The Best Freeze-Proof Yard Hydrants in 2024

Some people have a lot of problems getting easy access to water on their property. Most people don’t have to worry about getting a large amount of water in a short time, but if you are one of those people who do, it can become a huge issue.

Look for a frost-proof hydrant that features a shut-off valve, and water flow that is adjustable, and can be used for a lot of different applications. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find freeze-proof yard hydrants for your property.

Best Freeze-Proof Yard Hydrants:

1. Woodford Y34-3 Yard Hydrant Freezeless

Easy to use and featuring a great design, the Woodford Yard Hydrant Y34-4 comes with a solid cast iron handle and head while its other parts are made with high-grade metal. This means you never have to worry about replacing cheap parts or parts wearing out quickly. This is a well-built product that is long-lasting and durable.

Full of features, the Y34-4 includes a plunger with a variable flow that gives you total control over your flow rate allowing you to adjust it when you need to. It also comes with long-life graphite packaging, and it works in any type of condition. This is a tough and durable hydrant that is freeze-proof and allows for use in sub-zero weather.

Easy to install, the Woodford Y34-4 Yard Hydrant has no water restrictions making it a good choice for a wide variety of properties. It can also be used in a variety of applications including landscaping to irrigation thanks to its adjustable shutoff valve.


  • You can adjust the flow rate
  • It is freeze-proof and has no water restrictions
  • It has a durable design and is made with high-quality materials


  • They could improve the packaging
  • You need a lot of strength when operating the handle

2. Simmons 802lf 53 1/2″ Frost Proof Yard Water Hydrant

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Perfect for extreme conditions, the Simmons 802LF features both premium performance and materials in its construction. This is a frost-proof hydrant with an attractive and straightforward design. Measuring four feet long, the hydrant goes down two feet underground when installed, so you will only see two feet above the ground.

Using its best materials, the Simmons 802LF uses heavy-duty cast iron to make sure it can handle rough use. It comes with an efficient 1/2-inch NPT female but does not have a shutoff valve that you can adjust. You can make the valve adjustable if you also put an in-line valve onto a hose that you buy separately.

It is very efficient in giving a steady water flow in freezing weather thanks to the installation of two feet below. The Simmons 802LF is a reliable and easy-to-operate hydrant that can handle even extreme cold. For anyone who needs a reliable water source, the 4802LF is worth checking out.


  • This is a durable and well-constructed product
  • It is frostproof and easy to install
  • It is a very affordable and reliable option if you need a frost-proof hydrant


  • Doesn’t come with a shutoff valve you can adjust
  • The cast iron can become cracked if you leave it completely exposed to really cold temperatures

3. Merrill MFG CNL7503 No Lead Frost Proof CNL-1000 Series Yard Hydrant


This standard yard hydrant is frost-proof and provides yard round water service. The Merrill MFG CNL7503 Yard Hydrant is perfect for irrigation and other applications. It works well in areas with freezing temperatures since it allows water to drain under the frost line after it is shut off.

Buried at a one-inch depth under the ground, the Merrill MFG gives you frost-free access to water, even when there are freezing temperatures. It is very efficient allowing you to pump out water using the one-inch galvanized riser pipe that comes with a PVC inner pipe.

Constructed of heavy cast iron, the Merrill MFG features ahead with a simple high-flow design. The heavy cast iron handle is also simple to use and large enough to provide convenient care and handling. The double bypass valve body along with the single-piece plunger lets you easily replace the plunger seal when needed.


  • This is a very solid high-end hydrant that fits your hand well
  • It has great water pressure
  • This is a very well-made hydrant with high-quality materials


  • Installation is a pain
  • The description is somewhat deceiving and doesn’t include the actual length

4. Frost-Free Yard Hydrant Freezeless Frost Proof Green

With a buried length of four feet, the Frost Proof Green Hydrant measures a total of six feet and has a two-foot handle length. Made of cast iron, the handle is easy to lock and comes with a leak-proof seal. You can also easily modify the linkage, plunger, and rod and replace them all easily as well.

Corrosion-resistant, the standpipe is durable and well-built. This long-lasting product is also leak-proof and features a lockable iron head.

The Parts20 FPH2 Yard Hydrant is also easy to install, plus it is more affordable than many other hydrants on the market. And, everything you need to replace the old hydrant is included in the package.


  • It is super easy to install and has an easy-to-lock handle
  • The hydrant has a leak-proof seal and standpipe that is corrosion-resistant
  • You can easily replace the linkage, plunger, and rod


  • It doesn’t come with all the expected parts
  • The flow doesn’t adjust very well

Factors to Consider

Shutoff Valve

The shutoff valve is a vital part of the hydrant. This part is found underground under the frost level. You operate it with the attached handle, which is connected to the overhead control rod.

When the rod and handle lift, an open valve will allow water to flow out of the main pipe and up into the pipe. This will eventually lead to the hydrant head. When the shutoff valve is closed, water is halted as the drain hole opens allowing water to drain from the riser pipe and down into the ground ensuring that it won’t freeze inside the head.

Installation Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when installing a yard hydrant to help you get the most out of the product.

  • Have enough gravel when you are installing it since you will need to have adequate drainage that keeps water from freezing and causing damage to the equipment.
  • You also need a one-inch thick water supply pipe, which will allow for a good supply of water.
  • After you install all the plumbing equipment, just make sure you have the equipment you need to make any necessary adjustments and that you have the area necessary to adjust the hardware. Also, make sure have the right water flow for your area.

Proper Drainage Testing

Always make sure the yard hydrant is working well before you install it. Here are a few steps to ensure a good test of the hydrant to see if you are getting the right drainage.

  • After opening the shutoff valve, make sure to allow the water to run
  • Once you are finished, close the valve and then hold your hand on the spout’s head. If you feel any suction, it is draining correctly.


Always make sure that you do not place the hydrant near the well since the drainage from it can pollute the water. Otherwise, you should be able to install the hydrant pretty much anywhere on your property keeping in mind to avoid any restricted water supplies in the surrounding area.

Different Seasons

While they are easy to use, yard hydrants still have a few things that you need to keep in mind when you own one. During the hot summer, you probably will use it a lot.

Keep in mind that you should use a glove valve or a hose bib, which lets you keep the valve open in the summer, but it will keep the gravel dry in the winter months when you want it close so it won’t freeze.

It also helps in the cold month to pull off about 20 gallons of water which will melt the ice that builds up naturally in the pipe thanks to the wintery conditions outside.


There is always a chance that your yard hydrant will freeze up due to improver use, a faulty valve adjustment, or even a plugged main that can all contribute to its freezing.

If this does happen, make sure you try and fix it as quickly as possible. First, thaw it so it doesn’t become damaged. The ground area above the hydrant is frozen, you may need to use some hot water or even a torch and electric heat tape to help to unfreeze it. You deal with underground freezing by simply taking off your head and then pouring hot water into the pipe.


When choosing the right frost-proof yard hydrant, you need a little more information to make an informed decision. Here are a few key things to know to find a hydrant that will fulfill your requirements.

What are Yard Hydrants Exactly?

Yard hydrants are a convenient point of access that allows you to use fresh groundwater on any property. This tool lets you access fresh water from pretty much anywhere.

This specialized piece of plumbing hardware is connected to buried water supplies found underground allowing you to use it at any time. Typically, this type of hydrant comes with a shutoff valve and a handle that is made out of cast iron, which you will find above ground making it easy for you to turn your water off and on.

What Do You Use A Yard Hydrant For?

Typically, a property owner will use a yard hydrant for a range of reasons that can include irrigation, landscaping, or simply watering their gardens. It can even be used to ash trucks, cars, and equipment.

You can also install yard hydrants to gain access to underground water in several places on your land allowing you to receive a steady water supply for irrigation and many other uses.

How Does A Yard Hydrant Work?

To get the most out of your yard hydrant, know how yard hydrants work. Each yard hydrant is different in many ways, but they should all use the same type of operation method, which is pretty straightforward.

Using a steel pipe that is connected to a water source underground, the hydrant should have a shutoff valve. You should also have a handle, drain hole, and cast-iron head. When the underground water source is connected to the hydrant, it provides easy access to a wide range of applications.

But, keep in mind, that yard hydrants work in two ways, either closed or open. When it is open, the water just flows out. When you lift the handle, the plunger will go up and seal the drain hole that directs the water up and out of the pipe that is above ground.

If you close it, the handle will be pushed down closing the plunger. The plunger will close and then the drain hold will open and water will drain completely emptying the head while keeping it from becoming cracked in the event of freezing water.


The winner of the freeze-proof yard hydrant is the Woodford Y34-4 Yard Hydrant. Not only is it easy to use, but it features a great design and comes with a solid cast iron handle and head while its other parts are made with high-grade metal.

This is a well-built product that is long-lasting and durable, so you never have to worry about replacing cheap parts or parts wearing out quickly.

Easy to install, the Woodford Y34-4 Yard Hydrant has no water restrictions making it a good choice for a wide variety of properties. It can also be used in a variety of applications including landscaping to irrigation thanks to its adjustable shutoff valve.

The definite winner of the freeze-proof yard hydrant is the Woodford Y34-4 Yard Hydrant hands down.

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