The Best Video Doorbells Without Subscription in 2024

Video doorbells are beneficial, but as many require subscription services, some people hesitate to get one. Thankfully, many out there function without a monthly fee. In our technological landscape, it’s common to face subscription services.

Even still, not everyone wants it or can afford it. That’s why we made an effort to research video doorbells to find top-rated products that won’t affect your income each month. We discovered five doorbells and tested them based on features like video and audio quality, ease of use, and more. By the end, we hope you’ll find the video doorbell without a subscription that suits your needs.

With that said, let’s jump into our top five reviews.

Best Video Doorbells Without Subscription:

1. ZUMIMALL WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

The ZUMIMALL Video Doorbell Camera is a wireless smart doorbell that runs off a rechargeable battery. It records in real-time once motion is detected, and you can back it all up on the local SD card for free. You may also use the 7-day free cloud storage if you want it backed up elsewhere.

This provides a good wide view backed with night vision so you can use the camera throughout the day. It’s kept safe in various environments as well thanks to its IP65 waterproof design doorbell.

It’s easy to use the 2-way audio feature to chat with whoever’s at the door even if you’re away from the house. If you can’t talk, you can always leave behind a pre-recorded 30-second message.

You can share with other users too once you approve their authorization through the app.

Many smart doorbell camera reviews for the product praise its user-friendly app interface. It’s straightforward and support is readily available on the website.

The battery life is also good enough so that you won’t have to recharge for another 2-5 months.

Some users did complain about the recording delay being too long. You may miss capturing the faces of some visitors. Also, there’s no in-between for the motion detection range. It’s either far away or close-up.


  • Adequate battery life
  • Good wide viewing angle
  • User-friendly app


  • Recording delay
  • Poor motion detection controls

2. eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

This Video Doorbell from eufy is a subscription-free video doorbell with 30-day storage. Locally stored, it features military-grade encryption. You get a 3-second pre-buffer so you can view images and videos before the first alert.

For quality, this uses a 2K image to produce clear videos in low-light or backlit conditions. The 4:3 aspect video ratio allows you to see larger viewing areas as well.

With 2-way audio, you can communicate seamlessly with the app. You can also record up to three premade messages to respond with.

Other than your Smartphone, you can connect the doorbell to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Device.

There’s an appreciation for the simple installation. With its slim size, the doorbell fits into narrow door frames. No battery is needed either as it requires existing doorbell wires to function. You also receive eight themed chime ringtones to use.

Others also enjoy how fast the live view comes on and the high-quality video feed.

On the other hand, some mention the image quality isn’t as clear. Additionally, despite fast alerts, some report false alerts through the motion sensor. It may help to use the Activity Zone to set up specific areas for the camera to detect.


  • Good video quality
  • Simple installation
  • Fast live view


  • HDR photos aren’t clear
  • False alerts

3. Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video


As another quality doorbell camera with no subscription plan, the Remo+ RemoBell S offers 24/7 surveillance. All motion-captured footage is stored for up to three days using free cloud storage.

You can stream all your videos in HD quality, and with the wide 180° angle, you can see more of the surroundings. There’s also an infrared night vision camera to enhance clarity in low light or nighttime conditions.

With the Remo+ app on your tablet or Smartphone, you’re able to see anyone who visits as well as hear and talk back to them. The live on-demand screening helps you view the content anytime you wish.

If you want the whole family to keep watch, it’s easy to share viewing access with up to five different users. This smart video doorbell works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Consumers appreciate how well-built the device itself is. You’re given multiple wall plates so you can set it up at various viewing angles too for easier installation.

There’s an appreciation for how fast the notifications come through so you’re instantly alerted.

On the notion of improvements, some users feel the audio and video quality could improve. Also, motion detection can be too sensitive. You can set specific motion detection zones and lower the sensitivity to try and improve the situation.


  • High-quality build
  • Quick notifications
  • Multiple wall plates for viewing angles


  • Motion detection is too sensitive
  • Audio and video quality could be better

4. Amcrest 4MP Video Doorbell Camera Pro

The Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera Pro sets up with your existing doorbell wiring to eliminate the need for a battery. It works with electronic digital chimes and traditional mechanical ones.

As a smart doorbell with free storage, there’s a slot for a microSD card. You can also use the 1-year free subscription service to the cloud.

The app is intuitive so you can check fast notifications and chat with whoever’s at the door. This functions well with a wide viewing angle as well as an extended motion detection area and night vision area.

There’s much praise for the 2-way audio function. The speaker is high in quality, and there’s minimal lag noticed.

Since it has motion detection, you can select specific zones or you can mask it completely if there’s a risk of a false negative.

In the face of the praise, some users noted a low-quality software system. You have to format some SD cards before using them, and you seem unable to download them within the app. Instead, you must take the card out and put it on a PC. Also, some users reported issues getting the chime integration to work.


  • Mask the entire motion-sensing area
  • High-quality speaker
  • Responsive 2-way audio


  • Some software issues
  • Low-quality chime integration

5. Doorbell Video Ring Security Camera

The RCA Doorbell Video Ring Security Camera comes with everything you need to install it. Just be sure you have an 8-24V AC transformer in place.

Once everything’s installed, you can connect to either 2.4 or 5GHz networks. You can check in on your home from anywhere with a wireless connection.

There are smart motion detection thanks to thermal-sensing technology so it can better detect human movements. You can customize zones, and since the camera aims to differentiate from humans and other natural elements, these designs reduce the chances of false alerts.

Users content that this is a good video doorbell that syncs with ease to your Wi-Fi, and unlike many others like it, it’s compatible with 5GHz.

They also enjoy how clear images are captured and sent through the app so you can recognize visitors more easily. You can even adjust the video quality to better suit your needs.

There are some software complications as it can have bugs from time to time. Also, it seems too easy to remove the SD card from its slot, so this may benefit from greater theft protection.


  • Easy to sync with Wi-Fi
  • Captures clear photos
  • Adjustable video quality


  • Software issues
  • SD card is too easy to remove

Factors to Consider

Even if you shop for a smart doorbell without subscription plans, there are still important features to consider as if you were looking at any other smart video doorbell camera.

Installation and Setup

Most video doorbells require you to have existing doorbell wiring to function. Some provide you with everything you need to install it, so be sure to check whether or not you have all the necessary hardware or if the doorbell will provide it before you purchase it.

Also, you should check what type of Wi-Fi network it works on. The majority of them are only compatible with 2.4GHz, but you can find some that can work on 5GHz as well.


As explained before, most video doorbells work with your home’s wiring system, so you should have enough power to support it. If you don’t believe your home can manage it, then you can find a smart doorbell that has a rechargeable battery built into it instead.

Resolution and Field of View

As you compare doorbell security cameras, it’s helpful to look at the video quality.

With high resolution, images, and videos are sharper so that you have greater clarity. That’s why it’s common to see top-rated video doorbells with HD picture quality like 1080p.

When it comes to the field of view, what’s best depends on what you prefer. Do you wish for a narrow view to see just the person?

Or do you want to see the ground to keep an eye on packages? Some video doorbells offer a comfortable in-between as well.

Motion Detection

The ability to receive a notification anytime someone steps within a certain zone is important to your doorbell’s security system.

Many doorbells allow you to set specific zones so that you can detect certain areas without causing false alerts.

Ease of Use

You may feel more prone to using your video doorbell if it’s user-friendly. Other than the installation process, the app should be intuitive and straightforward.

Consider extra helpful qualities like night vision. This helps you see everything at night or under backlit conditions.


Since you’re here to find a subscription-free video doorbell, how you can store recordings is a vital factor to consider.

Many of these video doorbells that lack a subscription have a MicroSD card for local storage instead. Others provide some cloud storage, but it’s only for a set amount of days. You can choose based on what’s simpler for you to manage.

Making the Decision

After our video doorbell comparison with five different products, we recommend the eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell as the best product. It provides high-quality video feeds and fast live viewing so you can keep watch with ease even before anyone rings the doorbell.

The Activity Zone feature is simple to use so you can set up precise zones for motion capture. There’s also 30-day storage free from any subscription.

If that’s a touch out of your price range or simply doesn’t offer some features you need, consider checking out the other video doorbells in our countdown.

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