Best Outdoor Security Lights in 2024

The security lights help protect your home and property by serving as both a warning to potential intruders and ensuring that you, as a homeowner, can see your entire property when need be. Figuring out which lights are worthy and what features matter can be a headache for some.

We’ve compared the outdoor security lights, the motion sensor lights, and the solar floodlights. We’ve also analyzed features like unit weight, power source, lumens, etc. of each security light product to help you decide on the security lights for your property.

Best Outdoor Security Lights:

1. RAB Lighting STL360H Outdoor

This light fixture produced by RAB Lighting comes pre-assembled, pre-wired, and with a motion sensor already installed. These features mean that this light may be a good option for homeowners who are seeking to install motion-detecting lights as quickly and easily as possible.

The RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360 Sensor is a good choice for homeowners with limited installation experience who would like to begin installing home lights on their own.

The fixture’s design enables homeowners to efficiently and effectively place lighting wherever they need it on their homes and properties. This may make the light fixture the motion sensor light available.


  • The light fixture comes with a motion detector pre-installed.
  • Because the fixture comes pre-wired, you can quickly and easily install it in whatever location you desire


  • The fixture utilizes an incandescent bulb, which can be costly in the long run
  • Some users reported that their fixtures stopped working shortly after installing them.

2. GSBLUNIE LED Security Lights Outdoor

The GSBLUNIE 3-Head White LED Motion Light comes with several different features that are highly useful to those seeking to secure their homes. The light produced by the LED bulbs is bright and powerful. An added benefit is that the fixture is designed to be easily installed in a variety of places.

This powerful light produced by GSBLUNIE outputs a bright and powerful light and is also easy to install in a range of places. Because the light includes three lamp heads, the brightness can be easily adjusted to fit your individual home lighting needs.


  • The fixture utilizes LED light bulbs, which are known to be brighter and more cost-effective over time.
  • The light fixture comes with motion-sensing technology pre-installed.


  • Some users report that the light is too bright on the low setting

3. Lithonia Lighting OFLR 6LC 120 P BZ Integrated LED 2-Light Dusk to Dawn Flood Light

The Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight in Black Bronze is a high-quality product that produces a large amount of light. The fixture utilizes a dusk-to-dawn sensor, which is a quality held by all of the floodlights.

This means that homeowners who select this product will never again have to think about turning their security lights on and off.

The Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight in Black Bronze offers you, as a home and property owner, a wide range of important features when it comes to home lighting.

The light bulb included in the product is powerful and long-lasting. The sensor included with the fixture makes it a convenient choice for those who wish to avoid having to remember to turn their lights off and on.


  • This light fixture comes with a five-year warranty
  • The fixture is designed to be quick and easy to install


  • Some users report that the light bulbs did not last for as long as advertised
  • Some users state that the sensors in their light fixtures stopped working

4. All-Pro FSL2030L, LED Floodlight

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The All-Pro FSL2030L LED Floodlight in Bronze is designed to be easily installed in a variety of areas. The product uses bright and powerful LED light bulbs that are designed to last approximately 35,000 hours. For some users, this may be one of the floodlights on the market.

The LED light bulbs included with the fixture have a stated lifetime of 35,000 hours. This means that if the lights are left on 24/7, the light bulbs will last for almost four years without needing to be changed or maintained. The product is designed with a hood, which helps to protect the bulb and fixture from inclement weather.

The All-Pro FSL2030L LED Floodlight in Bronze is intended to be a long-lasting light that requires little maintenance. This floodlight is ideal for homeowners who are seeking a light that is easy to install and that will not necessitate constant upkeep or repairs.


  • The fixture is designed to be quickly and easily installed using an existing junction box
  • This light fixture comes with a five-year warranty


  • Some users state that the fixture has issues with getting water inside of it and then rusting or deteriorating.
  • Some users state that the fixture stopped working shortly after they installed it.

5. HALO FTR1740L Bronze Round LED Flood Light

The All-Pro Twin-Head Round LED Flood Light provides a bright and long-lasting light. This light is switch-operated, which allows you to create more of a customized home lighting system.

The light fixture itself is also particularly visually appealing, which makes it a good choice for homeowners who are seeking out a more attractive home light fixture that is also one of the floodlights available.

The All-Pro Twin-Head Round LED Flood Light utilizes strong and long-lasting LED light bulbs. This fixture is an excellent choice for your home lighting system as it will provide your property with a wide range of lighting coverage.


  • The design of this floodlight is intended to serve as a replacement for a traditional halogen light bulb.
  • The design of this light fixture is meant to be more visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing
  • The fixture is designed to be easy and fast to install


  • This light fixture does not come with a motion sensor pre-installed, which means that users who wish to have motion sensing technology must purchase a separate device for use with this product.
  • Several users state that the light bulbs on their fixtures did not last the advertised 35,000 hours

6. Solar Lights Outdoor 182 LEDs 2500Lm Solar Motion Sensor Lights


These home lights, manufactured by Aootek, offer several key features for home and property owners. The lights’ brightness covers a wide area range. The fixture is also waterproof to ensure that the product can survive inclement weather. This is likely one of the outdoor solar lights on the market.

The Aootek Solar Lights Wireless 24 LED Motion Sensor Solar Lights feature an exceptionally wide range of lighting. The ease of the installation process and the fact that the fixture is waterproof are key qualities that make this light an excellent choice for all home and property owners.

Finally, solar-powered LED light bulbs mean that selecting this fixture will save you money in the long run. The different qualities offered by this light fixture may make it the solar-powered motion light on the market.


  • The light fixture can function using solar power for 7 to 8 hours
  • Users report that the light produced by the fixture is exceptionally powerful and bright.


  • The fixture requires a battery to operate properly. However, the required battery is included in your purchase.
  • Some users state that the motion sensor included with the light fixture is not as sensitive as they anticipated.

7. Defiant 180° Black Solar Powered Motion LED Light

The Defiant 180-degree Black Solar Powered Motion LED Light includes a backup battery. The fixture offers motion-sensing technology and utilizes LED lights.

The light fixture utilizes motion-sensing technology to ensure that the light turns on when it detects movement in its vicinity. The product comes with a backing plate, which means that it can be quickly and easily installed.

The Defiant 180-degree Black Solar Powered Motion LED Light with Battery Backup is a good option for those who are seeking an LED light that comes with pre-installed motion-sensing technology.


  • The fixture uses LED light bulbs that are intended to last longer and provide financial savings.
  • The fixture includes an indicator light, which allows you to monitor the power status of the battery


  • The product does require batteries to function. However, the battery is included with your purchase
  • The light fixture is not cordless.

Difference Between LED and Incandescent Light Bulbs

A key element to the purchase of home lights is understanding the difference between LED and incandescent light bulbs. The two types of bulbs differ from each other in a variety of ways, particularly as pertains to cost.

While LED bulbs tend to be more costly when it comes to the upfront purchase, over time LED bulbs tend to provide users with valuable financial savings. Another key difference between incandescent and LED light bulbs is the amount of brightness that they put out, especially when compared to the amount of energy required to power them.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs function by using an electric current to heat a filament wire made of tungsten. The heating of the wire causes it to glow.

Over time, the heat causes the tungsten in the filament to evaporate. This causes progressive dimming and eventually, the filament will lose all of the tungsten and the light will no longer function.

LED Light Bulbs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These types of light bulbs create light by applying electricity to semiconductors that are negatively charged. This causes the electrons within the bulb to combine and create light. LEDs are small, which means that typically multiple LEDs are used to create one light bulb.

Сomparison parameter Incandescent light bulb LED Light Bulbs
Power (Watt) 75 10
Heating High Low
Durability Very fragile very durable
Lifetime(hours) 1000 30-50 thousand
Ecological compatibility Well Very well

LED Light Bulbs Versus Incandescent Light Bulbs

When compared to LED lights, incandescent bulbs cost more to operate. Another downside to incandescent bulbs is that they produce heat, which means that they can create an uncomfortable temperature in the area in which they are located.

LED light bulbs, however, tend to function more efficiently. They use less energy and last longer than other types of light bulbs. Most LED bulbs’ design allows them to last as many as 50,000 hours. This means that even if you left one such light bulb on for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the light bulb would last for over five years.

Because LED bulbs are so efficient and have such high rates of longevity, developers are using them to develop a range of products for lighting purposes.

A typical 60-watt incandescent light bulb tends to cost approximately 40 cents.

An LED light bulb of the same caliber comes with a higher upfront cost of about $2 to $3.50 However, the long-term savings are substantial when purchasing the LED bulb instead of the incandescent bulb.

When considering light bulbs, it is important to know two key terms: watts and lumens. A watt is a measurement of a unit of power.

This describes how much energy the light bulb requires to function. A lumen is a unit of measurement that describes how much light the light bulb produces.

60-watt light bulbs are so-named because they require 60 watts of energy to produce 860 lumens. By comparison, LED light bulbs that produce similar amounts of light ranging from 800 to 815 lumens, only require approximately 6.5 to 9 watts to function.

An incandescent bulb produces about 14 lumens per watt, whereas LED light bulbs produce approximately 85 to 120 lumens per watt.

As a homeowner, it would be wise to purchase LED light bulbs over incandescent bulbs for a plethora of reasons. LED light bulbs offer more brightness, which means that you can purchase a few light bulbs but still have a sizeable range of areas lit by them.

LED bulbs may cost a few dollars more upfront, but over time the savings they generate will add up. Firstly, you will have to replace the bulbs far less often.

Secondly, LED bulbs require fewer watts of energy per lumen than they produce.

When considering bulbs that produce about 800 lumens of light, if you purchase LED bulbs, over time you will save several hundred dollars on your electric bill.

What Kind of Security Lights are Out There?

A wide range of lights exists for you to consider. Some key light types include motion sensor lights, LED floodlights, and solar floodlights.

The different types available will allow you to create a custom system of home lighting that will protect your home and property from unwanted intrusions or other issues. The outdoor light bulbs for you depend on your individual home needs.

Motion sensor lights are a good option for those who are seeking ways to save on their electric bill. These lights conserve energy and money by only turning on when they detect movement within their vicinity. This means that these lights are inherently less expensive than lights that are turned on all night long.

LED floodlights are some of the most common types of home lighting devices in use.

These lights produce strong rays of light to ward off potential intruders while simultaneously providing you, as a homeowner, with peace of mind about of your home.

The LED floodlight will be an asset to your home system.

Solar floodlights function in a similar manner to LED floodlights. However, they harness energy from the sun and use that to produce the power needed to function.

The solar-powered outdoor lights do not even require that you hook them up to your current electrical system. This means that these lights are likely to save you a large amount of money because they can function independently and will not add any sort of cost to your electric bill.

Before creating your home lighting system, you should review the different types of home light fixtures available.

You should also think about the different types of home light bulbs available. Having a good understanding of your options will help you to make the possible choice when it comes to planning and installing your home lighting system.

How To Install Security Lights

The process of installing lights is typically one that you can perform on your own, as long as you have a few of the basic skills required.

However, if you are going to be installing wiring or other objects that will require electrical skills, then you must consult with an expert first.

An expert can help you determine what you will be able to do yourself, and what things will require that you hire an electrician or other outside skilled help.

Before starting, make sure you know what you need regarding how to install floodlights or how to install motion sensor lights.

The first step in the process is to determine what kind of lights you would like to install.

You can do this by considering your home needs and researching the different types of lights available. This will help you to select the outdoor lights available for your home needs.

After this, you will need to select the location or locations where you wish to install lights. If you decide to install a light where there is already light in use, make sure that you turn off the power to the fixture at the circuit-breaker box. After turning off the electricity, you will remove the current light fixture.

It might be helpful to remove the bulb from the current fixture beforehand to avoid breaking it while removing the fixture. After removing the fixture, you can disconnect the unit’s wires. Make sure to test the unit with a circuit tester to make sure that the electric current is turned off.

At this point, you can put together the pieces of the new light fixture. The light should come with instructions from the manufacturer about how to put it together correctly.

After assembling the light fixture, you can connect the fixture’s wires to the wires of your house or the location in which you are installing the light.

If you are installing a solar-powered light, then you may not need to connect the fixture to any outside electrical source, as these lights can typically function independently.

If your new fixture is solar-powered, make sure that you place it in an area where it will receive enough sunlight to store plenty of power and function correctly.

Also, If you have decided to install a motion sensor light, then make sure that you test the motion sensor to ensure that it is working properly.

Make sure that you aim the light and the motion sensor in the direction in which you want the sensor to detect any movement. Your fixture should include directions on how to adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity, the motion sensor’s path, and how long the fixture should remain lit after it has been triggered.

Factors To Consider

Security Level of Where You Live

When buying lights, you should consider several different factors. Firstly, you should think about the area in which you live. The current level of where you live will help you to decide how much and what type of home lighting will be most effective.

Different Locations of Your Yard

You will also want to think about the different areas of your home and property on which you would like to install light fixtures. If certain areas are not currently sufficiently lighted, then you will want to install fixtures in those locations.

Price and Different Lighting Options

After you have considered the above, you should think about your budget. As you determine the amount of money you would like to spend on lighting, you should research the different lighting options available.

Considering these two things at the same time will help you to set a realistic budget that allows you to get the highest quality lighting available in a price range that is affordable to you.

Types of Lights

You should also think about the types of lights you would like to install. Some of the different options available consist of things such as floodlights, motion detector lights, solar lights, or LED lights. You can combine these options to create a custom lighting system that works for you and your home.

Tips On Choosing

Security Lights Life

When choosing lights for your home and property, you should look for lights that will last for a long time and perform the way you need them to. You may also wish to consider the aesthetics of the light fixtures that you purchase.

Brightness and Direction

You should think about how much lighting you want and in what direction you want the lighting to go. Some homeowners may wish to have extremely bright floodlights located on the sides of their homes, while others may prefer low-level lighting that provides lighting coverage to stairways or walkways.

Waterproof Rating

An important aspect to consider in lights is weatherproofing. The outdoor lights can withstand different types of inclement weather.

Timer or Motion Sensing

The timing of your lighting is also important. You may wish to select a fixture that has a timer or an automatic shutoff so that you do not have to remember to turn your lights off and on at night. Another option is to install lights with motion sensors that only turn on when they detect nearby movement.


Finally, you might want to think about looking for lights that will blend in with the aesthetic of your home. Many different types of fixtures exist, and choosing visually appealing lighting can be a nice touch to your home lighting system.

Personal Needs

The key factor in choosing the home lights is to consider your needs and consider the options available to you. Review the different types of home lights available and the different features that each type offers. This will help you to construct the possible home lighting system.

Conducting research into floodlights, outdoor solar lights, and motion detector lights is an essential element in the process of planning and installing your home lighting system.


Can I install security lights by myself?

You can typically install outdoor lights by yourself. However, it is important to make sure that you consult the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting the installation process.

You should also consider consulting with an electrician if the installation will require you to perform any work with wiring or other electrical components.

What sort of maintenance do lights require?

The type of maintenance you need to perform on your lights depends on the type of lights that you purchase. After you have purchased your lights, you should research the product and review the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the possible maintenance plan for your system.

It is important to establish a routine to maintain your lights to ensure that they always function properly and last for as long as possible.

What are the lights available?

The lights available depend upon your own needs. The range of lighting fixtures available means that you have a plethora of options from which to choose.

Finding the lights available will simply require that you review your home needs and conduct research into the different types of lighting systems available. Once you have done this, you will be well on the way to finding, purchasing, and installing the possible lighting system for your needs.


Now that you have gained some insight into how lighting systems work and the different types of lights available, it is time to decide what type of lighting is right for you.

Make sure you consider the different types of home light fixtures and light bulbs available, in addition to thinking about the needs that you have as a home and property owner. Using the information provided above, begin your search for the possible lighting system available today!

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