The Best Baby Monitors For Twins in 2024

Having twins is exciting, but it also can be scary once you think about securing two babies. Even though you can’t monitor two babies 24/7, you can keep them safe even without being in the room by purchasing a baby monitor for twins.

The challenge is figuring out which monitor is the best, and that’s why we’ve analyzed the market and become experts.

We’ve compared the baby monitors for two rooms, looking at features such as range, split-screen, and two-way communication.

It is important to have a baby monitor for twins because you need to be able to keep both babies safe and secure. A mediocre baby monitor will fail you and your babies, leaving you scrambling and worried. This resource has all the information you need to make a conscious decision and purchase the monitor for you and your children.

Best Baby Monitors For Twins:

1. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Two-camera video baby monitor by MoonyBaby has a wide angle and a split screen so you don’t have to worry about moving the camera when you relocate the baby.

A large number of customers are happy with this product. They like the two-way communication capability and that there are built-in lullabies. The split view option is a great bonus. Some customers wished the product was touchscreen, and others felt the product wasn’t durable.

If you’re on the search for a baby monitor with 2 cameras and a split screen, then this might be the best product on the market for the price.


  • Split-screen works well
  • Good price


  • Controls aren’t backlit so it’s tough to use in the dark
  • The power-saving feature makes the screen go black if there’s no noise
  • Not made with the best quality.

2. Babysense New Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, Supplied with Two Cameras

This video baby monitor by Babysense comes with two digital cameras.

The monitor is a 2.4-inch high-quality LCD in full color.

More than half of the customers who are using this baby monitor are happy. The monitor is small but the resolution is great. Some of the customer concerns included the camera starting up with a glowing white image and taking a couple of seconds to get to the live feed, and the camera head can only adjust a little.

If you’re looking for a twin-camera baby monitor, then this is a great purchase. This camera comes with cool features, great sound, and a clear image. It is easy to set up and the price isn’t too high.


  • Charges fast
  • Lightweight
  • Has a battery-saver
  • Good price


  • During an auto camera rotation, the cameras don’t auto-switch to the room with the noise
  • Limited range on the adjustable camera head
  • The battery doesn’t last long.

3. Axvue Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor by Axvue is an E612 model with multi-functions.

It comes with two cameras as well as a 5″ screen.

About half of the customers who are using this double-room baby monitor are happy. The cameras work well especially if you have babies in two separate beds. The picture is clear and the sound is good.

The auto-scan feature is a huge bonus. Some of the bad things customers reported include a hissing sound, the power cord being short, and having to hit multiple buttons to set it to scan or camera.

This is a great baby monitor if you need a clear view and good sound for monitoring one or more babies. It supports multiple cameras in the event you need to add to it.


  • Good sound quality
  • Good picture quality
  • Easy setup
  • Two-way communication


  • Zoom is very limited
  • Short power cord
  • Makes a hissing noise when powered on

4. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


This video baby monitor by Infant Optics is a DXR-8 model and has an interchangeable optical lens.

This monitor is plug-and-play and requires no setup. It has a scan mode which allows it to expand for up to 4 cameras.

A large majority of the customers who purchased this product are happy with its functionality. The setup is easy, the picture is clear and it works well. Customers also appreciate the temperature feature and that the instructions are easy to understand. Some customers reported poor battery life, poor sound, and frequent signal loss issues.

Even with minor concerns, the vast majority of the customers say that this is a great product. It might be the video baby monitor for twins. Get a clear picture of your babies during the day or night with this infant monitor.


  • Dependable
  • Easy setup
  • Clear picture


  • Sounds for low battery and out-of-range can be loud
  • Expensive
  • Limited mounting (1 screw)

5. VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor with Automatic Infrared Night Vision

This video baby monitor has night vision and comes with one parent unit and two cameras.

It’s a VTech VM321-2 Safe&Sound monitor that supports up to 4 baby units (uses VM301 camera). The parent unit has a zoom option as well as a vibration and sound alert.

The majority of the customers who purchased this product are happy with it. They like that you can add more cameras. It works all over the house, yard, and basement. It also allows you to view both rooms in patrol mode.

If you are looking for a multi-camera baby monitor you should probably check out this product. It has several features that are beneficial for both parents and the baby.


  • Can add multiple cameras
  • Great two-way communication
  • The temperature feature is helpful


  • Can’t adjust the lens and play music from the parent unit
  • The camera might lose connection and start beeping frequently
  • Music is low on the highest setting

6. Axvue HD Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor has a good transmission range, allowing you to take it anywhere in the house or right outside.

It comes with the hardware for mounting and allows you to monitor multiple areas at once.

Almost all the customers who purchased this product are happy. There is a long battery life after a single charge. Works well across the house and it has a good energy savings feature that keeps it on standby until a noise is picked up.

This is probably the baby monitor for twins because you can place cameras in multiple rooms. Some customers reported a grainy picture and constant signal drops.

This is the baby monitor for twins if you need a monitor that will allow you to watch more than one kid. It has lullabies, two-way communication, and night vision. These are all great features to have so get your monitor today!


  • Battery alert
  • Easy to set up
  • Works without wifi


  • Poor-quality charging cord
  • The screen is a little small
  • Might have signal issues

7. Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera


This baby monitor has a remote-operated pan-tilt-zoom camera and a 3.2″ LCD screen.

The camera rotates 355 degrees horizontally, and 120 degrees vertically.

Almost all of the customers who purchased this product are happy. They like that this camera is easy to set up and the tilt feature is a bonus. Customers with more than one kid are happy to be able to see both children.

It’s great that the monitor can be synced to up to 4 cameras. It has a good connection and a clear picture day and night. Just a few customers reported receiving defective products with monitors breaking easily and a grainy picture.

This baby monitor is a favorite among customers and they didn’t have a single complaint. It works well, provides a clear picture, and is easy to set up. The price is not that bad either.


  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • Add up to 4 cameras


  • N/A

8. Motorola Video Baby Monitor – 2 Wide Angle HD Cameras

This video baby monitor by Motorola is an MBP50-G2. It has a pan/tilt/zoom option and a 5″ color LCD screen.

It comes with 2 cameras.

About half of the customers that purchased this product are happy with it. It works great as a baby monitor for twins because of the 2 cameras. The setup is simple and the features are cool. The picture quality is good, but some people argue that the picture quality could be improved.

If you need a twin-baby monitor with a split-screen, then this might be the monitor for you. It has a split-screen, good range, easy setup, and includes 2 cameras.


  • Large screen
  • 2 Cameras included
  • Good price
  • Good range
  • Split screen


  • Battery life is weak
  • Some of the lights stay lit all the time (green with sound detection and blue with charging)
  • Picture quality could be better
  • Mounting hooks sold separately
  • Might have poor-quality video

Tips on Choosing

Get Night Vision

Aim for something that shows you what’s going on with the baby while the lights are out.

Range and signal

You need a strong signal and you need a broad range in case your house is big or if you need to be able to step outside or to another area of the home

Pick a monitor with good battery life

Charging all the time means you can’t use your device. You also need something that will last during the times you need to monitor.


Aim for either a large screen or a high-quality picture, which can be provided with a small screen.

Two-way communication

will be an important feature if you plan to be able to communicate and possibly soothe your child while you’re still very busy. You can also use it as a way to ask your loved ones for a favor while they are in there with the baby.

Added Cameras

If you need more than one camera installed, you should look for a system that allows the addition of multiple cameras. This allows you to check on multiple babies or rooms at one time. Some of the baby monitors offer a split screen for you to be able to see more than one baby at the same time.

Factors to Consider

Will your babies be in the same room:

If so, then you might be ok with a single monitor.

Will you need two separate monitors:

You could also get one monitor with more than one feed. This can range from 2 audio or camera units connected to one monitor.


Do you want it controllable from the monitor or the remote? A single monitor needs to be manageable. Keep in mind, that the better the camera, the better the image.

Range and signal

Think about the distance you might move away from your babies. You will need a monitor with a good range if your house is big or if you plan to move around a lot.

Screen size

Keep in mind bigger screens will be able to show more detail and will have a larger viewing area.

Temperature sensor

Monitoring the temperature your child is sleeping in is an additional bonus. Consider whether you will need this or not.


Consider the more you are spending, the better the quality you are getting from a clear picture to extra features. Make a flexible budget so that you can purchase the monitor that will give you the best peace of mind.

Making The Decision

Now that you have enough information on the baby monitor for twins, it’s time to finalize your choice and make your purchase.

Aim for a clear picture, good range, strong signal, strong battery, big enough screen, two-way communication, and temperature sensor. One of the important features is to be able to control the camera from either a remote or a camera. Also, think about the adjustable angles.

Having a quality camera can secure the safety and security of your babies. You can watch them on the monitor from various locations throughout your home. After you’ve figured out which features are most important, make sure you check out the customer reviews.

Happy customers who have purchased the baby monitor you are interested in can offer you insight into the features you will most enjoy.

Remember, the key thing is to buy the product with the best features to keep your kids safe and secure. Narrow down your options, get fully confident in your selection, and go buy your video baby monitor today!

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