The Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Systems with DVR in 2024

Keeping your property safe is very important. You want to be able to monitor things when you are at home and when you are away. Having outdoor wireless security camera systems with DVR is an easy way to accomplish this. We have explored numerous systems and created some tips that you can use to aid you in making the best decision.

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Systems with DVR:

1. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive

The ZOSI Security Camera System features weatherproof cameras that will not fail during rain, snow, and other types of weather. It features night vision so that you can see well even when it is dark. Using the night vision capabilities, you can see up to 65 feet in the distance.

The hard drive can hold up to one TB of video footage. Use a USB to back up what you record so that you do not lose it. You can also choose to transfer the footage to a separate external hard drive.

Use the Zosi Smart app to monitor your system from anywhere in the world. To ensure the greatest level of surveillance, you can customize the motion detection feature to best meet your needs.

Many people talked about the wide-angle that you get with the cameras. Because of this, each camera that you install can see more of an area, allowing you to place the cameras further apart.

No matter how light or dark it is outside, you get good picture clarity, according to multiple reviewers. This ensures that you can see what is happening no matter what.

This is among the outdoor 1080p wireless security camera systems with DVR that you will find. The picture quality is clear, and you get a good angle width from each of the cameras that you install. This helps to ensure that you can see well and capture any issues with a problem.


  • You can access the video footage remotely
  • The outdoor components are waterproof
  • Its hard drive has a large capacity


  • The motion detection feature might not always kick on

2. XVIM 8CH 1080P Wired Security Camera System Outdoor

The XVIM Security Camera System has motion detection capabilities so that when someone comes onto your property, the cameras will initiate. Due to this feature, you can save a lot of recording space on the one TB hard drive, allowing you to store a month or more of footage because you need to transfer or delete it.

The cameras record in HD so that the picture quality is always clear and easy to see. Each of the cameras is two megapixels for optimal quality. They are also weatherproof so that you do not have to worry about bad weather causing damage.

You can connect your system to the internet and use the app. This ensures that you have plenty of options regarding how you playback the video and monitor the live feed as it is happening.

Many people said that they like that the cameras are adjustable. You have a lot of control over their placement and the angle in which they are placed.

Other people discussed the hard drive. Since it can hold up to one TB of data, you can keep records of the surveillance around your home with ease so that if an issue arises, it is easy to go back and see what happened at that time.

You can get this system set up fast so that you do not wait long to increase the security on your property. Between the system and the mobile app, it is fast and easy to maintain coverage of your home so that you always know what is happening.


  • The picture that the cameras produce is very clear
  • Use the mobile app for remote monitoring
  • This system’s cameras are water-resistant


  • The app could be easier to use

3. REOLINK 8CH 5MP Home Security Camera System


The Reolink Home Security Camera System makes it easy to record a video that you can see without a problem. The picture is clear, and you can opt to save footage or erase it, depending on your needs. It has night vision so that it is easy to see what is happening no matter the amount of light that you are working with. You can see things with cameras up to 100 feet in the distance.

This is a plug-and-play system that takes little time to set up. Because of this, you can have full surveillance of your home within a few hours. Use the app so that you can monitor what is happening at your home remotely.

The video that you get with the cameras is very high in quality due to them being five megapixels. They are also wired, ensuring the reliability of your video feed. The images are 1920 HD so that you can see the most intricate details when you are viewing the video.

A lot of people talked about how easy it is to use. Setup takes little time and the different features are things that you can learn within minutes. Other people remarked about the picture clarity. The cameras ensure that you can easily distinguish what you are seeing on the monitor.

This is one of the best options for wireless video surveillance systems with DVR. You can record clear footage so that should something happen, it is easy to get evidence.


  • It is easy to set up
  • You can see the videos clearly
  • The hard drive is large


  • Mounting the cameras can take a little time

4. ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System Outdoor


The ANNKE Home Security System allows you to see up to 100 feet in the distance, both during the day and at night. This makes sure that you do not miss anything that is happening around your home. You can monitor the system remotely allowing for constant surveillance of your home.

The cameras are waterproof so that you do not have to worry about moisture-related damage. With a one TB hard drive, you can keep up to about a week’s worth of recordings with this system. This allows you to go back and look at specific dates and times if you need to check on certain events where your home’s security may have been compromised.

The cameras are very high in quality, according to many reviewers. You can get a clear picture of multiple weather types. Other people said that it is easy to set up this system. On average, you can do it within a few hours.

This is a system that is ideal for people who have more property than they need to monitor. This is because you get a lot of distance out of each camera.


  • You can set it up with ease
  • The hard drive improves compression
  • The storage capabilities are stronger than many similar systems


  • The night vision could be a bit clearer

5. ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System Outdoor Indoor

The ZOSI Home Security Camera System makes it easy to see your property. It has night vision abilities that produce clear pictures even when it is pitch black. This is a DVR system that allows you to control what you do with the recorded video.

You can take advantage of the fact that the cameras are waterproof. There is no need to worry about rain and other precipitation causing any damage when it occurs.

The cameras have a 72-inch view angle so that you can see more area with each camera. Its DVR features self-adaptive technology and hybrid capabilities. Because of this, you can choose to connect more additional cameras to your system for greater coverage of your property.

Multiple people talked about visual clarity. This is due to the 1080p that you get from the cameras to ensure that you can see everything in detail. Other people talked about the installation process. It is relatively simple, allowing you to get the system fully installed and operating the same day that you receive it.

This system is ideal for homes of all sizes. You can easily see what is happening on your property no matter if there is bad weather or pitch blackness at night.


  • You get a clear picture no matter the weather
  • Night vision is easy to visualize
  • You can install this system fast


  • The cameras are smaller than similar systems

6. Hiseeu 2K Wireless Security Camera System

The 8-channel Wireless Camera System offers pictures in 1080p. The cameras offer superior visualization so that you can easily see what is happening on your property. You can connect it to WiFi for convenience.

Monitor your system when you are at home or away. The cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor use so you can use them anywhere that you prefer. Since you can hold up to three TB of footage, you can easily retrieve video when you need it the most.

A lot of people talked about the hard drive. Compared to most security system hard drives, it has a much higher capacity so that you can easily maintain a lot of footage.

Other reviewers mentioned the camera quality. The video is 1080p and the cameras have two megapixels so that the images that are produced by them are clear, allowing you to see a lot of detail whether you are viewing them live or a previous recording.

This system is a good choice when you want a complex level of security for your home. It is easy to work with so that you can constantly monitor what is happening around your home, making it the wireless home security camera system with DVR.


  • The camera quality is superior
  • There are a lot of features to take advantage of up
  • You can use the wireless capabilities


  • This system was a bit harder to install compared to similar systems

7. Firstrend 8CH 1080P Wireless NVR System


The Wireless Security system allows you to get a great visual distance. Even with night vision, you can see up to 65 feet in the distance. Use remote monitoring to make it easy to control the security of your home even when you are away. The cameras have 1.3 megapixels for a high level of visual quality.

Due to the wireless capabilities of this system, it is easy to monitor your system and get it set up without a problem. You can also expand the channels as you see fit.

This system is compatible with multiple iOS and Android systems. Download the free compatible app to see what is happening at your home via your mobile device. You can even playback recorded video via the app.

Multiple people talked about camera quality. It is easy to see fine details when you are looking at live or playback versions of the videos that you record. Once you receive this system, you can get it set up fast, according to many customers. They say that there is no need to seek out a professional to get the job done.

Use this system to ensure that your home is always safe and secure. You can choose to store video or even delete it according to your preferences. This ensures that you have control over how you use the system.


  • The video quality is very high
  • You can see well when you are recording at night


  • It took a little longer to set up

8. SMONET 8CH Home Surveillance NVR Kits

The SMONET Wireless Camera Security System lets you see up to 65 feet in the distance with the cameras. Since you can connect up to eight channels, it is easy to cover a lot of ground with this system.

The cameras are 1.3 megapixels, providing clear footage when they are recording. This ensures clarity no matter what time of day it is. The footage feeds into a one TB hard drive, allowing you to store a lot for later viewing.

Use the app to access the footage from your system remotely. This ensures that you can always see what is happening on your property even when you are not nearby.

Even when it is pitch black outside, it is possible to get clear visuals with the camera, according to many reviewers. Because of this, you do not have to worry about missing things when the light level is low.

Other people said that the hard drive can handle a lot of recorded video. This allows you to determine how much you want to keep since you also can delete footage you will not look at again.

This system has a wide variety of useful features. You can take advantage of the night vision to see well no matter how dark it is outside. With the motion detection capabilities, you can save how many videos you store to free up more space on the large hard drive.


  • The hard drive holds up to one TB
  • It performs well in low-light conditions
  • You can use them no matter what the weather is like outside


  • Viewing video from a mobile device can sometimes be difficult

9. Hiseeu 3MP Wireless Security Camera System

The Hiseeu Security Camera System features cameras that are two megapixels and 1080p for optimal clarity when they are recording.

Take advantage of motion detection so that the cameras are only working when there is something to record.

You get crisp pictures no matter the time of day since this system also has night vision. The cameras are weatherproof, so you never have to worry about inclement weather causing a problem.

They are easy to use and can connect to WiFi so you have some versatility in how you use them.

Use remote monitoring so that you can always be kept aware of what is happening on your property when you are away.

This is a great wireless camera system with DVR, according to many customers. They said that you can set this system up fast and the footage it produces is clear and easy to see. Other people said that you can learn to use it fast. There are multiple features, but all of the buttons and knobs are marked clearly, allowing you to quickly learn how to set everything properly.

Just about anyone can install this system due to its ease of use. You get clear footage from a solid distance, making it possible to cover the entire property of an average-sized home. Since it has wireless capabilities, you do not have to deal with dozens of cords and cables.


  • It is a simple system that provides clear visuals
  • You can use night vision for better viewing in the dark
  • All of the cables that you need come with the system


  • The system does not offer the best performance in severe weather

10. OOSSXX 2K 3.0MP Wireless Home Security Camera Systems


The OOSSXX Outdoor Wireless Security System has weatherproof features so that you do not have to worry about damage due to rain and other weather. You can connect the NVR camera to the internet to expand the recording and playback abilities of this system.

Use night vision to make it easy to see even when it is very dark outside. There is a motion detection feature with this system. This helps to ensure that it is only recording when there is something to see.

When you go to playback video or when you are watching it live, you can be confident that it will be easy to see what is happening due to the clarity of the footage.

Several people said that you get a lot of range out of this system. If you have a large yard, it can accommodate it so that you can cover all of the different spaces. Many people remarked about the night vision. When it is dark outside, the footage that you can see is relatively clear no matter which device you are viewing the video from.

This is one of the outdoor wireless security camera systems with a DVR and monitors due to its versatility. The cameras have a long range and they remain clear no matter the distance so that you can see everything that is happening when you are away and at home.


  • The components that you place outside are waterproof
  • This system’s hard drive has a large capacity
  • It can see up to 70 feet


  • It may take a little time to learn about all of the system’s features

11. OHWOAI Surveillance Video Security System

The OHWOAI Wireless Security System is an expandable system that features up to eight channels, making it possible to monitor every area on your property. You can keep up to about 30 days of recordings since the hard drive can hold up to one TB.

The cameras have all-metal housing to protect them from the elements. The system is waterproof so there is no need to worry about damage when it rains. Take advantage of the night vision so that you can get clear footage when it is dark outside.

This system also has motion detection so that it is only using power and storing footage when there is something to see. Use the remote access feature so that you can keep an eye on your system no matter where you are for a heightened level of security.

This system performs great, according to many consumers. The video is relatively clear, making it easy to see what is happening on your property. Other people said that they love motion detection. This helps to save on space so that you are not recording unnecessary video and wasting room on the hard drive.

This system has a high level of performance. With motion detection and night vision, you save on space and can see well no matter how dark it is outside. You can install it on your own, eliminating the cost associated with getting a professional to do the work.


  • It is waterproof, so it is safe to use outdoors
  • The system is easy to install
  • This system features night vision for greater visibility in the dark


  • The backup is less space-efficient compared to similar models

12. SAFEVANT 8 Channel Outdoor Indoor CCTV AHD DVR Kits

The SAFEVANT Wireless Security System features eight channels, giving you plenty of options regarding how you set up the cameras properly. It provides clear video even at night since there is a night vision capability that you can take advantage of.

Use an app that is compatible with the system so that you can keep an eye on your property no matter where you are. Just use the power adaptors that come with the system and plug everything into the appropriate wall outlets to get your system up and running.

The hard drive can hold up to one TB at a time. This ensures that you can keep footage for up to a month before it starts to rewrite just in case you need to go back and look into something suspicious that happened on your property.

This system is very easy to set up, according to many reviewers. They said that within a few hours, they had their system up and running without a problem. Other people said that the system is very durable. It can withstand bad weather and frequent use without you having to worry about it failing when you need it the most.

These outdoor home security cameras with DVR are relatively easy to install. This means that you will not need to spend a lot of time getting them set up so you can take advantage of the added security quickly. You will also find that they are easy to use.


  • There is a mobile app that works along with the system
  • Set up is fast and easy
  • The visuals that you get are very clear in various amounts of light


  • The app may take a while to load at times

Tips on Choosing

When you want to keep your home safe and be able to go back and look at anything that transpired in the past, the right outdoor wireless battery-operated security system with a DVR can be invaluable. A DVR camera system lets you record and store video for surveillance. The level of video that you can store is dependent on multiple factors:

  • How many cameras do you have as part of your system
  • How many hours a day you are using those cameras to record video
  • In frames per second (FPS) the recording rate you are using
  • How many days of the video you are recording

For example, if you have a DVR security camera system with four channels that are recording at 30 FPS for 24 hours a day. You will need approximately 250 GB of hard drive space to maintain a week’s worth of recorded video.

This is only an estimate and it can vary based on the exact system that you choose, but this gives you an idea about the storage capabilities you need, depending on how long you want to store footage. Most systems are equipped to overwrite the oldest video once they get full.

This means that you will not have to go in and manually delete videos to keep recording so that you do not miss anything. You can also choose to add additional memory to many of today’s modern systems.

This allows you more storage so that you can keep more video history before it starts getting written over by a new video after the storage hits capacity.

To save on space and recording time, you might consider a motion-activated system. This type of system only starts recording if motion triggers it.

This can save you a lot of time when you are looking through footage and looking for something specific. It also significantly expands the amount of recording time you get.

Browser and Operating System

The majority of systems have a web-based interface. This allows you to use your home computer to control your system and view your cameras.

Just keep in mind that some systems are only compatible with a certain operating system.

For example, one system might be compatible with a PC, and another is only compatible with a Mac. Consider the computer that you have at home and its operating system to make the right choice.

You also need to consider the exact operating system. For example, some systems may only be compatible with Windows 10 or higher. So, if you have Windows XP, you will not be able to run the system on your computer unless you upgrade your operating system.

You should also check your browser to ensure compatibility. For example, some systems may function best on Chrome while others do best on Internet Explorer.  You can usually download a browser if this is the case.

Wireless vs Hardwired

The general rule of thumb is that if you want the most convenient system, choose wireless. However, if you want the most reliable system, choose a hardwired one. Keep in mind that both need a reliable source of power to function.

To determine which is best, look at your home and the areas where you plan to mount the equipment. This will tell you if hardwiring is possible without professional installation. An average-sized home usually has four cameras to cover all sides of your property.

However, if you have a property that is an odd shape or especially large, you may need to have more cameras for complete surveillance coverage.

What is the Difference Between an NVR and a DVR?

One of the first decisions you will make when you are looking for a surveillance security system is whether you want one with an NVR or a DVR. While both of these devices do the same thing, there are differences in the cameras they are connected to and how they perform their job.

Both devices work to record video. How they process the video data that they record is where they differ. With a DVR system, it is at the recorder where the video data is processed. With an NVR system, it is at the camera where the data is processed.

Each device requires a connection to a different type of camera. For an NVR, you need to have IP cameras connected to it to capture and record video. With a DVR, analog cameras are used. A wired security system is necessary for a DVR. If you want the choice between wireless and wired, an NVR system can be considered.

Which One is Better for No Internet Connection?

Either of these devices will work if you do not have an internet connection. Once you set up your network, both of them can record and store video without any internet connection to them.

You only need to have an internet connection if you want to have push alerts or be able to view the live video remotely.

Overall, the differences between the two are not very significant when it comes to the result. You will get video and recorded video no matter which of these systems you choose.

All you have to do is consider your preferences to find the type that best fits your needs. With today’s modern systems, things like video quality and storage capacity are largely the same whether you choose an NVR or a DVR device.

Once you decide the exact type of surveillance security system that you need, it will be easier to determine which of these devices is the best. Just take your time and fully evaluate each to make the right decision.

If you need cameras that you can control remotely, change the angle, and zoom the picture, then PTZ security cameras are perfect for your needs.


With the comprehensive information presented here, you have the knowledge that you need to pick the outdoor wireless security camera system with a DVR. Consider the layout of your home and the level of security you are seeking as a starting point for finding the system that best fits your needs.

From here, you should look at the tips for choosing this type of system so that you know how to evaluate the systems that are on the market. From there, you want to learn about the difference between a DVR and an NVR. These two systems have some differences and knowing what these are will ensure that you pick the right one for your home.

The last step is to evaluate the reviews. Ensure that you make a checklist of the features you need to narrow down your options. Then, all you have to do is buy the system that meets your needs so that your home is more secure

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