The Best Home Security Cameras in 2023

What could be more important than the safety of your family? Absolutely nothing. It would be nice if you could be home 24 hours a day seven days a week protecting your family and your property, but realistically that’s just not going to happen. When you invest in the best home security cameras for your home environment, you show that you take your family’s security seriously.

The purpose of our home security camera reviews is to give you the information that you need to make a conscientious decision when determining which camera system will be right for your home. Your family’s security is too important to leave it to a mediocre camera, so you should settle for nothing but the best home security camera.

Home Security Cameras: My Top Picks

Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision

The WyzeCam V3 is a cheap indoor security camera that provides numerous features in spite of its low cost. It uses motion tagging technology that successfully highlights and tags moving objects. The field of view is wide enough for you to get a good image.

The night vision works up to 30ft. Although it’s touted as an indoor camera, many users elect to use it outdoors thanks to the 2-way audio function that lets you speak to visitors. You can check things out on the phone app or use it with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The small size and magnetic base make it easy and fast to install. It even has a flexible axis so you can adjust it as needed.

You can store the footage locally using an 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB microSD card. Otherwise, the footage is backed up to the cloud for 14 days, and you can access this without a subscription.

compared to other high-quality home surveillance cameras, the WyzeCam provides clear images and features a good app interface that’s user-friendly. Users also appreciate how well it sets up anywhere you need it.

Despite enjoying the free cloud and local storage, users feel you should be able to increase the 12-second clip recording as it doesn’t provide enough time. Some even report the alert schedule needs to improve as there isn’t much to adjust.


  • Clear picture quality
  • Installs well on any flat surface
  • Good app interface


  • 12-second clip recording on cloud
  • The alert schedule needs improvement

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

The Google Nest Outdoor Security Camera is a good front-door camera that provides HD and HDR imaging. You can zoom 12x with ease, and the picture remains clear. The IQ on the camera automatically detects intruders and zooms in for you.

You’re also able to see a wide range of activities thanks to the 130° viewing angle.

There’s high-quality night vision offered for 24/7 surveillance. With HD talk, you can chat with visitors or scare away unwanted guests whether you’re at home or away.

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you can back up recordings to the cloud, select from event-based or continuous recordings, and get intelligent alerts. Otherwise, you can view snapshots of the previous three hours for free.

Users rate this among the best surveillance cameras on the market thanks to the quality night vision feed. The glass lens on the camera aids in consistently capturing HD-level images and recordings. This is also designed well for long-term use.

Users do feel as though there is too much of a lag time for the real-time view so you may miss out on certain things.


  • Clear picture quality
  • Installs well on any flat surface
  • Good app interface


  • 12-second clip recording on cloud
  • The alert schedule needs improvement

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera

With a wire-free design, the Arlo Pro 3 is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Since it isn’t wired, it may be the best security camera system for apartment living.

The camera offers a 2K video with HDR so you can zoom in to see objects and people up close. This camera also captures plenty thanks to the wide 160° field of view.

You can still keep watch at night or under low light conditions thanks to the color night vision. More safety is found in the built-in spotlight and siren.

Through the app, you can easily chat with guests with the 2-way audio feature. Initially, you receive three free months of Arlo Smart so you can take advantage of 30-day cloud storage and motion detection activity zones.

Consumers feel this is the best wireless home security camera that’s quick to set up and adjust as needed. They enjoy the integrated spotlight feature as well as the night vision that still provides ideal picture quality.

The app navigates well, and you can stay alert on what’s happening through many sources such as your Smartphone, your tablet, Apple Watch, Alexa, and Google Home Hub.

Some reported issues with the battery life not lasting as long as advertised, but it doesn’t take too long to charge it back up.


  • Simple setup process
  • Good picture quality
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Poor battery life

REOLINK 4K Security Camera System


The Reolink PoE Security Camera System offers some of the best security camera systems for apartments. You get high-quality 4K images that are crisp. It remains clear even as you zoom in to focus on someone’s face.

With the night vision feature, the camera records 24/7 so that you’re always aware of what’s happening around your home. It’s rated IP66 for water protection too so it can survive in various weather conditions. Recordings are all backed up on the 2TB hard drive, but you can add up to 4TB to this NVR system if you wish.

Besides looking at the recording, you can check out live viewing wherever you’re via the free app.

You get four cameras, but the system can easily work with an additional four so you can have full 8-channel home monitoring. In the event something happens, you’re backed up by a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Many consumers view this as the best 4K security system thanks to the high picture quality. Some users feel that the night vision isn’t as crisp as it is in the daytime, however.

They also appreciate how intuitive and responsive the app is in addition to how easy the system is to use overall. Although installation could be made easier with longer cable cords, the setup process is generally straightforward.


  • The system is easy to use
  • Good daytime picture quality
  • Intuitive app


  • Low-quality night vision
  • Short cable cords

 Amcrest 2MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera Pan Tilt Zoom


The Amcrest Outdoor PTZ IP Camera is a professional-quality security system for your home. It records dynamic HD images using an adjustable viewing angle as well as pan, tilt, and zoom features.

With the built-in IR LEDs, you can see captured video feed in low light or nighttime conditions. The night vision feed works up to 329ft.

You can purchase the Amcrest Cloud subscription service so that everything’s backed up off-site. This is viewable through the computer or the Amcrest app. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Of course, you can still receive recordings locally.

The company provides a full 1-year warranty as well as lifetime support.

This is deemed the best PTZ camera for home security by many consumers because of the quality pan, tilt, and zoom options. You can adjust the viewing angle or use the 360° pan and 90° tilt settings. The 25x zoom still offers crisp picture quality.

One issue consumers note is with the app. They feel it’s a bit clunky and slow to respond. The same is said for the WiFi connectivity as users report issues getting it to sync up at times.


  • Quality night vision
  • Solid construction
  • Great zoom feature


  • Low-quality app
  • Poor WiFi connectivity

Eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit


The eufyCam 2C is a budget home security camera system that allows you to live stream and record footage in HD quality. It has a detailed day and nighttime vision so you can see who comes near your house at all hours.

There’s a built-in spotlight on the camera that further helps you see at night or in low-light conditions. Images and videos have full-color as well. You can also use the infrared setting.

This camera lasts long on a single charge as you get roughly 180 days’ worth of use before you have to recharge. All your footage is recorded locally, offering you three months of footage via the 16GB eMMC.

Through the app, you can speak directly to whoever comes to your home. The camera can detect animals separately from humans so you get the notifications you need. You can also customize detection zones. If you wish, you can connect the camera to your Alexa device for more control.

Consumers place this as a recommended home security camera system based on how much it offers at an affordable price. The camera has great quality during the day and at night, and the user-friendly setup makes it quick and easy to install.

Users also appreciate how the camera enhances the images of faces for greater clarity. There are some complaints, however, that the camera may benefit from having a longer range.


  • Good performance day and night
  • User-friendly setup
  • Image enhancements


  • Limited range

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm

The ring is known to create top-rated security cameras and its Floodlight Camera is no exception. First off, the camera is available in black or white to suit your home décor. With a simple setup process, you can have a camera with crisp picture quality along with extra security features like floodlights and a siren.

This camera allows you to customize the motion detection zones, and with a wide viewing angle, you can capture hard-to-see areas like blind spots.

With the app downloaded, you can control the lights, camera, and siren. You’re even able to zoom in so you can focus more on specific faces or packages without losing clarity. If you wish to talk with guests, you can utilize the 2-way audio function. This is also compatible with your Alexa device.

To save the recordings, you can use the free 30-day trial of the Ring Protection Plan. You may opt to pay for storing pictures and recordings on the cloud after the trial is over.

There are many positive notes about the bright LED floodlights. They’re motion-activated so that you’ll always get an alert if someone unsavory is passing by. Also, the motion detection itself has a good sensitivity so there are minimal false alerts to deal with.

Consumers do tout this as the best floodlight security camera with quality pictures and an easy-to-use app, but some users report that the live viewing has a delay that lasts a touch too long.


  • Motion detection has good sensitivity
  • Reliable app
  • Bright floodlights


  • Live view delay can be too long

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

The Reolink Argus 2 is a unique security system that offers a fully wireless experience. You don’t have to drill anything or deal with a power cable, and this makes the installation process quick and easy. It’ll have nonstop power thanks to the solar panel.

This camera features a built-in microphone for 2-way audio. You can receive instant email alerts when the motion detector is tripped, or you can have push notifications sent to your phone. This also works with Google Assistant.

Through the app, you can also set a customized siren to warn away any would-be intruders. The wide field of view helps your camera capture more, and the aid of the infrared light in 24/7 security as the camera picks up visitors in low light or nighttime conditions.

It’s the best solar-powered security camera that works effortlessly all year long thanks to the IP65 waterproof protection. For storage, you can subscribe to Reolink Cloud to back up the recordings remotely, or you can use the local micro SD card slot to store up to 64GB of recordings.

Consumers enjoy the easy features of Argus 2. The zoom works well without losing clarity, and the night vision provides a clean image so you can better recognize faces and anything else that passes by. Notifications come in quickly as well, and it’s easy to maintain a charge with solar panels.

Although these are good security cameras for home use, some users mentioned that motion detection needs more sensitivity settings. Also, they report some issues getting the app to load up fast.


  • Good zoom feature
  • Fast notifications
  • Solar panel charging


  • Motion detection could be more sensitive
  • The app has a slow load

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

The Blink XT2 is the 2nd generation of smart security camera that functions both indoors and outdoors. It features an easy and fast setup process, and you can install it on its own or mount it on the ball mount that comes with it.

This camera features 2-way audio so you can chat with visitors, and through the app, you can create customized motion detection zones and live view the recordings.

Among other standout features is the free cloud storage that you can access at any time in addition to how well-constructed the camera is overall. It holds up well to various weather elements if you opt to use it outdoors, and it even comes with a 1-year warranty.

The 1080P HD offers high-quality video displays during the daytime and at night thanks to the infrared night vision. It’s the best indoor home security camera that you can use 24/7.

One key point that consumers enjoy is free cloud storage. You can get up to 7,200 seconds of recordings before the oldest ones start deleting themselves. Everything’s recorded in quality HD during the day and at night.

Users also appreciate that this compact indoor security camera is easy to place just about anywhere and doesn’t get in the way. The updates to the firmware have improved its motion detection capabilities, but some users feel it still needs a better range for more consistent use.


  • Good motion detection
  • High-quality video display
  • Free cloud storage


  • The range could be better

Blue by ADT HD Indoor Camera

Blue by ADT Wireless is compatible with your smart home so you can have total-home protection.

It features 2-way talk as well as noise cancellation for greater audio. You can greet visitors whether you’re home or not through the app.

On the app, you can also set up customizable motion detection zones. It’s among the best DIY home security cameras that offer facial recognition software as well. You can readily save images of your friends, family, and any other visitors.

There are push notifications that go directly to your phone so you have consistent updates about who comes to your home. For storage, you can use an SD card or ADT cloud. You can view 24 hours free or sign up for a subscription for 60 days.

There’s plenty of praise from users about how simple and quick it is to install and set up. Consumers also enjoy the option of using local storage or cloud storage.

The motion detection works well, but the facial recognition software seems spotty depending on how far the visitor is. When it does work, users consider this the best facial recognition security camera as alerts are fast and images are clear.


  • Smart home compatibility
  • Installs in minutes
  • Cloud and local storage options


  • Spotty face recognition

Do You Need a Home Security Camera?

In a word, yes. In the United States alone, it is estimated that every 13 seconds someone’s home is broken into. That ends up being around 6,000 homes a day. Unfortunately, people fall into a false sense of security feeling that since they live in a safe neighborhood, they do not need a home security camera.

It is the sense of security that criminals rely on. According to the FBI, one-third of all homes that do not have a security system, which in most cases includes outdoor security cameras, fall victim to burglary. On the other side of the coin, only one out of every 250 homes that do have a security system is broken into.

Security When Traveling

Most people have jobs that require them to spend some time away from home or even to travel to another place.

When you purchase the best home security cameras available, you will likely end up with cameras that have a surveillance system that allows you to monitor your home no matter where you are.

Some security systems even allow you to listen to what is going on in your home and to speak to your family via the camera’s audio system.

Peace of Mind

When you use the best outdoor security cameras for your home’s environment, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are secure whether you are there physically or whether you are away. Most people would agree that this peace of mind is worth more than anything they would pay for a security camera system.

Types of Security Cameras

Although security cameras may seem complicated, it’s easy to understand them if you break them down into two categories. There are indoor cameras and outdoor cameras.

Outdoor Security Cameras

The best outdoor security camera will be designed to protect against the weather as well as tampering. Since outdoor security cameras have to withstand so much, they are made from extremely durable materials and may be placed inside very heavy-duty housing in order to discourage someone from tampering with them.

Indoor Security Cameras

When you purchase the best indoor security camera, you’re looking for something that is going to be small, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing.

Both outdoor and indoor cameras are going to have infrared features and the ability to transition easily from a dark room to a bright room.

Both outdoor and indoor cameras should be able to provide you with a crisp picture even when there are drastic changes in color in the area they are recording.

Fake Cameras

One of the unique security features is fake security cameras. Those dummy cameras are pretty cheap and can scare potential burglars. But experienced professional burglars will easily determine if your house isn’t really under surveillance.

Security Cameras Features to Consider

As you have seen in our review, not all cameras are created equal. There are a few factors that you should take into consideration when trying to determine what the best home security camera is for your needs. They include the following:


You could find the nicest camera in the world, but if it costs more money than you can afford, then there’s no point in getting it. So before looking at reviews, it is good to clearly understand how much are security cameras and make sure you have the budget for them.


Resolution is a term that you are going to hear over and over again in outdoor wireless camera security reviews. Basically, this term tells you how clear the image from your camera is going to be. The clearer the image is, the easier it will be for you to identify what is being captured by the camera.


Having sound with security cameras was considered a novelty a few years ago, but now it is a must. Most security camera systems not only allow you to hear what is going on in the area that is being monitored, but it allow you to speak using the intercom.


Having a home security camera that can tilt and pan will allow you to record a larger area than a camera that is static. It can also be cost-effective as it minimizes the number of cameras you will need.

Night Vision

Most home security camera reviews will highlight the night vision capabilities of their cameras. The farther away your camera can see at night, the more secure your property will be and the less space criminals have to engage in their nefarious activities.

Field Of View

This is another feature that is going to impact the area that your camera will be able to record. The wider the field of view, the fewer cameras you will need and the more area you have that will be covered.

Wi-Fi Capability

As the Internet of Things becomes more and more popular, the need for devices to have Wi-Fi capability increases. Cameras that can communicate via Wi-Fi will allow you to monitor your home no matter where you are, adjust your cameras, and communicate with your family members as well as listen to what they have going on.

Motion Detection

Cameras that have motion detection will be able to alert you when something passes in front of its field of view. Many people set the motion detection feature to activate during times when any movement in front of their home or office would be considered suspicious.

Power Source

For the power source, you can either have it wired or wireless. What’s better is more based on personal preference. Wired has the option of consistent power, but you must keep in mind your home’s outlets when you install the camera.

A wireless power source is backed by batteries or solar panels. This does give you greater control over where you set it up, but you also have to keep in mind that you must replace or recharge the batteries in the device. Some can last for years, while others only manage for a couple of months.

App Interface

Home security cameras offer tremendous peace of mind, but with a proper app interface, you can rest even easier knowing you can watch your home even if you aren’t home.

The majority of smart security cameras feature a free app interface. This allows you to monitor recordings, live stream, or perhaps speak to visitors if the camera has a 2-way audio function.

Consider apps that are intuitive and reliable so you don’t have to struggle to check in with the camera.


Some cameras offer local DVR & NVR storage so you can freely record and save what you wish. Others provide backup to a cloud server for a more permanent and safe solution that doesn’t risk someone stealing an SD card.

Not all cloud storage is free, however, so check with your security camera to see if they offer a trial or if you’re willing to pay the subscription fee.

What Is Z Wave Technology?

Z Wave technology is efficient and low energy. It is at the heart of communication between smart devices.

It is mostly used in connection with home automation and is based on RF signals.

When Z Wave technology is used in a home, your electronic devices begin to communicate with each other by exchanging signals and messages.

They then use this information to perform whatever function they want. In the case of a Z Wave video camera, the product will monitor your home, activate when there is motion, record when you want it to, and move to capture the information you want it to.

There are many different styles of security cameras that will work with Z Wave technology. The key is finding the right camera for your needs and then integrating it into your home security system.

Tips for Placing Security Cameras

You could have the nicest home security camera in the world, but if it is not properly placed, it will not provide you with the security you need. The following are a few tips for placing and maintaining security cameras.

There are a few common places where people put cameras and for good reason. Some of these places include:

The Front and the Back Door

The front door is one of the most common places for people to put a security camera. Unfortunately, many people neglect to put outdoor security cameras by their back doors. Most criminals are going to opt to come in through the back door because it is often more secluded and provides ease of access.

Areas of High-Foot Traffic

When determining where you’re going to place your security camera, ask yourself, where would a criminal need to walk if they were going to steal my belongings? Those high-foot traffic areas, such as hallways and living rooms, should definitely have security cameras.

Make Sure Your Camera Is Pointing the Right Way

Part of this has to do with understanding how your cameras and your camera’s motion detectors work. Most motion detectors work best when people walk by them, not directly toward them. That is why pointing a camera in the right direction and placing it in a location that people walk by, such as hallways, is a good idea.

Keep Your Bedrooms Safe

One of the first places a burglar is going to go is your master bedroom. They know that most people store their valuables there. Also, putting a camera in your child’s bedroom or in your child’s playroom gives you the ability to monitor them while you are cooking, at work, or even watching television in another room.

Cover Blind Spots

Any guide on how to install security cameras outdoors is going to encourage you to look for hidden areas that criminals might take advantage of. These would include blind spots, such as a side gate, your backyard, or even off-street windows.

How to Maintain Your Security Cameras

Your security camera is a financial investment and an investment in your family’s safety. You should be keenly interested in doing whatever you can to keep your outdoor security cameras as well as your indoor security cameras well-maintained and working at 100 percent.

Inspect Cameras Twice a Year

A careful inspection of your cameras twice a year may reveal signs of corrosion. Replace any corroded connectors as well as make sure that snowstorms or spring rains have not caused the power loss. These inspections would be a good time to check for signs of tampering.

Take the time to clean your camera lenses, removing any dust or water spots. A dirty lens can render your camera virtually worthless. Just a small smudge could distort the image to the point where people or objects become unidentifiable.

Loose cameras or cameras that are subject to vibration can quickly become ineffective.

Even the best outdoor security camera can be rendered inert if wind, jiggling, or vibration causes it to move out of place or affects the quality of the image.

Replace Broken Cameras

If your camera has a broken part, replace it. When buying new parts, it is recommended that you buy them from the same manufacturer who sold you the camera in the first place. This way, you can guarantee that the system will continue to function flawlessly.

Broken cameras are often the result of landscaping issues or tampering with animals, such as birds, squirrels, or bees. So during your biannual check, go through and trim back any shrubbery that is interfering with your camera and remove any nests or hives around your camera.

The environment can also take a toll on your camera. You want to make sure that your housings and enclosures are waterproof.

Check for signs of condensation and dirt. If it appears that your cameras are overexposed to the elements, make any necessary adjustments either in their location or in the housing that secures them.

Finally, keep the instruction manuals. The instruction manuals are full of troubleshooting suggestions as well as maintenance suggestions that can save you time and money, helping you to get the most out of your security cameras.

Making Decision

We live in an ever-changing world. There are threats that you face at home or that you face at the office that were not there just a few decades ago.

For this reason, it is imperative that you protect your home and office with the best home security camera for your personal needs.

Throughout this guide, we have worked to give you a concise yet thorough review of a wide range of products In addition to our home security camera reviews, we have provided you with basic information on how the cameras work, where they should be positioned, and what steps you need to take in order to keep your camera working its best.

Now the ball is in your court. We urge you to take the time to look at our reviews. If a particular camera catches your eye, do more research on it. Then make a decision.

There is no reason for you to leave your home or office unprotected any longer. When you decide on the security system you’re going to buy, we encourage you to consider purchasing it online.

While there are brick-and-mortar stores that you can purchase from, the experience that you get buying your security cameras online is so much better.

You are able to learn about the camera from the comfort of your home, and then when you’re ready to buy, you can do so without being pressured by salespeople to purchase items that you don’t need.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our indoor and outdoor security camera guide. Feel free to tell us about the camera you purchased and why you felt it was right for your needs.

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