The Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2024

With the evolution of technology, real privacy is becoming more and more of an issue. On the flip side, hidden cameras are also becoming an excellent tool for those of us who need them for proof of protection. Cameras can make most people uneasy, and that’s why we need to use spy cameras.

The problem with average spy cams is when you hide the camera your sound gets muffled, or your picture gets a bit distorted. The key is to have one of the hidden spy cameras on the market so you can remain discreet, but still, get all of the recorded details you need crystal clear.

The great news for you is that we’ve already looked through the products available and have hand-picked the most resourceful hidden cameras out there.

Best Hidden Spy Cameras:

1. DIVINEEAGLE Mini Spy Camera Hidden Camera Charger

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This is a compact spy camera and a USB charger combination. It’s great for watching employees, nannies, or caregivers and works anywhere you need it to.

It doesn’t need a WiFi setup and it records on a micro SD card that holds 32 GB (sold separately). You plug this device right into the wall but you press record from where you may be Which makes this camera the mini hidden spy camera on the market.

Customers love this product because it’s so easy to use and hide. They also appreciate the availability of customer service to help and answer questions.

This camera will remain discrete as it has no light or sound indicators, so if lights and motion detection for you are a must, check out those security light bulb cameras, and pick the best one for your family’s safety and security.

It also has a hidden memory card slot. It is plug and play so purchasers should have no problem setting up the device. If you want something quick, unnoticeable, and easy, this brand is for you. It’s one of the hidden spy cameras.


  • Sensitive motion detection
  • High definition recording
  • Loop recording
  • Wide angle recording
  • Easy setup


  • Might not be recognized by all operating systems

2. Hidden Camera-Spy Camera-Spy Pen

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This camera is perfect to bring with you to your next big meeting. It is a pen camera with a dual function. It is easy to tote around and hide anywhere that’s convenient. It has a single button for the camera to snap photos or record 1080P-resolution videos. It is a plug-and-play device that is very discrete.

Customers who have used this product are using it for note-taking. It provides quality images and it compares well to any other HD motion-activated spy camera.

Bring this camera pen to your next school lecture or business meeting. This smooth writing pen will keep you discrete and constantly in the loop.


  • The tiny device you can carry anywhere
  • Single push button for video or pictures
  • Quality video capture


  • The camera does not have night vision
  • Charging speed is very slow if plugged into a computer
  • The camera is quite tiny

3. Hidden Security Camera with Night Vision Motion Detection

This neat little picture framework with Wi-Fi allows users to access the controls remotely. See intruders in the dark with up to 20 feet of clear night vision.

It’s listed as one of the hidden spy cameras for home because the cordless setup makes it easy to hide. Outsiders will not think to look at your picture frames on the shelf.

The hidden spy camera reviews for this device are mostly positive. Customers report that the picture quality is amazing, the setup is simple, and the camera is extremely discrete. All of these great qualities make this camera the wireless spy camera.

A picture frame is not a weird object on the table or in the corner that sticks out like a sore thumb. Frames of family and friends are very common items that are in every home, sitting on the shelf, and are usually not a threat to anyone.

Customers who need a camera that requires no maintenance, stays hidden forever, and has an extremely long battery life need to purchase this product.


  • Year-long battery life after a complete charge
  • Adjustable motion detection sensitivity


  • The frame has to be taken apart to recharge the battery
  • Does not work with Wi-Fi hotspots or repeaters

4. AREBI Hidden Cameras for Home Security

This tiny portable spy camera is listed as one of the tiniest cameras in the world. The dimensions are .9 x 1.69 x 1.69in. It only weighs 1oz. It works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and is a great way to keep watch on your beloved people, places, and things. The wide viewing angle makes this camera great in a corner at the office, car, home, or store.

If you’re on the go, it can also sit in your pocket or on your backpack. Magnetic properties provide an air coating, as well as a controlled coating, so you can use this hidden camera in the car.

Even though some customers find it a little challenging to set up, it is a motion-activated spy camera, and it sends a signal to your phone as soon as the trigger picks up something. It can also be set to record during certain periods. It’s great to set for when the nanny will be coming over to watch the baby.

The infrared LED night vision has a range of up to 16.4ft with little light or total darkness. The LED can be turned on or off which is one of the things that makes this the night-vision hidden camera.

New purchasers should be ready to watch the suggested video for easier setup completion. This camera is still a great choice for those who need wide angles, vivid pictures, remote control, and night vision. Purchase your camera today, and start keeping your eyes on your most prized possessions.


  • Long battery life
  • Sends signal to phone when the motion sensor is triggered
  • There is a video to help with the setup


  • Instructions are really small

5. FUVISION Mini Camera, Camera with Motion Detect

This super mini-size spy camera will be easy to hide someone and easy to set up. It offers HD 1080P recording capabilities with a motion detector and pushes alarms to your phone.

It has a Wi-Fi setup and it also supports local and remote connections. Its rechargeable battery can be charged while the device is recording. It also can easily be placed in a pocket so you can use it as a wearable spy camera.

Customers who have already purchased this tiny spy camera are saying it has a very easy setup and provides good-quality pictures and videos. Most customers are surprised at how much quality is coming from such a tiny device.

If you just need something to cover an area of your home while you’re away, this tiny camera will do the trick. It will give you quality and length without breaking the bank. It is also very discrete, so you can look in on your baby, pets, or elder with ease.


  • The tiny camera can fit behind a clock or in your pocket
  • USB interface can work with any USB adapter
  • Can hold SD card up to 64G
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X platforms


  • The camera will run hot when working or charging
  • SD Not Included
  • Instructions must be read carefully for proper use

6. ehomful Spy Camera Wireless Mini Hidden Camera

This tiny spy camera works with Wi-Fi. It records live as well as offline. It has a built-in magnet that is strong and allows the magnet to attach to any metal. This camera also has automatic night vision and motion detection that will send notifications to your phone and record pictures on an SD card.

Customers who have reviewed this item like the way it works, but they are wishing for a stronger battery. They are reporting that the small size is quite convenient and the night vision works well. They also say that customer service is very responsive.

This tiny camera is easy to hide and the strong magnetic backing allows it to be attached to convenient spots, providing great area coverage. This camera is a perfect nanny cam, and it also can help you keep an eye on your elders.

The tiny camera provides a perfect view in light or total darkness. This is probably the hidden camera for nursing homes.


  • Two-mode Camera offers network recording without internet, and router recording through home internet.
  • The camera attaches to any metal surface with a strong magnetic back.
  • No fuzzy or frozen playback
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Small easy to hidden device


  • Only 1-hour battery life
  • The magnetic backing isn’t helpful without a metal surface

7. LIZVIE Wireless Charger with Spy Hidden Camera

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This clever camera is one of the motion-activated hidden spy cameras for home. It sits there right in the face of what you need to see as a wireless charger. Remains discrete as it is recording on your Wi-Fi network. It has a very fast wireless phone charger for charging the latest model iPhone, Samsung, and other brands.

With motion detection capabilities this camera will immediately snap a picture of the image and send a notification to your phone. The setup is pretty simple and the device allows recordings and images to be shared across multiple devices.

The majority of customers who purchased this product are reporting an easy setup and successful catching of criminals in the act. That proves that this camera is worth the purchase. It is also being commended for great sound and video quality.

If you suspect something fishy is going on in your home or office when you are not around, purchase a charger camera and leave it on your desk. No one will suspect that a charger is watching them and recording their criminal activities.

Also, if you have a feeling that you are being watched without your knowledge, see our list of hidden camera detectors. This will help you protect yourself and your family from concealed surveillance.


  • HD 1080P video resolution
  • The discrete device sits right on your desk


  • The device only supports 2.4G networks, not 5G
  • Two power cords are needed to support the charger and the camera

8. DareTang Hidden Spy Camera Clock

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This might be the hidden camera alarm clock out there. The camera connects to your home with wireless technology. It has a wide view as it is a good camera for home security.

Outsiders will think this is a regular alarm clock as you look in on your home, kids, elders, and pets. Notifications are sent to your phone as soon as the motion is activated.

This model is one of the portable hidden spy cameras because of its dual function as a clock and camera. Customers enjoy this camera. They say the picture is clear and the setup is extremely easy.

This clock works well and it’s a clever idea to have a camera hidden inside a clock. It’s the easiest way to keep an eye on things without anyone suspecting anything. You can rest easier knowing that any move this camera picks up will be sent directly to your phone.


  • Adjustable resolution
  • Discrete recording out in the open
  • a live feed is transferred to your phone, computer, or tablet
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision


  • Night vision quality is poor beyond 3 feet
  • The power cord is pretty short

9. Spy Hidden Camera Power Bank

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This device is the very first power bank-shaped Wi-Fi camera. This camera can record nonstop for up to 15 hours. Customers can get more out of it when it’s set to motion detection. It has a fast charge for the iPhone7, it has night vision, and it also has a loop recording.

Customers are enjoying the discrete nature of this device. They are reporting that the tiny camera is producing quality video and the motion detection works great.

This charger camera is great for long times away from the house. On motion detection, this camera can record up to a full 24 hours. It doubles as a real charger so you can leave it in plain sight and it will still be an invisible camera for spying. If you are trying to look out for your home or loved ones over a long day.


  • Easily hidden
  • Records over old data to preserve memory card
  • Connects to Wi-Fi


  • Does not charge while recording
  • 1080P video resolution
  • Recording capacity up to 32GB
  • Can be a little confusing to connect

Tips on Choosing

When you realize you need a camera to watch over an event in your home there are a few things you should consider before purchasing your camera:

When does the event take place?

– if it happens at night or during the dark, then you need a camera with great night vision

Where does the event take place?

– figure out which rooms are being used and how big they are. Once you know that you can decide what type of viewing angle you need on your camera.

What does the event entail?

– Is it the nanny babysitting or your dog on the couch? Is it an empty house? Is it a potential thief? You might need a camera with a good motion sensor to catch any strange activity.

How long do you plan to be gone?

– If you’ll be gone for a while you might need a camera that can hold lots of videos, and you’ll need strong battery life.

Factors To Consider

When purchasing a hidden spy camera you want something that is as discrete as possible. You must think about what or who you’re spying on. Your pet or elder might not poke around, but if you have a nosy babysitter, nanny, cleaning lady, or thief, you will need to keep the camera up and away from things that might get touched.

Not only do you want to keep your recording private, but you also don’t want to ruin a good relationship with a potentially innocent party.

Another thing to think about is the crime rate in your area. Make sure you’ve purchased enough cameras to cover the entrance areas of your home.

If you think you need night vision, it’s best to invest in it. You also need good picture quality no matter what reason you’re recording for. And if you just want to shoot everything that happens around you, without attracting attention, use glasses with a hidden camera, and you will always know exactly what you are shooting.


What if there isn’t any sound?

It depends on what you’re recording. You must consider whether you need to hear anything before you purchase your cameras. Several spy cameras don’t allow sound because of the law that protects people from being recorded against their will. If you look into home protection cameras, you will find one that comes with sound.

Is it wrong to invest in a hidden spy camera?

No, but you really should think about why your gut is telling you to. If you have doubts about a person who is entering your home, you should probably reconsider hiring them.

The good news about spy cameras is they are extremely helpful when it comes to catching criminals. Overall, in the case of protecting your home and your family, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How do I decide which camera is best for me?

You’re on the right track. Read reviews, and see what other customers have experienced with their products. You want to drill down on the type of camera you need first based on what you need to record, and then you can narrow it down by reviews. Trust other buyers and you won’t be disappointed. One of these types is a battery-powered security camera, they are practical and easy to use.

Making The Decision

By now you’ve read so much about hidden spy cameras that you probably could pick one with your eyes closed. Remember, the point of buying a hidden camera is to record discreetly.

You need to leave your home or office with security, knowing that if something happens you will be instantly notified. Once you feel comfortable with your decision to purchase a hidden spy camera, all it takes is your budget and choice.

Think about all the things you need the camera to do. You know that picture quality is important. You also know that you might not be gone that long, so maybe you can sacrifice recording hours for better picture quality or a wider angle view.

Large rooms and open floor plans probably need the widest angles available. Try to see as much as you can.

You might also want to weigh your options on a recording. Think of whether you need to record at a certain time or not. All cameras have slightly different features.

Weigh all of your options, research the choices, and go buy one of the hidden cameras on the market that will keep your home, office, and loved ones safe.

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