The Best Led Recessed Lights in 2024

LED lights have become the most common form of lighting in many countries. While this has taken a significant amount of time, they’ve slowly replaced the flimsy filament bulbs that everybody used to have. This has led to various types of LED lights being created, such as recessed lights.

However, this has led to a few questions for many of us. Perhaps the largest of these are ‘What is recessed LED lighting?’ and ‘What are the top LED recessed lights?’

These are essentially lights that are designed to be as stylish as possible while maximizing the amount of room that it covers. Alongside this, they’re typically much more energy-efficient than many of their counterparts.

This could explain why they’ve become increasingly popular in recent years. However, this has also led to quite a significant amount of them being released. This could naturally lead to many people wondering what the better-recommended options are.

Despite the overwhelming choice, there are a few that stand out.

Best LED Recessed Lights:

1. Sunco Lighting 5/6 Inch LED Can Lights Retrofit Recessed Lighting

There’s a variety of recommendations for recessed lighting, with this Sunco Lighting option being one of the more popular. This is because it offers a range of benefits and features that many people should find appealing.

Perhaps the most obvious of these is that it’s IC-tested and certified. This should mean that you’ll be able to use it anywhere in your home without worrying about insulation. Much of this is because it doesn’t heat up as much as other downlights, so there shouldn’t be any fire hazards.

Alongside this is a thin design, which should mean that you can install it anywhere. However, some previous owners have highlighted that the sides of the light aren’t easily secured. This could mean that they might tend to fall out.

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  • IC tested and certified.
  • Doesn’t heat up as much as others.
  • The thinner design makes it easier to install anywhere.


  • The sides of the light aren’t easily secured.

2. PARMIDA (4 Pack) 5/6 Inch Dimmable LED Disk Light

There can be a variety of things that many of us will look for in a light. For example, some of us might want to find dimmable LED recessed lights. This Parmida option may be a strong contender for that title, thanks to a few notable features.

The first of these is that it’s quite easy to install, which many buyers might find appealing. Coupled with this are the various colors that you can choose from. Given that this is much brighter than many other options, there should be a lot to draw in some interest.

However, some customers have claimed that this heats up quite quickly. While some of this could depend on where you install it, it’s something that you should still be wary of.


  • Variety of colors to pick from.
  • Easy to install.
  • Brighter than some competitors.


  • Heats up quite quickly.

3. Sunco Lighting 4 Inch LED Can Lights Retrofit Recessed Lighting

These Sunco lights are well-known as high-quality recessed lighting, which is what’s made them well-recommended for a significant amount of time. There are some prominent reasons for this, with the first being that they’re tested and certified for quality.

This should be a good sign for most potential buyers. Alongside this is that they’re much more energy-efficient than you might see elsewhere. Lastly, they should last a significant amount of time, so you wouldn’t need to replace them anytime soon.

Many previous buyers have suggested that these could still glow for some time after being turned off. While this goes away, it could be distracting for several minutes.


  • Tested and certified for quality.
  • More energy-efficient than many alternatives.
  • Lasts longer than others.


  • May still glow after being turned off.

4. Globe Electric 90540 4″ Swivel Round Trim Recessed Lighting Kit


These Globe Electric lights have a few unique traits when compared to many of its alternatives. This can be highlighted perfectly in its overall design, which allows it to swivel. As a result, you should be able to focus on a specific area whenever you want to.

There are also a few safety settings built into these. Chief among these is that it will automatically turn off if it detects that it’s overheating. This could be quite a prominent safety benefit, which sets it apart from many of its competitors.

While the installation clips with these lights are adjustable, many dimmable LED recessed lighting reviews have said that they may not be too effective. This is because the lights could be difficult to keep in place, which could be a prominent negative.


  • Can be swiveled to focus on specific areas.
  • Automatically turns off if it overheats.
  • Installation clips are adjustable.


  • Difficult to keep in place.

5. TORCHSTAR Basic Series 6 Inch Ultra Thin Recessed Lighting


A lot of us will want to get the brightest LED recessed lighting that we can find. This is one area where these TORCHSTAR lights shine, with there being a variety of other appealing benefits. Prominent among these are the dimming settings, which are quite extensive.

Alongside this is an ultra-thin design, which should mean that they can be installed almost anywhere. They’re also much more energy-efficient than some alternatives, which should mean that you’ll save a decent amount on your energy bills.

While there are a variety of benefits, some people who’ve owned these have also highlighted several negatives. The most common is the installation process, which could prove to be tricky.


  • Ultra-thin design means it can be installed anywhere.
  • A significant amount of energy savings.
  • Variety of dimming settings.


  • The installation process may be tricky.

6. Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light

There’s a wealth of options when it comes to dimmable LED recessed lighting, although this Lithonia option could be well-recommended. This is because it’s much brighter than quite a significant number of other options on the market.

Alongside this, there are several color options to choose from here, which could make the lights somewhat more customizable. One of the last main benefits is that these should last longer than some other choices. As such, you wouldn’t need to think about replacing them too quickly.

Though owners have praised these traits, they’ve also said that these could make a buzzing sound. As such, it could prove to be somewhat irritating for many owners.


  • Variety of color options.
  • Much brighter than many alternatives.
  • Lasts longer than other options.


  • Can emit a buzzing sound.

Factors to Consider

Naturally, there can be an overwhelming number of options to choose from. While all of the above can be highly recommended, many of us might still have difficulty choosing between them. Quite a large amount of this could be because we might not know how to compare them.


Typically, the cost will be one of the larger aspects that we consider. However, you should also take into account how much it will take to install the LED recessed lights.

Energy Bills

This is something that many people may overlook, which could mean that they’ll be in for a surprise later on. While this may seem somewhat of a large cost, you should consider how much money you’ll save on your energy bills in the long term. This should help to make it much more cost-effective than you might have initially believed.

Types of Can Lights

One of the larger things that you’ll have to consider is the types of can lights. This is something that some people may not pay too much attention to until they’re already choosing between certain models.

However, they might not know the differences between each of these types.

They can each have various pros and cons, which makes them worth considering. These are:

Baffle Trim:

This is the most commonly used type and uses a ribbed interior to minimize any glare against the light’s frame.

Reflector Trim:

As the name would suggest, this uses a mirror to reflect the light and add more brightness. These can also come in a tinted shade.

Gimbal Trim:

This option offers much more focused lighting, which can be great if you don’t want to light up a large area.

IC Rating

One other area that many people might not have thought of is its IC rating. This could be a significant indicator of how quality of the LED recessed light. The main reason for this is that it determines whether or not it can be used around insulation.

If it is IC-rated, then you should be able to do so. If it isn’t, however, then this wouldn’t be recommended. As such, you’ll need to be well aware of this before choosing one.


Naturally, trying to find LED recessed lights can be quite difficult. While there are a variety of things that you’ll have to consider, much of the choice can be a personal one. This is mainly because what may be right for one room mightn’t be right for another.

As a result, you might have to spend a certain amount of time debating which one works best for you. However, the Sunco Lighting 4 Pack 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight seems to be much better than a lot of its competition.

This could mean that it’s the better-recommended option on the market. Despite this, each of the above can be suggested for a variety of homes and rooms. As such, you shouldn’t be making a bad choice with any of them. It might also be recommended that you try out a few of them. With how affordable they should be, this mightn’t be a bad option

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