The Best Tigerking Safes in 2024

You never think about safes until it’s too late. Only then do some people wish they’d gotten a tougher safe, or one that can be operated without the help of an instruction manual. You need something strong, functional, and affordable. TigerKing safes fit this bill nicely.

We decided to showcase the top-rated home security safes by TigerKing. Only those with outstanding customer reviews are cut. Then we scoped them out personally to see how easy they are to operate in a hurry.

We were left with five safes when we were done making the cuts. Which one will you choose? Let’s have some fun looking at these cool, tough safes for your home.

Best Tigerking Safes:

1. TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Safe Box


This is the most secure home office safe. It is made of the thickest steel and has the toughest locking bolts. It resists attacks from pry bars, saws, and drills.

It has plenty of room and offers the convenience of a shelf that can be removed to secure larger items. If heavy vibration, like from a drill, or three incorrect code entries are detected, an alarm will alert you to the situation.

If you need the most burglary-resistant TigerKing safe, this may be the best for you. Keep in mind that this is also one of the most expensive TigerKings as well.

Buyers are impressed with the thickness of the steel here. And they say that just a look at the locking mechanism gives them peace of mind. They can rest in the knowledge that they’ve done their best to keep their valuables safe.


  • 4” thick steel door and thick walls offer drilling protection
  • 6 locking bolts resist pry openings
  • Exterior 17”Hx15.75”Wx13”D
  • 2.05 cubic foot is a good medium-sized home safe
  • Digital keypad with bypass key and secondary master lock for double security
  • Removable shelves and a top lock box provide optimum efficiency and convenience
  • Interior light keeps you from having to turn the room light on
  • Alarm sounds when an attack or code guessing is detected
  • 1-year warranty


  • Top protection from burglars
  • Lots of room inside
  • Two ways to unlock
  • Protected by an audible alarm
  • Interior light


  • Expensive

2. TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box

Do you need a good safe with better-than-average protection, but you can’t break the bank? This may be a good compromise between affordability and raw dependability.

The door is just a little thinner than the TigerKing that tops our list. There’s one less locking bolt as well, but the unit is also a couple of inches shorter. So you don’t need that extra bolt. The level of protection is practically the same, but there is slightly less resistance to torches and saws. You lose about ⅔ cubic feet of interior space too.

All in all, it’s a great choice for those who want a top-level safe at a great price.

Folks love the value. They feel like they have a superior safe at a bargain price. The thing they’re missing is a few inches of interior space. They recommend this safe as an affordable option for a home or office unit.


  • 3” thick door and 1” thick walls stand up to tools
  • 4 locking bolts protect crowbars
  • Exterior 15“Hx”12.6Wx18.9”D
  • .84 cubic feet interior is good for most closet applications
  • Opens with a keypad or bypass key, and an emergency override key is included
  • A removable shelf makes the most of the interior room
  • Convenient interior light
  • Alarm sounds when tamper is evident
  • 1-year warranty


  • Great value
  • Good protection
  • Loud alarm
  • Bright interior light


  • A bit small for a mid-sized safe

3. TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box

Most people say that quality small home safes should be simply designed and easy to operate. This safe is a shining example of those two factors. The only thing on the front is the keypad. And if you forget your code or the battery goes dead, you use the bypass key to open it. That’s simple and easy.

While this safe can be transported between home and work or a hotel, it’s just a little too thick and heavy to be considered portable.

You get the tamper alarm and interior light, which are rather rare amenities for a safe of this size and price. Those little conveniences make this a good choice for anyone wanting a minimalist design with modern features.

People like the straightforward style and no-nonsense security offered by this safe. It’s solid and simple. Those are the two big selling points for people who are looking for a smaller safe with big protection.


  • About 1/2” thick steel door and walls
  • 2 locking bolts at the top and bottom secure the door against prying
  • Exterior 9.9“Hx13.8”Wx10.6”D
  • 1 cubic foot of interior space secures documents, firearms, and jewelry
  • The tamper alarm sounds off for tool attacks and incorrect code entry
  • Backlit Digital keypad with emergency bypass key
  • A removable shelf maximizes available space
  • LED light shines so you can see what you’re after
  • 1-year warranty


  • Simple design
  • Easy operation
  • Tamper alarm
  • Interior light
  • Backlit keypad


  • Requires batteries

Factors To Consider

Burglary Protection

Burglars usually either pry a safe’s door from the frame, drill through the locking bolts, or cut through the walls of the safe that they’re attacking.

To prevent simple sawing, you need walls at least 4/10” thick. Locking bolts protect against prying. Smaller safes only need two bolts. For safes over 12” in height, you should see three. Safes over 14” should have at least four bolts. If all those things come together, you have found a good safe.

Exterior Dimensions

This is often the most overlooked factor, even though it is very important. Don’t buy a safe that will fit the space you have for it. Buy one that fits well in the place you want it.

Interior Room

Think of all the stuff you want to secure. Handguns, ammo, jewelry, cash, and documents are all things that people want to protect on their safes. You may want to lay everything that you want to keep in your safe out on a table and do some measuring. You don’t want to end up getting a safe that’s too small. Consider getting a safe that has a removable shelf. Organization means more usable space.

Locking Mechanism

All TigerKing safes work in basically the same way. They have locking bolts in the door that are engaged and disengaged into the frame with whatever mechanism they are designed around. So the mechanism is all a matter of personal preference.

All of the safes we’ve reviewed here work with a digital keypad, except for the fingerprint safe. And they all have bypass keys in case you forget your code or experience a dead battery situation.

This kind of safe offers the best of both digital and traditional key functions. You can give your code or codes to as many people as you wish. Or, if you go with the biometric safe, you can program it so up to 32 people can have access with their fingertips.


TigerKing’s standard warranty is one year long. There are much better warranties offered by other manufacturers, but one year is sufficient to allow any factory defects to become apparent. Make sure that the seller of the TigerKing safe you choose honors at least this standard one-year warranty.


Get the personal home safe that fits your budget. There are no accessories that you have to buy for your safe, so this is a straightforward matter. You can get a fantastic TigerKing for less than $300. Mid-priced TigerKings go for about $220. If you’re on a budget, you can be totally satisfied with a sturdy safe for about $180.


Why don’t TigerKing safes carry a UL rating?

The info in UL ratings tells you how long a safe can resist various types of attacks. But UL ratings take a long time, and they are expensive. So TigerKing didn’t bother with UL ratings for most of their safes. They rely on word of mouth from their customers and reviews from professionals like us to get the word out about their quality and dependability.

Are TigerKing safes secure?

Yes, they are. They are made to resist all burglary tools, including saws, drills, torches, and pry bars. They meet all industry standards for burglary-resistant home and office safes.

Are TigerKing safes fireproof?

TigerKing does manufacture some fireproof safes, and they are rated by UL, but we did not review them here. The safes in this post have been scrutinized for burglary resistance, quality, and convenience.

Are TigerKing safes cheap?

TigerKing safes are among the most affordable. But they are also high quality, exceeding all standards. That makes them among the highest-value safes on the market.


The safe for the money is the 2.05 cubic foot TigerKing Home Security Safe. It’s the strongest and offers the most interior room. It’s also the most expensive.

You can save almost $100 if you can deal with less interior space and a little less durability. The .85 cubic foot TigerKing Digital Home Security Safe is a good second choice.

The TigerKing Biometric Safe gives you the convenience of fingerprint opening and the smooth modern style that you just don’t see in many safes. And it carries the best price. What a nice value.

Have you made your choice yet? The sooner you buy your new TigerKing safe, the sooner you can enjoy the peace of mind that your valuables are locked tightly away

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