The Best LED Flame Bulbs in 2024

LED Flame light bulbs make for great mood setters and holiday accent lighting. There are many different models on the market and sometimes it can be hard to tell which is the LED flame bulb. We’ve used our years of experience in lighting and electrical work to create a breakdown that helps you decide which model is best for you.

In creating this LED flame bulb review, we’ve compared characteristics such as wattage, lumens produced, and color temperature, among other things. In doing so we’ve arrived at the top ten list below. Let’s Dive in!

Best LED Flame Bulbs:

1. CPPSLEE Led Flame Effect Light Bulb

Rolling along with the outdoor light bulbs that look like fire, the Pretigo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb is the next bulb in review. The Pretigo model comes as a four-pack and sports the four modes of lighting that have been found in other models here.

These lights, free from harmful substances and radiation, are completely safe and produce roughly 320 lm. They also supposedly last 100,000 hours, which is simply insane.

Consumers find this to be one of the more realistic options on the list. Many note the relaxation and comfort that accompanies the flickering of the bulb flame.


  • Compatible with standard, E26 sockets
  • Comes as a four-pack so you can create a flame-like ambiance around your whole home
  • Has a massive lifespan compared to comparable models (100,000 hours)


  • Some consumers find the plastic covering of the bulb reduces the flame effect

2. Y- STOP LED Flame Light Bulb


The Y- STOP LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulb is the next best model in review. Much like the CPPSLEE model, this Y- STOP bulb has four modes of lighting.

The unit comes as a two-pack and contains zero harmful substances as well as emits no UV or infrared radiation. These bulbs draw 6W and produce about 540lm.

Aside from the subset of complaints regarding the flickering effect, most consumers find the lights pretty cool and insanely easy to install. Some note the flame effect is bolstered by frosted glass encasings.


  • Compatible with standard E26 sockets; compatible with dimmer switches
  • Produces 540lm so it’s not only decorative but also utilized to light the surrounding area


  • A small group of consumers finds the flickering flame effect to be annoying and very fake-looking

3. CPPSLEE LED Flame Light Bulbs

The LED flame effect light bulb in review is the CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulb. This bulb takes on a tubular shape with a rounded end, as is typical of standard bulbs.

The CPPSLEE model has four modes of lighting, which is perfect for when you want to switch between the flickering flame and general lighting.

Consumers are very pleased with the realistic look of these flame bulbs. Additionally, they’re found to be very simple to install and operate and energy efficient.


  • Compatible with standard E26 sockets
  • Has a color temperature of 1,300K – very closely resembling that of natural flames


  • Not waterproof (if used outside, it needs a casing or lamp cover)

4. LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs with Single Mode

The next flame bulb in review is the Hudson Lighting LED Flame Effect Light Bulb. The Hudson Lighting model sports auto-rotation, which is the same feature as gravity orientation, and draws 3W of power.

The bulb produces roughly 200lm and takes on a similar tubular shape as other models but has a more flattened bulb end.

Consumers love the light but do admit the flame doesn’t look very real. They note that the effect is still warm and soothing with some claiming their house appears to be lit by torches from the street.


  • Compatible with E26, standard sockets


  • Doesn’t depict real flames very well
  • Low brightness

5. HoogaLife LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs


These next bulbs in the review are unique to the list thus far thanks to a narrower bulb design. The Beacon Lighting Co. LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs to come as a two-pack and feature the same gravity-sensitive orientation technology as other models in review.

These lights are only about one and a half inches in diameter and still fit the standard E26 socket. This helps the light take on a more realistic, gas flame light.

Consumers seem to love this flame light from Beacon Lighting Co. While it doesn’t look like a real flame on its own, it portrays a gas lantern pretty precisely when behind frosted glass or some kind on the enclosure. It’s also lasting consumers a pretty long time before needing replacement.


  • Compatible with E26 Sockets
  • A smaller bulb diameter allows the flame to appear more realistic than wider, comparable models
  • The gravity feature ensures the flame will always appear oriented properly


  • The flame looks incredibly fake on its own

6. Holiday Joy – Flicker Flame Crystal Clear Flame Tip Candelabra Replacement Bulbs


The next, and maybe the most realistic, LED flame bulb in review is the Holiday Joy Flicker Flame Crystal Clear Flame Tip Candelabra Replacement Bulb. The Holiday Joy bulbs are smaller than what has been in review thus far, being designed for E12 light sockets, or candelabras.

The lights use very little power drawing 1W and only producing about 90 lumens. Coming as a twelve pack, these lights should last you a while, in supplementation with their 1,500 hours.

Consumers are generally pleased with these flame candelabra bulbs from Holiday Joy. Some consumers do not an inconsistency between the bulbs in their flickering capabilities but that can almost be expected. Aside from that, they’re everything you’d expect from these holiday flame lights.


  • Comes as a twelve-pack so you can set up flickering flame bulbs all over the house or have a steady stock of replacements


  • Only fits E12, Candelabra sockets (not standard bulb sockets – E26)
  • Flickering of various bulbs is noted as being inconsistent

Tips on Choosing

Be prepared:

This seems obvious, but going into your shopping experience prepared is the best bet for getting a bulb that works for you. For instance, you may be eyeballing a particular location to place your flame bulbs, such as in a lamp or enclosure.

This requires that you measure both the socket for the bulb and the surrounding area inside the lamp or enclosure. Not all flame bulbs are built the same and some models may not fit where you’re hoping they would.

Also, while most light sockets in up-to-date homes will support most bulbs on the list, it’s still a good idea to know how much power is required by the models you’re considering. After you’ve checked these bases, let your personal taste run wild.

Pay attention to color temperature (when applicable):

The color temperature of each model denotes the color of light that emits from the bulb. Bulbs with a color temperature of around 1,300K are the most closely resemblant to a real flame’s light color.

While this range can stretch a few hundred K up or down, this is the sweet spot. Lights with ranges of 1,600K or above might seem off and unrealistic to some consumers. However, depending on your use, these models can still get along fine.

Read consumer reviews:

The final tip for choosing an LED flame bulb model is to read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews, while they aren’t flawless, are a fantastic way to grasp how the consuming public rates and feels about each model.

If there’s a glaring quality issue, it’s bound to show up in the consumer reviews. Likewise, if there’s something that makes this bulb stand out, you’ll find that in consumer reviews.

While the brutally negative and positive reports should be taken with a grain of salt due to user bias, they still paint a healthy image of how a product is performing with people on the market.


In conclusion, the LED flame bulb is the CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulb. This model sports the most common design and draws only 1.8W of power while still achieving a color temperature of 1,300K. Perhaps the tubular shape isn’t really what you’re looking for; in that case, we recommend the Y- STOP LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulb.

This bulb sports a wider and flatter bulb shape to portray the proper shape of a flame more effectively. It also does so with the same four modes of lighting as the CPPSLEE model and has a lifespan of roughly 5,000+ hours.

No matter the model you decide to consider, these LED, flame effect light bulb reviews can help you to gauge the appropriate specs as compared to the market leaders. Using what you’ve learned here, it’s time to get these ambiance boosters before the holiday season’s over! Get your flame light bulb now!

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