Best Security Cameras for Garage

Garage cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your valuables such as vehicles and tools, but with so many filling up the market, we understand how difficult it can be to find quality ones.

As such, we poured hours of our time into researching numerous security cameras, addressing important features such as weather resistance and night vision or low-light capabilities to find ones worth your consideration. The security cameras for the garage should shed light on our top four picks and why they may be a good fit for your needs.

Let’s get started with our top pick below.

1. Zmodo Garage Outdoor Wireless Camera

The Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera is an HD wireless and weather-resistant camera that can work with Alexa voice control. It features adjustable night vision, a 10-15 second motion detection playback, and Cloud Service so you can review, share, and customize footage.

Thanks to the wireless setting, it’s simple to download the app and connect to the camera feed through an iPad, PC, or Smartphone device.

As these cameras can be purchased in a pack, many consumers rate them as wireless security surveillance cameras for garage use that are easy and quick to set up. There is also an appreciation for the image quality as there’s high clarity during daytime and good imaging at night or in low-light situations.

Some did feel that the motion detection setup could be better as there doesn’t appear to be a way to adjust things like the sensitivity.


  • Easy to view footage through the app
  • Great image quality
  • Straightforward setup process


  • Motion detection could use some work

2. Netvue 1080P Wifi Bullet Surveillance Camera

The Netvue Wireless Surveillance Cloud Outdoor Security Camera is a motion-sensing smart camera that is compact in size and portable for easy setup. It offers scheduled motion detecting and an optional motion tracking design to better personalize the system.

As a smart device, it’s compatible with Alexa, Fire TV, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Footage can be stored in multiple ways, and with the app, it’s simple to share access with the whole family as it can support up to 20 people viewing the live feed at once.

A talked-about feature of this WiFi security camera for garages is good clarity during daylight and nighttime hours. Consumers also seem to enjoy how Cloud service isn’t needed thanks to the SD slot. The camera seems well-built also as it works well in extremely cold situations.

For the motion detection system, some consumers do feel that even the lowest sensitivity is too high as minor things such as insects can set off the alerts. Additionally, some feel that the audio could be better in quality.


  • Good performance in various weather conditions
  • Multiple storage options
  • High-quality clarity


  • Motion detection can be too sensitive

3. wansview Outdoor Camera

The wansview Outdoor Security Camera offers motion detection and a 2-way audio system for an all-around versatile surveillance system. It provides real-time motion alerts and supports customized motion detection zones so you only get alerted on specific areas.

Constructed using high-quality materials, the camera can withstand various weather conditions from rain and snowstorms, and it maintains clear images during the day and at night. Multiple users can connect to the app so the whole family can monitor it simultaneously.

Many consumers view this as one of the outdoor night security cameras for garage use thanks to the high-quality grayscale imaging it produces. Several consumers spoke highly about the ease of setting it up, and also that it records 24/7 on the SD card.

If there are any concerns, consumers mostly seem to have issues with the app. Some say they can’t get a connection or experience poor playback recordings, while others feel it does a poor job of alerting motion detection.


  • Quality nighttime imaging
  • 24/7 recording to an SD card
  • Customized motion detection zones


  • Issues getting the app to work properly

Making the Decision

From our list, we feel the Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Wireless is the security camera for garage surveillance. It comes in an affordable pack of multiple cameras, and it features good clarity whether you’re looking at it at night or during the day. The night vision is adjustable too, accommodating all hours of the day.

There’s also good weather protection so it can survive various outdoor elements, and the app works well and makes it easy and fast to view the feed. Feel free to check out our top pick or other choices to see which is for your garage surveillance.

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