your needs the model will simply not work for you.

Filter style:

The next factor to consider is the filter style of the models you’re considering. Some of the models have removable filters, some of which are washable and others that require replacement. These are certainly less ideal than models that don’t require filter replacement.

Other models on the list simply operate without a filter at all, removing the need for you to worry about replacing or cleaning the unit. Still, others have complex filter setups, combining multiple filter types and sanitization methods, such as UV light.


A third factor to consider is the various modes the ionizers can operate on. For instance, some models come with sleep modes and automatic operating modes.

Other models have specific ozone modes that are intended to eliminate odors and musty smells.

Of course, some models have more features than others, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a better model or that those features are all necessary.

By knowing exactly what you need from your ionizer, you can find the best all-encompassing value package for your intended use.


A final factor to take into consideration is whether or not a unit comes with a warranty or money-back guarantee. Of course, having a warranty doesn’t guarantee the unit is worth its salt. It does mean that you can have it replaced or get your money back should anything go wrong.


Are ionic air purifiers safe?

Ionic air purifiers are certainly safe in moderation, just like anything. They work by emitting negative ions that attach to the positively charged particles in the air, causing them to be too heavy to remain in the air.

The only thing to worry about is overexposure to ozone, depending on the model you have or choose to buy.

There is some well-reasoned speculation that too much ozone exposure is harmful to your health, in addition to the harm it causes to the environment. When used in moderation, ionic air purifiers are safe and can even be helpful to your health.

How does UV light help to clean and purify the air?

UV light helps to purify the air because when bacteria or other microbes are exposed to certain UV light sources, their DNA is damaged, preventing reproduction. This ensures that the bacteria won’t spread and become more of a problem in your air.

The models that utilize this UV light system often combine it with multi-layered filters to create the highest quality air for you.

Are standalone or wall socket models better?

Let’s first be clear, all models are socket models in the sense that they need to be plugged into work. The standalone models, however, are often considered more versatile as they’re able to move to specific spots. The wall socket models are a bit limiting in the sense that you can only have them in specific areas of your home or space with outlets.

However, depending on your setup, wall socket models may work for you just fine. So, as for which is better, that’s up to how you intend to use the unit.


In conclusion, the Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier is the best model on the market for keeping your air healthy. This model can purify a range of about 3,500 square feet, which is by far the largest range on the list. It also sports a 24/7 dust collection feature and adjustable fan speeds.

If this model is out of range for you, whether price-wise or too much range, there is the OION Technologies B-1000. This unit catches particulates as small as 0.01 microns and utilizes a UV light sanitation system with its filter to guarantee clean air.

No matter the unit you’re considering, be sure that it’s going to accomplish all of the things you’re hoping to use it for.

Having read through these reviews, you’re more than capable of making a conscientious decision when it comes to the perfect ionizer for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get your new ionizer and healthy air circulating today!

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