The eufy Wireless Doorbell Review in 2024

You could say that the doorbell was a revolutionary way of tending to guests and visitors to your home. Well now, technology allows for video doorbells, taking the innovation of doorbells to the next level. In this Eufy wireless doorbell review, we’ll be discussing the ways in which this video doorbell enhances your home security.

We’ll take a look at the intriguing AI features and the unit’s ability to connect to smart devices for chiming, among other things. So, let’s jump right in and see what this doorbell’s all about!

Eufy Wireless Video Doorbel Review:


The Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell is an extraordinary security unit from the well-respected Eufy Security brand. The wireless doorbell is designed to take the place of a normal doorbell or sit in its place if you don’t have one already. It’s incredibly easy to install via screwing in the bracket that holds the video doorbell.

Also, the unit can be powered wirelessly via a battery that lasts a half year. Installation gets slightly soupier if you decide to power the Eufy doorbell with a wired, power-over ethernet connection.

In addition to its ease of installation, the Eufy video doorbell boasts a Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens. This gives the unit extreme clarity compared to other models on the market with Eufy claiming a clarity two and a half times that of its competitors.

And just like the newer wireless security cameras, this Eufy unit supports two-way audio so that you can engage with guests and visitors in real-time. You can also pre-record up to three messages that you can choose as an instant response for visitors upon notification of their arrival.

The Eufy video doorbell is also compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant devices. It can use these smart devices to deliver the doorbell chime or you can use the smart devices to interact with the video doorbell’s features.


  • No monthly fee is required to operate the Eufy camera or to access your stored data
  • The unit can last up to six months, or half a year, on a single battery charge; ensures your camera will run without failure or needed intervention for half a year
  • The unit utilizes artificial intelligence features for human detection, allowing you to know if people are approaching or awaiting your presence at your door
  • Installation of the Eufy Video Doorbell is an absolute breeze, and powering the unit requires no wiring if you choose
  • The local storage utilizes military-grade AES-256 data encryption to ensure the safekeeping and inaccessibility to your data/video by simple hackers
  • You can record and set up a total of three instant responses which you can use to interact with or give instructions to guests/delivery people, etc.


  • Only stores about 16GB locally before data needs to be moved to clear more space
  • The doorbell chime interacts with an existing, wired chime, a HomeBase speaker as the chime, or Alexa Echo as the chime
  • While the unit functions perfectly on its wireless battery setup, the image quality is noted as being slightly compromised when not powered by a wired, ethernet connection

All things considered, the Eufy Battery Powered Video Doorbell is a more than viable alternative to Ring doorbells and other video doorbell models. This Eufy model doesn’t require a monthly subscription for either operation or data storage, which is something the competition cannot claim.

Additionally, the unit comes at an extremely fair price for the pack of features it boasts, including smart device compatibility beyond Alexa devices.


In conclusion, the Eufy Battery Powered Video Doorbell is one of the best on the market, available at an extremely affordable price. The doorbell allows you to interact with visitors/guests in real-time via two-way audio and pre-recorded responses.

Additionally, the unit can stand wireless and operate on its battery’s charge for up to half a year without intervention or battery failure. Its installation versatility and compatibility with smart devices make the unit versatile overall, and easy to operate at that.

The next-level detection features with this Eufy model are on par with the wireless security cameras on the market and you get a doorbell with it. The unit is extremely affordable, allows for ease of interaction with guests, and also keeps an eye on your door/front yard.

The Eufy Battery Powered Video Doorbell is an easy sell and tough to beat! So, get yours today to up your host/hostess game!

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