The Best AR-15 Cases in 2024

As you travel with your AR-15, you can’t just carry it in your hands. Any respectable gun owner knows safety comes first, so the best way to secure your gun and free it from damage is with a proper case. These gun cases are invaluable.

Quality ones offer enough room for your AR-15 and any accessories. However, how do you decide what case you need or whether you should go with a hard or soft style? We examined both styles for you to help you find the AR-15 cases. Our search led us to 10 top-rated cases, and we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for by the end.

Best AR-15 Cases:

1. Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag Firearm Transportation Case

The Savior Equipment American Classic Double Long Rifle Bag features a tactical design to secure your gun in style. This helps you carry more than just an AR-15. There are numerous compartments for various accessories, space for pistols, and even room to fit two rifles.

You don’t have to settle for a single color either as it’s available in tan, black, green, and gray.

Consumers praise this as the AR-15 soft case around primarily because of the security. There are hook-and-loop lockdown straps for the rifle compartments and heavy-duty zippers for the pistols. The gun compartments even have lockable zipper sliders.

The case separates the guns from each other and the three equipment pockets well. Also, there’s enough padding to protect everything from impact.

You can make use of the adjustable backpack straps for carrying. However, some users report it can place the case at an awkward angle, which might be uncomfortable if you need to carry it for some time. Also, the case may benefit from more handle padding.


  • Easy to secure
  • Various compartments
  • Durable construction


  • Uncomfortable to carry

2. Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST

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The Tactical AR Case from Flambeau Outdoors is a lightweight, reliable hard case. You can use it for extended storage without worry thanks to the anti-corrosion technology that provides a protective layer over your firearms and gear.

Inside, you’ll also notice magazine storage dividers to better separate your equipment. There are even hook and loop closures to fasten everything down.

Many consumers feel this is the AR-15 hard case because of the dense foam interior. The secure straps help lock down your gear, but the foam already provides a reliable seal to prevent anything from moving around.

Consumers also appreciate the versatility of the setup as you can cut out pieces of the foam to suit your needs. There are even some guidelines to follow if need be.

A downside of this case is the low-quality latches. Although there are four of them to secure the case, several users note that the latches may warp, degrade, or otherwise pop open.


  • Dense and firm foam
  • Adaptable setup
  • Secure interior straps


  • Low-quality latches

3. Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case aims to protect your rifle in storage or even under extreme outside conditions. It features robust plastic construction with dense foam inside to secure your firearm and some of your accessories.

You can shape the foam to match your needs as well. Also, this AR-15 rifle case has dual-stage lockable latches to keep everyone else out.

A high point for many consumers is the solid construction. Owners feel their gun is secured well thanks to the dense foam and thick walls. It takes little effort to customize the foam, and the company does have replacements if you happen to need them.

The latches are heavy-duty and reliable as well. Consumers further enjoyed the easy-access handle so there’s no issue with carrying the case.

There do appear to be problems with the seal though. Some consumers reported that their seal either fell off or wasn’t airtight. This may show that it’s not as waterproof as it claims.


  • Solid plastic construction
  • Easy to customize foam
  • Reliable latches


  • Seal isn’t airtight

4. Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case


Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case has a “pluck-to-fit” foam liner that lets you customize the case to suit your specific weapon and gear. There’s a continuous Dri-lock gasket that works to give it an airtight seal to keep it safe from outside elements.

Although this case may weigh a lot once all your gear is inside, the case also features easy-glide wheels and swivel handles for stress-free transportation.

There seems to be plenty of appreciation for how well this AR-15 gun case seals. The installation appears solid, and users report that it may very well have quality water resistance. Its oversized hinges play a strong role in sealing the case too.

Some consumers also mention that the six latches are easy to get used to after a brief break-in period. It’s simple to use the locks and add on an additional lock if need be.

One thing several consumers didn’t enjoy, however, is the pluck foam. They claim that it tends to lift out when moving the case or removing your firearm and accessories.


  • Oversized, strong hinges
  • Good seal
  • Secure closing


  • Pluck foam doesn’t always stay in place

5. Condor Single Rifle Case

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The Condor Single Rifle Case features multiple compartments and pouches to travel or store a variety of weapons and gear along with your AR-15. Both compartments feature a lockable zipper.

There are the usual carrying handles as well as a shoulder strap for easier carrying. You can remove the shoulder strap if you don’t want it. If you care about personalization, the case comes in three different colors.

Many consumers feel this case is the rifle case with multiple storage areas. There are three utility pouches where you can stash various accessories or some extra magazines.

Also, reports from owners mention how well the case secures your weapons. Two hook and loop straps have padded sleeves to keep your rifle in place. The Velcro straps and zippers appear well-made as well.

There is an issue with the shoulder strap, however. The material doesn’t feel as high in quality as the rest of the case, and some consumers mentioned concerns about the clasps snapping off.


  • Good storage capacity
  • Heavy-duty zippers and Velcro straps
  • Durable fabric


  • Low-quality shoulder strap clasps

6. Pelican 1750 Rifle Case With Foam

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The Pelican 1750 Rifle Case features a waterproof, dust-proof, and crush-proof construction. This hefty case, available in three colors, is also made with an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve to release built-up air pressure.

You can configure the case to suit your specific AR-15 thanks to the customizable interior foam. In turn, this densely padded foam protects the firearm from bumps and shocks.

Several consumers praise the Pelican AR-15 case for its solid, crush-proof construction. It’s meant to withstand harsh temperatures so that you can take it out in various weather conditions.

Also, the gaskets appear well-sealed to protect your firearms against potential dust and water damage. The foam is dense as well, and it’s easy to customize it so you have a snug fit for your gun.

However, perhaps because of this heavy-duty build, the case can get heavy. Some consumers believe it’s too heavy to comfortably carry, especially for longer trips. The wheels might come in handy in this case.


  • Quality wheels
  • Sturdy, crushproof construction
  • Dense, protective foam


  • It May be too heavy for some users

7. Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case

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This Case Club AR-15 Rifle Case utilizes foam to secure your rifle, pistol, and accessories. With pre-cuts, you can fit everything you need right away.

The case also features waterproof and dust-proof protection. It’s approved for air travel as you can add a padlock and it’s heavy-duty to withstand abuse. Along with the case, you’ll receive a knife, accessory kit, and moisture-removing silica gel.

There are many positive notes about this Case Club AR-15 tactical case. One of the highlights is the rigid foam used in addition to how user-friendly it is. You can make use of the pre-cuts if your weapons and gear fit, but with the provided knife, you can also cut it to customize it.

Consumers also speak highly of the latch system and the overall security the case provides.

Even though this is durable, some users report that the lid does seem to flex under slight pressure. It’s questionable how much abuse this can truly handle.


  • Rigid foam
  • Quality latches that lock well
  • User-friendly pre-cut foam


  • The lid may flex under pressure

8. NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case

This Deluxe Padded Rifle Case from NcSTAR is a lightweight, soft rifle case. It’s straightforward in its design, and the case is available in numerous sizes and colors. Some colors are only made in certain sizes though.

The case doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability as it features reliable PVC construction and high-density foam. For additional storage, there are external pockets for your magazines.

Most consumers seem to praise this case for having a budget-friendly price with a high-quality design. The stitching is heavy-duty and looks like it can withstand frequent use. Even the Velcro straps are ideal as they hold well.

The zippers glide almost effortlessly without sticking so there’s no trouble getting in and out of the case.

If there’s one area that may need work, some consumers feel that the padding is a touch too thin. As such, the case may not be the best for heavy situations but might work better under light, careful use.


  • Velcro feels sturdy
  • Zippers slide smoothly
  • Heavy stitching


  • Padding seems thin

9. NcSTAR CVDC2946T-36 Vism Double Carbine Case

The VISM Double Carbine Case by NcSTAR is a versatile rifle-carrying case. There’s a multitude of storage options so you can carry multiple guns and all the needed accessories. Even the secondary compartment features pockets for more storage.

You should be able to fit two carbine-sized rifles. Also, the case comes in a handful of sizes and colors.

Many consumers rave about the storage capabilities of this case. There are two compartments so you can carry two rifles, and the various pockets allow you to bring plenty of gear.

The side pockets are easy to access as well so you don’t have to struggle to find what you need.

Any complaints concern comfort. Several consumers report the straps and buckles aren’t high-quality. There’s minimal padding in those areas, so it might be uncomfortable. It’s tough to tighten the straps too.


  • Numerous storage options
  • Quality interior padding
  • Easy-access side compartments


  • Low-quality buckles and straps

10. BLACKHAWK Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case

The BLACKHAWK Carbine Case combines simplicity, practicality, and durability with this soft case. Other than the main compartment for your AR-15, there are two large accessory pockets and five external magazine pockets. Inside, there’s dual-density foam for impact protection. On the outside, there is closed-cell foam to help absorb shock.

Much of the positivity around this tactical AR case is the spacious pockets. There are more than enough of them for your gear and magazines, and they seem deep enough to fit several accessories without them moving around.

On the notion of security, the entire case seems to give your gun a comfortably snug fit.

The largest issue with this case is the zipper system. Numerous consumers complain that the zipper is difficult to close since there’s a high chance it can snag on the fabric or seemingly disappear beneath it.


  • Secure, snug fit
  • Roomy pockets
  • Thick material


  • Difficult zipper system

Factors to Consider

Your gun deserves the care possible, and you can provide that with a quality AR-15 rifle case. The only question left to answer is: how do you decide what the best is when dozens of cases flood the market?

There are some key factors you can keep in mind that may help you decide. You can use these factors to weigh your options with the cases in our review list.

Type: Which is the Best?

A gun case comes in either a hard or soft style. There’s an endless debate about which style is better, and you’ll hear good points from both sides. If you want to look at it through unbiased goggles, both styles are best depending on your circumstances.

For instance, if you want to travel on a plane, TSA regulates that firearms must be in a hard-sided, lockable case. As such, hard styles are best.

Those styles also have a rugged construction, usually crushproof, with water resistance and dust resistance. They’ll help if you need to travel in extreme weather conditions.

When it comes to soft-style gun cases, they’re useful if you need something lightweight to lug around. These also feature easy-access pockets with many being outside so you can grab your accessories fast.

Many soft cases also have the bonus of using multiple carrying styles such as shoulder straps or backpack straps along with the usual handle.

Important Features

Whether you’re shopping for an AR-15 soft case or hard case, there are certain features to look for that’ll help you choose a high-quality one.

Accurate sizing is important as it determines whether your rifle will fit. Also, there should be enough room that you can lift it out and place it in with ease, but a snug fit is still preferable as it secures your weapon.

Velcro straps should be reliable, and if there’s foam instead, it should be dense enough to provide proper support.

An AR-15 hard case, for instance, should feature durable latches so the case closes well. Meanwhile, soft cases need a smooth zipper system.

Multiple storage options are also useful too so you can properly pack up your accessories or even additional guns.


Here are the questions we’re asked the most.

Does an AR-15 tactical case come with locks?

It depends on the case. Some cases have locks on the zippers or latches, while others leave room for you to add a padlock or TSA-approved lock.

What size rifle case should I get?

Tactical rifle cases for your AR-15 tend to come in multiple sizes depending on the specific case. So, you’ll need to measure the length of your gun and compare it to the measurements from the case. If there aren’t any interior measurements, consider subtracting a few inches from the exterior measurements.

Do I need a professional to cut foam padding?

Foam cutting in hard gun cases is a simple enough matter. Some cases feature guidelines, while others provide you with a knife. The only other thing you need is patience.

Making the Decision

From our countdown, we feel the Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Gun Bag is the AR-15 case. It features reliable material, room to store two rifles and a pistol, and plenty of pouches for accessories. The zipper system functions well, and the guns are properly secured with durable straps.

If you want a hard style and don’t mind spending extra money, consider the Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Rifle Case. It comes ready to use, but you can customize the foam cutouts further. The case is durable, and there’s ample room for an additional pistol and gear.

Don’t hesitate to look at the rest of our reviews again and consider our buyer’s guide if something else sparks your interest.

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