The Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Devices in 2024

We’ve analyzed all the important features such as range, adjustable settings, and ultrasonic kHz levels. It’s important to have bark control because it will effectively and safely reduce dog barking and bad behaviors.

A mediocre device will not be effective and will waste your money. This resource has all the information to help you make a conscious decision.

Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Devices:

1. STOPWOOFER Dog Barking Control Devices-Anti Barking Device

This dog repellent and trainer allows you to carry it everywhere because it fits right in your pocket. It has a bright flashlight for your evening travels that also doubles as a battery indicator.

It will stop aggressive and harmful dogs instantly with ultrasonic sound. You can also use it to train your dog to quit annoying behaviors such as digging, excessive barking, chewing, or jumping on guests. This device is harmless for dogs and inaudible to humans.

All customers who have reviewed this product are pleased with the results. Some of them have been happily using this product for years while others state that it’s the best one that they’ve used.

This dog repellent and trainer is a good working product. It is durable and will last users for years. Get it to train your dog or to take it with you on walks to repel other dangerous dogs that might approach you. It has a good range so you can deter the harmful dog long before it reaches you.


  • Effective
  • Compact
  • High quality
  • Good price


  • N/A

2. Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent


This small bark controller is tiny enough to fit in your pocket. It has an LED indicator that displays green when it is strong enough and red when the batteries need to be replaced. Use this product to put an end to bad behaviors and excessive barking. The ultrasonic sound can only be heard by the dog, but it is safe for both humans and dogs.

At least half of the customers who reviewed this device reported that it works instantly. Some of the customers stated that this product is much better than the one they purchased previously. They appreciate that the device trains the dogs to the point that they only need to speak commands and the dogs obey.

This is a nice lightweight bark controller that works even if you have more than one dog. It might not work on extremely aggressive dogs, but if you just need to train your dog at home it should work pretty well.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • Makes some dogs jumpy
  • Can bother other dogs that aren’t a problem
  • Doesn’t work great on vicious dog

3. Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent


This bark control device comes with 2 color options including grey, and black. It has a green LED indicator light when it’s working. It has a sensitive microphone that can detect dog sounds.

Doesn’t work on dogs younger than 6 months old or dogs with hearing problems. It emits an ultrasonic sound higher than humans can hear and within a safe range for dog hearing.

It can control your dog’s barking while also being used to check behavior problems such as digging, jumping up, and other annoying habits. More than half of the customers who have reviewed this product are pleased with its functionality it. A lot of customers said the device worked right away.

Some of the customers with prior training experience are saying that this device is a great idea for those who have had little success using the other dog bark repellents.

This bark control device works well right away. It is the top recommended product for people who have used ineffective devices in the past. It seems to be pretty loud and scary for the dog at first so it’s best to try to use this only around the offending dog.


  • Very effective
  • Works instantly
  • Works on all-size dogs
  • Well on multiple dogs


  • Scares the dog a little when they hear it
  • Instructions are hard to read
  • Strength seems to weaken over time with the use

4. DOG CARE Dog Barking Control Devices Dual Sensor 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti Barking Device

This anti-barking device appears as a birdhouse and can sit on your lawn or hang from a tree. Great reach and should suppress the excessive barking for you and your neighbors.

It can also work as one of the indoor bark control devices. It comes in 5 different colors. Works by releasing a high-pitched sound every time the dog barks. It works with small, medium, and large dogs.

Customers who have reviewed this product are saying that they were relieved of annoying barks after two days max. Some people even got results within 24 hours.

Excessive barking can be hard to deal with, especially if you don’t have a dog of your own. Some dogs bark for various simple reasons including passersby and any movement they notice within the yard.


  • Harmless
  • Long range
  • Weatherproof


  • Doesn’t work great on larger dogs
  • Can’t be returned

5. ZNFSZ Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent Device

This anti-dog bark device comes in two colors such as black and brown. The range on it is adjustable in case you have a lot of ground to cover. This bark reducer provides effective yet harmless bark control that works on you and your neighbor’s dog. The product dimensions are 6.1×5.5×6.1in

A few customers have reviewed this product so far. According to these bark control device reviews, it seems that the product works well if the dog can hear. It might not work so well on older or hard-of-hearing dogs.

This ultrasonic dog bark control device comes in different colors so you can pick the best one to match your landscape. This product is great for keeping your home a little quieter, especially in the morning and evening hours. Excessive barking can break concentration and make it much harder to relax.


  • 100% harmless
  • Suppresses dog barks
  • 3 Range options
  • Waterproof


  • Doesn’t work as well on hearing-impaired dogs
  • It may not work if slightly out of range

6. UPGRADED Q6 Rechargeable Bark Collar – Smart Barking Detection Module

This collar is safe and effective when it comes to barking control. It has a smart detection mode that keeps your dog safe while stopping excess barking. It has a few anti-barking modes that you can set with a digital display.

If the collar is activated 7 times in a single minute the collar will deactivate for a minute and then resume function. This collar can be used inside and outside but it should be removed while swimming.

Most of the customers who have reviewed this product are happy with it. They like the size and weight of it. It’s a very effective collar and could be the bark-control collar for large dogs. It works well for customers with medium and small dogs too and they haven’t had to use the highest level. It controls barking and dog aggression right away.

The bark control collars for small dogs reviews are reporting this device as a decent bark controller. It is lightweight and works on the lowest setting.


  • Lightweight
  • Effective
  • Easy to use


  • Shouldn’t leave a dog unsupervised with a collar on
  • Very sensitive to all voices

7. TOKEGO Dog Barking Control Devices,Rechargeable ultrasonic Dog bark Deterrent

This handheld repellent stops dog barks and can also be used to train your dog to behave properly. It also works great to protect yourself from dogs that are aggressive and dangerous during your biking or jogging routine. It will stop dogs in their tracks before they approach you to take a bite.

The vast majority of customers who have purchased this product are happy. Most of them appreciated the ability to control the device for behavioral training such as digging, excessive barking, and jumping up on people.

This handheld repellent is effective at controlling dog barks and behavior. It is a safe way to train your dog as well as a great way to keep harmful dogs from attacking you. When you are training your dog it works instantly because the dogs do not like that ultrasonic sound.


  • Effective
  • Controllable
  • Good price


  • Instructions are not great
  • Low durability

8. Doggie Don’t Device – Dog Training Tool to Stop Barking & Bad Behaviors

This device aims to stop dogs from barking, nipping, digging, jumping up, taking food, chewing belongings, and leash aggression. The device puts out a loud sound that you and your dog can hear. Once the sound gets the dog’s attention you set the command and your dog will begin to listen.

Most of the customers who have purchased this device are happy with it. They feel that it works fast and it’s effective in getting dogs to calm down and behave properly. When using it as a correction device the dogs will eventually behave as soon as they see the device in your hand.

The device can be used to shift dog behavior, but it’s best to isolate the dog with the behavior issue when training. The device works on multiple dogs but it can be torture for the dog that already behaves properly.

The loud sound will be heard by both you and the dog so you can know that you’ve effectively gotten the dog’s attention and they are ready to hear the command.


  • Works on multiple pets at once
  • Works fast
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with batteries


  • Loud for humans and dogs
  • Can be torture to other dogs without behavior issues
  • Can hurt some dogs

Tips on Choosing

100% Safe

The right bark control device for you will be completely safe for you and your dog. Look for a reasonable range of 25KHZ. You won’t be able to hear it, but it is still within a safe range for your pet.

Wide Range

Depending on your yard size you might need to cover a large area. The range is especially important if you are trying to reach your neighbor’s yard.

Adjustable settings

The perfect type of bark controller will allow you to decide what method of control you want to use. You might need to make the device more aggressive if you’re taking a walk or a little weaker if you’re around the home.

Factors to Consider


Are you buying this product because you might need to train your dog? New purchasers should know that bark controllers can be most effective when there is reinforced training combined.

Speaking commands after using the device will help teach the dog to obey. Soon you won’t have to rely on the device and the dog will no longer have to hear the sound or feel the shock.

But if you haven’t a dog but want to make strangers think that the guard dog is inside of your house, check out those barking dog alarms.

Location of use

Do you need a device that works indoors, outdoors, or both? Not all devices are meant to be used indoors, so it’s important to read the specs and see if you’re getting a device that will work the way you need it to.


Are you getting the device to take on walks and avoid dangerous dogs? If so, you need a device with a strong effective signal. You should still take a look at the range so you will be aware of how close the harmful dog can get to you before your controller works.


Are bark collars harmful?

No, bark collars that use shock correction are nothing to worry about. The shock they feel is the same as we get when we drag our feet on the carpet and then touch metal. It is more of a startle than pain.

Which bark repellent works best?

It depends on you and your dog. If you have a dog that is too old, has hearing problems, or is younger than 6 months, then you might not want the ultrasonic repellent or the collar. If you’re looking into a collar then 6 months is too young and it might not be effective on a large dog.

How do I know if a bark repellent will work on my dog?

You don’t know until you try it. Extremely aggressive dogs might bring you different results than calm dogs. You will need to understand the temperament of your dog. There are devices out there made for bigger and more aggressive dogs.

Making The Decision

Now that you’ve read about all of the bark control devices you are ready to make your purchase. Remember to first narrow down why you need the device. Is it for you or your neighbor’s dog? Think about if it’s protection or training. Consider your dog’s temperament and then get ready to use verbal reinforcement with the device.

Lastly, read the reviews of other customers who have tried the product out on their dogs. Lots of good reviews most likely mean the product works well and is worth the investment. Once you’ve figured out what you need it’s time to make a purchase. Narrow your list down, pick out the bark-repellent device for you, and buy one today!

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