The Best Projectors under $1000 in 2024

We have a fail-safe method for choosing the projectors for under 1000 dollars. Just learn what we have to teach you about the specs and pick a projector that meets all of your minimum requirements. How easy is that?

We studied what the specs are and what makes each one important. Then we ran all the projectors under 1000 dollars through the wringer. We were left with that we feel good about recommending to you.

Let’s get to it. Read the reviews, then learn all about what makes an awesome projector.

Best Projectors Under $1000:

1. Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home Theater Projector

People who like the possibilities of 3D and gaming have voted this home theater projector for under 1000 dollars. They like that, even if they aren’t quite ready for it yet, they can have 3D entertainment in the future.

Some have noticed a little rainbowing around the edge of the image when they throw a large picture from a long distance. This is just a minor annoyance for most.

A more worrisome complaint is the warranty claims because of dead pixels. This can affect the picture quality, but Optoma has been great when it comes to making its customers happy with replacement projectors and repairs.


  • Great color
  • Brightness is enough for high-light rooms
  • 3D-capable
  • Easy to set up
  • Low latency


  • The possible rainbow effect around the edge of the picture when running a large image size
  • There have been complaints about dead pixels after only a couple of months of use

2. AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector

Customers like that they can toss this projector in a small bag and bring it with them to parties or even on vacation. And it’s so easy to get focused using the remote, there’s no problem getting a good picture wherever they use it.

Some people say the fan is too noisy. Those LEDs must run pretty hot.

There have also been some gripes about latency. The lag seems to be higher than 80ms. That can cause some frame skipping. There are much better 4K projectors under 1000 dollars for gaming.


  • Very portable
  • Long-life lamp
  • Remote focus capability
  • On-board media player


  • Not the fastest processor
  • Noisy fans

3. Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector, by Anker

People are amazed at this compact Android projector for under 1000 dollars. It is incredible. They like that they can take it anywhere and stream their favorite shows onto a wall with an image of up to 100 inches.

Many have commented on how this thing starts tech conversations. It is a cool gadget that can provide hours of entertainment almost anywhere. Most wish that it was brighter, though.

You’ll have to pull the shades on a sunny day to be able to see the image. But you have to remember that this works off of a lithium battery, so you can’t get that much light without sacrificing battery life.


  • Portable
  • Works with thousands of apps and devices
  • Long battery life
  • Incredible wireless connectivity
  • Very simple setup


  • Maximum 720p res
  • Needs to be used in a darkened room

4. ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector for Home and Office

This projector is so bright, that some people have used it to watch movies outside in the daytime. That’s one of the features that make it the business projector for under 1,000 dollars. The intuitive menu is another one. People have said that they were able to navigate to all corners of the menu on the first try.

People talk about picture quality. It’s good enough not only for meetings but for entertainment as well. The resolution isn’t so great, especially at larger image sizes. But it’s pretty good when you consider the price.


  • Very affordable
  • Low latency of about 16ms
  • Easy to set up
  • Very bright
  • Works with older and newer source devices


  • Not a very good resolution

5. Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

Gamers who have experience say that this one offers a better image for games than even the Epson projector under 1000 dollars. Many of them didn’t know that latency of less than 9ms was available in a projector, let alone at this price.

The colors get rave reviews as well. It’s all about the six-segment color wheel. That’s what enables such a great contrast and depth.

Gamers often pay well over $1500 to get such a low latency and high refresh rate. Many comparable projectors at higher prices do not have the wide range of colors or the 3D capability that this one has.


  • It’s the gaming projector under 1000 dollars
  • Breathtaking colors
  • Nice speaker


  • Although great for smaller rooms, it’s hard to adjust for longer throws in bigger rooms

6. BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Gaming Projector

The colors are a big hit. All those vivid hues come out with that nice contrast. This is a great movie projector under 1000 dollars, and people have responded to that.

There haven’t been any complaints about the relatively low brightness. People say that the image quality is great, and they often recommend this projector to their friends.


  • Good price
  • Nice sound
  • Very good colors


  • The brightness may be a problem in very high ambient light

7. Epson PowerLite 1781W WXGA, 3,200 lumens color brightness

It’s described by people as being as thin and portable as a laptop. That feature makes it a popular choice for business people as well as those shopping for TV projectors for under 1000 dollars.

Many have commented on how easy it is to get a good, centered image at home and in the office. That’s been a major selling point


  • Easy to set up and center image
  • Bright enough for rooms with overhead lighting
  • Thin design
  • Connects to mobile devices in one step


  • The resolution is not high enough for true HD entertainment

8. ASUS P3B Portable LED Projector with Speakers

It’s described by people as being as thin and portable as a laptop. That feature makes it a popular choice for business people as well as those shopping for TV projectors under 1000 dollars.

Many have commented on how easy it is to get a good, centered image at home and in the office. That’s been a major selling point


  • Long battery life
  • Can charge mobile devices
  • Good connection options


  • Not very bright, especially when running off the battery
  • Low resolution for a home cinema projector

9. Epson Home Cinema 2150


Some say shoppers went looking for a wireless full HD projector for under 1,000 dollars. And they were pleased when they found this one. Many projectors lose enough resolution when connected wirelessly that they fall below 720p. But everyone loves the MHL port that allows the quick data transmission needed for high HD streaming without wires.

Some wish the brightness was a little higher, but most are happy with it the way it is.


  • Good value
  • Awesome colors
  • Crisp contrast


  • Maximum brightness still requires a somewhat dim room – You have to pull the shades or reduce room lighting for the best experience
  • Limited connectivity

10. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Not many people had ever even seen a projector this small before they bought this one. And most everyone was happy with their purchase.

This isn’t a gaming projector for under 1000 dollars, but it can be connected to gaming consoles. Gamers like that they can put this one into their pocket and go to a friend’s house to play.

Hardcore entertainment buffs aren’t impressed with the picture quality or brightness, but those who just wanted a small, portable projector were thrilled at his price.


  • Very small and light
  • Awesome price
  • Connects to many types of devices


  • Not very bright
  • Low resolution

Factors To Consider

Decide on the minimum specs you need. Then picking the home theater projector for the money will be easy.


The higher the resolution is, the clearer, sharper, and more detailed the picture will be. It is generally agreed that high resolution begins at 720p. Ultra-high definition, or UHD, is above 1080p.

Let’s keep it simple. When the res is described as two numbers separated by an “x”, the first number is the important one.

That number, when used to define a projector’s resolution, is the highest res that the projector is capable of reproducing. The higher it is, the better. But higher-res uses more data. If you don’t have enough bandwidth to support the res you’re trying to reproduce, you’ll encounter a lot of buffering.

It’s best to get the highest resolution picture that your sources will support and your bandwidth will allow.

Display Technology

This is the hardware that makes the image. Projectors under $1000, usually consist of a chip and a lamp. DLP chips are the most common and the best in this price range. LED lamps last longer, but they add more to the price of the projector. Regular lamps are cheaper but need to be replaced sooner.

Brightness And Contrast

Brightness is expressed in lumens. For dedicated home theaters with controlled lighting, any brightness will do. For rooms with high ambient light, you need at least 3,000 lumens. Contrast refers to the sharpness between colors. Higher ratios are crisper but are often found in more expensive projectors.

Throw And Zoom

The throw ratio helps you calculate what the image size will be at any given distance.

Multiply your desired image size by the throw ratio. That tells you the distance to put between the projector and the surface you’re projecting onto.

For a 100″ image from a 1.4:1 throw projector, that distance is 140 inches. A 5′ image requires seven feet.

Most projectors have adjustable throw ratios and zoom capability.

Both of these features allow you to adjust the image size and focus in case you can’t have exactly the distance you need for the picture size you want.


Check to make sure you’ll be able to connect the projector to the source components you have now and the ones you want to get soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Rainbowing?

Rainbowing refers to the prism effect that occurs around the edges of the image at larger image sizes. It’s a common problem with projectors. It can be solved by moving the projector closer to the surface you’re projecting on and adjusting the throw ratio and zoom to make the image bigger.

How Are Projectors Mounted?

They can be mounted on a ceiling or to a wall. Many manufacturers make mounting kits, especially for their projectors, but universal kits are also available. All projectors can be simply placed on a table instead of being mounted.

Does The Room Have To Be Dark To Watch TV With A Projector?

Projectors with low image brightness, 1000 lumens, and below, require a dark room for the viewing or gaming experience. Projectors with brightnesses of 1500 lumens and above do well in most rooms with some ambient light. Bright rooms need a projector with a brightness rating of at least 3000 lumens.

Do Projectors for 1000 dollars Have Speakers?

Most home video projectors under 1000 dollars do have integrated speakers. Of course, almost all of them have audio out jacks for adding additional speakers or a soundbar. A 10-watt integrated speaker provides great sound. Two watts is the lowest you should go if you won’t be adding additional speakers.


The ViewSonic PX747-4K 4K projector is the all-around home projector for under 1000 dollars. It gives the best image and has the greatest value. Optoma’s HD243X can save you some money if you are OK with a lower resolution of 1080p.

For a tiny and portable projector, take a look at AAXA’s projector. It’s almost small enough to fit in your pocket. Don’t wait until the prices go up. There are some awesome projectors out there for under $1000. Get one today.

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