DoorBird D1101V vs Ring Video Doorbell Pro in 2024

Smart video doorbells, such as DoorBird D1101V vs. Ring Pro, are among the most recent additions to the domestic Internet of Things market.

The intelligent video doorways allow homeowners to be in two different places simultaneously. They allow you to answer the front door, even when you are not in your home.

When someone rings the video doorbell, it will activate the camera, which has to be connected to a mobile application on your tablet or smartphone. That way, you can see the person who rang the doorbell remotely and speak or answer him.

The technology is very new, and therefore you should expect variations in performance and quality across video doorbells. This DoorBird vs. Ring Pro review and comparison will help you choose the best.

DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell Pro work similarly. However, they are different in various aspects. Ring Video Doorbell Pro has excellent motion detection and comes with a user-friendly intuitive mobile app.

Its design is compact and neat, while the quality of the two-way audio communication is superb. It is also less expensive than the DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell. You can connect it to an 8-24VAC standard power outlet or use batteries.

On the other hand, the DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell is easy to install and set up. The manufacturer offers a manual to facilitate smooth installation. It provides explicit videos and images both day and night.

The speaker offers perfect audio quality, and the motion sensor is reliable. Unfortunately, the motion sensor is too sensitive, and it does not allow adjustments.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro & DoorBird Video Doorbell Comparison:

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Pro doorbell entered the market in April 2016. It features a good doorbell camera and provides unmatched controls over its motion sensor features. The Ring Pro mobile phone application allows the users to draw and make their custom motion zones for the motion sensor to focus on in some areas.

For example, people who live on busy streets can limit the video doorbell’s motion sensor to the doorstep and walkway so that any person or car that passes nearby will not trigger it.

The product offers interchangeable faceplates to allow customization according to the paint scheme and hardware. This is helpful if you plan to change the appearance of your home soon.

The best part is that you can connect it to your 8-24VAC power supply or use a battery. However, you will have to replace them more often after choosing the battery route.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a wireless video doorbell that does not require any drilling, and its installation will take less than two minutes. It is beautifully designed and functional and will improve your outdoor and indoor surroundings and help you monitor your home when away. Measures 0.9 inches by 2.4 inches by 5 inches and weighs 1 pound.


  • Offers customizable motion zones
  • Ring company will replace the video doorbell if stolen
  • It is compatible with LockState, Kevo, Wink, ADT, Kisi, and WeMo home automation and security products
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • The producer offers a mobile application for Windows 10 phones


  • Does not allow camera adjustments
  • You should expect a lag time between the bell ringing and the phone update

DoorBird IP Video Door Station D1101V Surface-Mount

The DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell is among the digital home video doorbells designed to send live videos to the homeowner’s tablet or smartphone and store the images in the cloud.

Whenever someone rings your wireless doorbell, you will see them and communicate through the offered smartphone app, regardless of where you are.

The product features polycarbonate housing and a stainless steel casing for increased durability. It offers precision, quality, and long life.

The DoorBird Video Doorbell features a wide-angle 180-degree video camera lens and nighttime infrared LED lights that surround the camera for nighttime use.

What’s more, the doorbell boasts a 180-degree infrared motion sensor, which will alert you whenever it detects movements near your doorstep even without you pushing the button. It features an inbuilt speech broadband speaker, which allows you to communicate with the person standing at your door.

Below the camera, you will find the rounded stainless steel button featuring a blue LED ring that illuminates at night. Near the button, you will find the microphone featuring an active noise-canceling microphone made for two-way communication.

The light sensor will activate the doorbell’s night-vision feature. On the sides, you will have slots that allow you to connect the doorbell to your electric door.

DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell is among the quality products in the market. Even though its setup process is time-consuming, it works super effectively. The motion detection feature is more reliable, and you will get live feeds through your smartphone all day long. You can monitor your home when in your workplace.


  • Comes with a user-friendly mobile app
  • Offers high-quality videos and photos
  • You will love the 180 degrees of camera angle
  • Excellent night vision


  • Does not offer any sensitivity adjustment feature on the motion sensor and Does not store any videos
  • You can only connect it to the power outlet because it has no battery option


Both DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell Pro are quality products that function similarly. They work perfectly and offer high-quality videos and images. You can connect them to your smartphone through the provided smartphone app to get alerts at any time.

However, the DoorBird D1101V WiFi Video Doorbell does not offer a battery option. It is up to you to select one that meets your precise needs.

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