The Best Solar String Lights in 2024

The solar string lights can add ambiance to any backyard get-together. These lights are easy to set up and can provide exciting color effects that tie into the decorations inside and outside of your home. Imagine sitting on your patio with a glass of wine.

You turn your string lights on and the stress begins to just melt away. With a wide variety to choose from, finding the right solar string lights can be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of solar string lights to help you find the outdoor solar string lights for your space. Let’s get started.

Best Solar String Lights:

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights


An easy setup, these solar lights from Brightech will surely please anyone while providing an unparalleled ambiance to any indoor or outdoor space. Creating plenty of warm light, this bistro-style light set provides plenty of light without overpowering your guests.

These waterproof LED lights are solar LED string lights. The Brightech Ambience Pro will provide your outdoor living space with a cozy and warm feeling all year round.


  • Backed by a full 3-year warranty
  • Consumers are pleasantly surprised at the level of brightness that these
    lights provide
  • Installation and use are extremely easy


  • The warranty does cover purchases from AmazonWarehouseDeal or any other third-party seller

2. Joomer Blue Solar String Lights

These Joomer solar fairy lights come in a cool blue tone, perfect for a holiday decoration or even all year round. These lights will provide excellent value.

These bright solar string lights from Joomer present a beautiful blue glow. An excellent idea for a holiday decoration, these lights have an automatic sensor as well as various settings so you can find the perfect combination that matches your outdoor décor.


  • The light sensor controls the solar string lights auto on at dark and auto off at
  • Eight different modes to choose from allowing you to find your perfect
    the setting for each occasion
  • Consumers are pleasantly surprised at how bright these lights are for their
    smaller stature


  • Blue color lights may not appeal to all buyers
  • Some people complained that these lights turn on later in the dusk hours than
    they would prefer

3. Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

These Lalapao solar-powered lights are an excellent bargain. The purchase includes two sets of lights 72 feet long each, which is sure to be enough light for even bigger backyards.

These Lalapao solar string lights are the quality solar fairy lights on our list. Ideal for holidays or just about any other occasion, these lights feature several lighting modes and are waterproof. Easy to use, these lights provide a white glow to create elegance in any outdoor space.


  • The purchase includes two sets of lights for a total of 400 LED lights
  • Eight different working modes to choose from ranging from steady to various
    types flashing lights
  • Consumers love how the small light bulbs seem almost non-existent until they
    light up at night


  • The panels MUST be in direct sunlight for several hours before they will work
  • Some buyers have commented that the lights are not very bright

4. Vivii Solar String Light 20 ft 30 LED Crystal Ball Waterproof String Lights

These waterproof crystal ball solar lights from Vivii create a classic atmosphere that is sure to make any guests comfortable and relaxed.

These solar-powered bulb string lights from Vivii allow you to create a cool look in any space, all the while saving you money and electricity. Easy to install, and even easier to use, these lights are sure to bring you joy for any season or occasion.


  • Two sets of lights come with your purchase
  • Eight different modes to choose from allowing you to create the perfect
    the setting for your occasion
  • Those who have purchased these lights are impressed with the durability of
    the wiring, particularly during colder weather


  • The bulbs are a bit delicate and may damage easily
  • Some consumers have complained that these lights are not that bright

5. Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights


These Brightown solar fairy lights are highly efficient while producing brilliant light for any space. Smaller bulbs provide an impressive ambiance while still providing a warm and inviting space to welcome you home after a long day.

The Brightown lights are built with high efficiency and overall brilliance in mind. A must-include in our solar-powered led fairy lights review, the versatility of these lights is sure to get those creative juices flowing.


  • The purchase comes with 2 strands holding 100 lights on each, for a total of 200
  • The solar panel can be adjusted up to 120 degrees
  • Once fully charged, the light can glow for up to 16 hours


  • Some consumers have complained
  • These lights may be difficult to clean

6. DeVida Solar String Lights 120 Warm White

The Davida fairly lights produce warm white light to produce an elegant and inviting environment. Easy to install and use, this set of lights has small LED bulbs that will stay lit for hours.

These DeVida LEDs are vibrant and versatile, so we had to include them in our solar fairy lights review. They are hassle-free, sturdy, and sure to complement any space they become a part of.


  • A portion of proceeds is donated to charity by the manufacturer
  • Consumers are commenting that these lights are strong, bright, and durable
  • Each purchase comes with a 1- Year 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • The warm white color of these lights will not “light up” the entire space
  • Several people had complained that these lights will stop working suddenly

7. AMZSTAR Solar Powered String Lights Waterproof

The last set of solar string lights on our list is from AMZSTAR. This set has bulbs that are shaped like a dragonfly. These are waterproof fairy lights that glow with white light.

If you are looking to add a unique and fun touch to your décor, these dragonfly lights are sure to do the trick. And with such a good purchase price, anyone who loves dragonflies is sure to love and appreciate this set of solar string lights.

The solar-powered string lights reviews would not be complete without these AMZSTAR lights. The innovative dragonfly shape will add a unique touch to any space. Perfect as a gift for anyone who loves dragonflies, this set is sure to be a conversation starter at your next gathering.


  • Consumers are loving the clear, bright, white light that is projected from
    this solar light set
  • These can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Will illuminate quickly and right out of the box


  • Some people complained that the actual dragonfly bulbs were larger than they
  • Others have commented that the on/off switch is difficult to operate

8. Lareinae Solar String Lights, Outdoor Waterproof Fairy Light

Lareinae’s solar fairy lights are sure to grab the attention of guests and neighbors. No matter what you are celebrating, these lights have a water drop-shaped bulb. They are multi-colored, waterproof lights that give you tremendous bang for your buck.

Lemontec outdoor solar fairy lights have a unique water-drop shape that will add an interesting dimension to any outdoor space. The various color hues within the strand will add a bit of drama and ambiance to our backyard.


  • You get two separate sets of lights with your purchase
  • The purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unique design with varying colors throughout the light strand


  • These lights do not burn that brightly and may not light up your entire space
  • A shorter strand length, 20 feet includes the cord extension that leads to
    the solar box

Factors to Consider

Battery Life

The biggest concern you will have is how long your solar string lights will last at full charge. There is nothing worse than enjoying your night with the company, and your lighting begins to fade. The battery life of each set of string lights will depend on the details specific to the set, so be sure to take note of the battery life before finalizing your decision.

Cord Length

Bear in mind that some solar string light sets are attached to a solar panel via a cord. Consequently, the length of this cord could have a tremendous impact on where you place and how you arrange your lights.

So, it is best to purchase a light set that will accommodate your design. There are extra-long solar string lights, so if you have a large space, you should be on the lookout for this type of set.


Although several solar light sets are conducive to both indoor and outdoor use, not all are. Therefore, ensure you are picking up lights that are specifically made for outdoor use to combat the weather, sun, and other natural elements. Look for high waterproof ratings as well.


Once you determine where you would like to hang your solar lights, you will need to make sure that they will have direct access to the sun.

Things like lots of trees and roof over-hangings can block sun rays from reaching your solar panels, so be sure the area is clear of obstructions and your solar panel can receive direct sunlight for extended periods throughout the day.

Some of the solar-powered fairy lights have solar panels that are corded and get staked into the ground. This is where the solar power is collected and what is servicing the bulbs on your string in the evening and nighttime.

In this case, ensuring this panel is in a spot that is receiving direct sunlight is all that is necessary to light up your string lights. We also recommend you check solar spotlights, that’s also a good idea to illuminate your yard using green energy.


Can my solar string lights be effected by the weather?

There are times when extreme temperatures or other natural elements, such as high winds, may affect your lights. The level of the effect is greatly predicated upon the type of lights you have chosen to purchase.

If you live in an area where weather can be extreme or vary drastically throughout the year, you should consider buying a set that will withstand extreme weather conditions. This should be noted on the manufacturer’s packaging.

As a side note, your solar string lights will continue to charge on days when it is cloudy or not much sun. However, it will take much longer (sometimes the entire day) to get your lights to a full charge.

How long do I need to charge my lights before they will begin shining?

While individual charge times will be indicated on the packaging, the solar garden string lights will fully charge after about four to six full hours of direct sunlight exposure.

Do I need batteries at all?

Yes, many of the charging panels that are equipped with solar string lights require batteries. The type of battery will depend on the specific product you purchase, but they should last a couple of years before you have to change them out.

How do I know what lights will work for me?

Determine where you intend to use your lights and what for. This is half the battle. Once you have this information, you will need to measure how long you need the string lights to be.

Then, do some research online and check out the solar string lights’ outdoor reviews to be sure you are comfortable with any issues or problems other consumers may have had in the past. Once you are comfortable, you will know what lights will work for you.


Our favorite solar lights on this list are the Brightech LED string lights. Easy to install, these Edison-style bulbs are sure to add ambiance to any setting. The WeatherTite Technology ensures durability during any weather condition and provides you with the ability to leave these up all year round.

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