The Best Batteries for Solar Lights in 2024

Outdoor solar lights, also called garden lights, can be beautiful, convenient, and carefree. They can be, that is, if you have the right batteries for them. If not, you’ll have dim lights that need their batteries replaced every couple of months.

The rechargeable batteries for solar garden lights will guarantee you the light you need, whether for safety or accent, and they will last for years.

As you’ll see in this post, we know about this kind of battery. There is a subtle interplay of mAh, or milli-amp-hour rating, and durability that you have to understand if you want to get the right set of batteries for your needs.

Let’s look at some of the best. Check out these reviews and see which batteries suit your lights.

Best Batteries for Solar Lights:

1. Amazon Basics 8-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries


Here are your basic AA batteries for solar lights. They are a good value and they will work great. They’re not the best, but they are priced right. Think of them as mid-grade, as far as batteries for solar lights go.

The feedback from people who bought these for their solar lights is generally positive. They are happy that they come charged and ready to use. Many people have decided to go ahead and stock up on these batteries in case the price goes up. That speaks volumes about the performance and value.


  • Long-lasting
  • Good price
  • Good storage life


  • There is a possibility that these are rebranded Chinese batteries. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it could mean that the performance may vary from lot to lot.

2. Panasonic BK-3MCCA8BA eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries


These are a bit expensive, but they have been tested and proven to work well and last long at low temperatures down to -4F. They can be recharged about 2,100 times. The higher price may be worth it for you if you have long, cold winters where you live.

The buyer’s reviews show that these AA NiMH rechargeable batteries are awesome for cold climates.

We read a story from a Montanan who said that he replaced his NiCad rechargeables with these about four years ago, and they are still working in his solar stake lights. That is a really good performance, especially for a rechargeable that is put through a charge cycle every night. Reviews from people in warmer climates are very good as well.


  • Great for consistently cold temperatures
  • Slightly more durable than the average rechargeable
  • Long-lasting


  • Expensive

3. Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries, 4 Count Pack, Double A Battery for Long-lasting Power, All-Purpose Pre-Charged Battery for Household and Business Devices


Duracell claims to be “the #1 trusted name in batteries,” and that may be accurate if you’re talking about long-lasting power. They’ll keep your solar lights nice and bright all night long, but they’re only good for about a year of normal use in solar lights.

These batteries boast a whopping 2,450 mAh. That is the biggest power reserve of any rechargeable AA battery. Remember, the higher the mAh number, the more juice that battery can hold.

People are amazed at how bright their solar lights are when powered by these batteries. Almost every comment we’ve seen mentions that the lights stay lit all night long, too. These are strong and long-lasting!


  • Very powerful
  • Amazingly long-lasting


  • High priced
  • Can only be recharged about 400 times

4. Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries, Recharge Universal AA Battery Pre-Charged

These can last for a few years in your solar lights. They can be recharged about 1,000 times. They hold 2,000 mAh of juice, which should keep you lit up all night. You can keep these in storage for a good five years, which is nice if you like to keep backups on hand for when you do need to replace your old batteries.

If you care about the environment, you’ll be happy to hear that these batteries are made of up to four percent recycled material. That’s not much, but it’s a good start.

Buyers talk about how many years they last. Some have had the same batteries in their lights for four years. Overall, everyone is happy, and most said they would buy Energizer rechargeable batteries again.


  • A good amount of power
  • Pretty long-lasting
  • Made with recycled material
  • Last over three years in outdoor lights


  • Among the highest-priced rechargeable batteries

5. EBL Pack of 16 AA Batteries Rechargeable NiMH 2300mAh Everyday Battery


This is a good deal on rechargeable batteries for solar lights. You can get a pack of 16 in a plastic storage container for a cheap price.

They come about 20 percent charged. We recommend charging them in an actual charger for the first time, if possible, to ensure they get off to a good, strong start. You should get about four years of use out of these. And with 2,300 mAh, your lights will be nice and bright all night long.

If you intend to use them as backups, you can expect them to have a 75 percent charge after a few years.

For customers who have a lot of solar lights like that, you can replace up to 16 batteries which is affordable.

The included storage container is a hit because some people don’t have that many lights. They keep some put up so they have them on hand when it’s time to replace the ones in their lights in a few years.


  • Sweet value
  • Very strong
  • Durable – About 1,200 recharges
  • Storage container included


  • Need to be charged before installing in your lights

6. Rayovac Rechargeable AA Batteries, Rechargeable Double A Batteries

You can run these batteries for up to five years. That is an incredible life span for rechargeable AA batteries for solar lights.

The drawback is that they may not keep you lit up all night. The mAh rating is just 1,350. If you have bright lights, you may go dark before the sun comes up. But if your lights are meant for more of an accent effect, then you should be good to go.

There have been some complaints about these batteries not lasting all night in bright walkway solar lights. However, people with dimmer landscaping and accent lights are really happy with their durability.


  • You may not have to replace these batteries for over five years
  • Five-year storage guaranteed


  • Pricey
  • Not meant for brighter solar lights

7. POWEROWL AA Rechargeable Batteries, 2800mAh High Capacity Batteries 1.2V NiMH Low Self Discharge


The remarkable feature of these batteries is the raw power. We’re talking about 2,800 mAh. If your lights are in full sun during the day, your lights may not lose any brightness at all by morning. This is the highest believable mAh rating we’ve seen. The price is decent.

Some people were a little confused when these supposedly great batteries didn’t last all night when they first got them. But the ones that read the instructions realized that they only come with a partial charge and need a few days to reach their full potential.

Those people were surprised at the intensity of the light they got. Some of them had their solar lights for years but didn’t realize they could be so bright until they got these batteries.


  • Super strong for all-night light
  • Great value


  • Come with only a 20 percent charge – Should be charged before installation

8. Tenergy Solla Rechargeable NiMH AA Battery


These are possibly the most durable rechargeable batteries for outdoor solar lights. They can last through an impressive 2,000 charges.

So what’s the trade-off? The mAh rating is only 1,000. That’s pretty low. You’ll be happy if you have solar accent lights. They’ll do if you don’t mind if they stay lit all night, too. For example, if you just need the light for the first few hours after dusk, you’ll have everything you need with these batteries.

Many people just can’t remember what year they installed their Tenergy NiMH batteries in their solar lights. They last that long. Of course, there were complaints about them cutting out hours before dawn. But you have to consider the purpose they’re made for.


  • Supremely durable
  • Good value


  • Low power will disappoint anyone who needs bright or all-night light

9. Tenergy AA Rechargeable Battery NiCd 1000mAh 1.2V Battery Pack for Solar Lights


These are NiCd or Nickel-Cadmium batteries. The difference mainly comes in value. They have the same mAh rating of 1,000, compared to Tenergy’s NiMH rechargeable batteries, but they are less expensive. Another thing to be aware of is the durability: They can only be recharged 500 times, as opposed to about 2,000.

If you want a good and cheap battery, this can be a good pick for you, as long as you don’t mind replacing them about every year and a half.

Why do people complain about good value? They get a great price but complain that they don’t last for three or four years. Oh well, you just have to understand that you’ll be saving money at the expense of longevity. Those who understand this are generally happy with their purchase.


  • Great value


  • Only 500 recharges
  • 1,000 mAh is good only for accent solar lights or a shorter period of lighting after dark

10. RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600mAh 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Garden Lights (Pack of 20)

Here’s another set of Nickle-Cadmium rechargeable batteries. These are rated at a mere 600 mAh. They’re strictly for dim accent solar lights, like the kind you would have bordering a shrub row or flower bed.

But these can last through 1,000 recharges. So you have less brightness, which is a good thing for accent lighting, but you have twice the lifetime of many other NiCD batteries. The value is outstanding. The price comes out to just a tad less than fifty cents per battery.

Buyers like that can get 20 batteries for less than twenty bucks. That’s great if you have a long line of landscaping to accent. That’s what many people use these for. There’s no need to spend twice as much as you have to.


  • This is the best value we’ve seen in quality rechargeable batteries for outdoor solar lights.
  • About three years of life


  • Low power – Not for safety illumination


If you have bright lights, check out the Powerowls. Their 2,800 mAh will give them the power they need to shine their brightest. If you can deal with a little less brightness, you’ll save a few bucks with the EBLs.

For warm accent lighting, you should be happy with one of Tenergy’s batteries on our list. They also offer great value.

If it’s longevity you’re after, remember that the Panasonic Eneloop batteries can last for about six years under normal conditions.

Now you are armed with the knowledge of how to pick the batteries for solar lights. Go ahead and order the ones you need while the info is fresh in your head.

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