The Best Cellular Security Cameras in 2024

How do you protect your home? The threat is there when you leave for work, and also as you come home to rest. In this article, I will tell you how to protect your home through a concise review of cellular security cameras, and why you should get one.

These security cameras are your first line of defense against burglars and other trespassers. They allow you to monitor any unwanted activities around your home, ensuring safety for you, your belongings, and your family.

I’ll dive into the reasons why you should invest in security cameras for your home as well as share a few factors to consider when purchasing one. For now, here are some of the cellular security cameras you can get.

Best Cellular Security Cameras:

1. Reolink Cellular Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

This outdoor security camera is a mounted 1080p HD, a weatherproof powerhouse with a 3G/4G LTE home security camera system. It features Cloud/SD Card storage, generously accommodating a 1080p, 110° wide field of vision.

The Reolink Go features an advanced 2-megapixel starlight image sensor, allowing for great detail day and night. It’s ideal for home security, even in places without internet access such as in hotels, RVs, trailers, and so on. It also offers a truly wire-free experience.

The Reolink Go has a solar-powered rechargeable battery—ready for the day with a Reolink solar panel for continuous charging. It even has a 1080p 33ft Starlight Night Vision view, as well as a Smart Motion Detect and a PIR Motion Sensor. It’s capable of triggering motion notifications, email alerts, and sound alarms straight to your mobile device.

With a 2-year warranty, the Reolink Go is easily one of the cellular security cameras out there! It’s a highly recommended security camera for guarding the vicinity around the house, the garage and the driveway have never been safer.

People can easily monitor their homes and pets through their mobile phones. Once set up, the camera is very easy to use!


  • Weather Proof
  • Good Quality Image and Video
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection


  • Ease of Setup depends on Data Packages Available
  • Difficult to Hide due to its Color

2. Cellular 4G LTE Outdoor Security Camera Wireless No WiFi Needed

This is a truly wireless, easy-to-install waterproof security camera that has pan tilting features and comes with a 1080p resolution for HD images as well as full-color night vision. The LOOSAFE connects to the internet through 4G LTE and utilizes both Cloud and local storage for real-time viewing or playback.

It is powered by a solar panel but also has a rechargeable 15000mAh battery. The LOOSAFE has PIR Motion and Radar detection for up to 40ft. It also has 2-way audio, sound, and light alarms. This is easily one of the 4G LTE mobile network security cameras.

Consumers report that the camera has colorful night vision, all thanks to the 2 Infrared LEDs and 4 Floodlight LEDs attached. LOOSAFE is a great option for locations without access to the internet. It works well in monitoring areas. They also report difficulty in setting up the SIM for the wireless cellular experience.


  • Highly-Detailed Night Vision
  • 2-way Audio, Sound, and Light Alarms
  • Great for locations without access to the Internet
  • Pan & Tilt


  • Weak Compatibility With Most Carriers

3. Security Camera Outdoor 3G/4G Cameras with 1080P for Night Vision 4G Cellular Camera

This outdoor cellular security camera has 3G/4G LTE network connections for operators like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It comes with a powerful 1080p Night Vision up to 98 ft.

It has a 105° wide-field vision, with a 2-megapixel image sensor—allowing it to monitor a wide view in great detail. It works great in areas where there is no internet such as farms, camps, and so on.

You can even talk and listen with this security camera; it has a mic and a speaker, which can be manipulated through the app. It has motion detection.

Finally, it was a 2-year warranty guarantee and a lifetime technical support service!

Weitasi is highly recommended for those who want a security camera with night vision and motion detection, as well as the ability to communicate through a cellular security camera. Installation is easy because the device comes with detailed video instructions.


  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Ability to talk through the camera’s mic and speakers


  • Subpar Application and Settings

4. Wireless Security Camera Outdoor with Cellular 4G Network Solar Battery

If you’re looking for cellular outdoor security camera technology, then look no further. The BOAVISION is recommended because it utilizes a 4G LTE connection, ideal for when little to no Wi-Fi connection is available, It supports SIMs from all major operators(Beside Verizon), and Its Pan & Tilt feature allows you to move the camera up to a 300° angle horizontally, and 120° vertically.

It has a PIR-reinforced motion detection up to 30ft, which activates recordings and triggers app notifications. It supports both Cloud and local storage and comes with a free 32GB micro-SD card.

This camera comes with a few freebies: a sim card with 300MB of free data and a free 32GB SD card. They also provide excellent technical support through phone or email, so you’re never lost when something unexpected comes up.


  • Pan & Tilt features
  • Cloud and Local Storage
  • App notifications
  • Free Micro-SD Card


  • Not Recommended for Verizon Users
  • No Night Vision
  • Not 1080p HD

Factors to Consider

We chose only 6 of the cellular security cameras you can buy to protect your home. There are several reasons for investing in them, and some of you can find them here.

You want to buy wireless and smart security cameras because it’s easy to install. It’s much more convenient not having to drill holes in or around your house. Just set it up through the mobile app on your phone and you are good to go.

Smart, wireless security cameras are also more secure overall, with less room for vulnerability and downtime. For example, power outages? Not a worry since the cameras are battery-operated.

And perhaps the number one reason to invest in these cameras is that it gives you the ability to remotely monitor your home, pets, and property. There are many ones to choose from and picking the right one is important, so here are a few factors you can consider:

Make sure it has a clear resolution

It’s no secret that image clarity is the number one feature you should consider when buying a security camera. It’s no use having one when you can’t make out what you see through the lens. A resolution of 1080p is recommended so that you can anyone or anything you need.

Remember that the higher the megapixel your camera has, the better image output it provides.

A camera with 5MP is better than a 2MP camera even with a 1080p resolution. It goes without saying that the higher the clarity goes, so does the price. So if you’re looking for a general-use, non-important security camera, then 720p or 2MP is worth considering.

Night vision is preferable

If you’re trying to protect your home from criminal activity, then a strong feature to seek out is night vision capability. The chances of having burglars or trespassers entering your home unwarranted are higher when the surroundings are dark.

This is exactly why you should invest in a security camera with night vision so that even if you don’t see something, your camera always will.

This will allow you to record videos and snap images with high fidelity, even when it’s dark. Again, there’s little use to security cameras with no night vision once the sunsets. The images get blurry and it’s difficult to make out the details.

Choose those with sensible settings

It’s difficult to deal with hundreds of notifications from your home security surveillance system if it takes note of every movement. The reason why you invested in it is to be aware of any unwarranted presence and activity on your property, not for every instance that something moves. For all we know, it could just be the wind. We don’t want a case of the boy who cried wolf.

That’s why it’s not enough to buy security cameras with motion detection features. It must be smart enough to distinguish between the wind blowing through the branches and a burglar coming into the property. Hence, always choose cameras with sensible settings, customizable ones.

Consider how much recording storage the camera has

The amount of storage the camera has is vital because this dictates just how much image and video it can store before you have to clear it up. You need to consider this because you may end up paying for monthly subscriptions that allow you only a certain amount of hours of recorded video stored online.

The build is important

Security cameras are often placed outside, where they are exposed to weather elements. You need a camera that won’t fall off on the first windy day. You want your security cameras to last through the rain, heat, snow—and any other weather anomalies.

This is why it’s recommended to find security cameras built with higher quality materials because it’s in your best interest to make them last. After all, these are investments too. Make the most out of the money you shelled out, it will save you money in the long term.

Find one with a solid app experience

Everything we’ve discussed so far will be for nothing if the security camera doesn’t have a solid, easy-to-use application experience.

Remember that you will be controlling the security surveillance system through the app. What use will the cameras be if you can’t even set them up through it? You won’t be able to monitor anything if the app is faulty. So this is a factor that you should consider.

The Takeaway

And there you have it, the cellular security cameras, along with some essential factors to consider when buying. I highly recommend the LOOSAFE because it is a high-resolution camera with a powerful night vision feature. For a more budget-oriented option, you might want to try one from MLX.

Security cameras are a smart investment that enhances the security around your home or business. However, not all security cameras are created equal, that’s why it’s important to consider several factors and determine your needs before deciding to purchase one.

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