Ecobee3 lite vs Nest Comparison in 2024

If you’re a homeowner interested in saving money on your energy bills, a smart thermostat is a viable option. Maintain a comfortable home in an affordable way.

And for those who remember the frustration associated with the programmable thermostats of the past, rest assured that the technology has progressed. Now, there are easy-to-use, wi-fi-connected thermostats.

Besides, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand your options, because we’ve done the research for you, compiling these smart home thermostat reviews.

So, read our comparison of the two budget smart thermostats on the market: the Ecobee3 lite and Nest Thermostat E.

Ecobee3 lite vs. Google Nest E: Smart Thermostat Comparison

Again, the level of user involvement required is the most important difference to note in this Nest vs. Ecobee lite 3 review. Being a personal preference, it comes down to which thermostat is more compatible with your personality.

However, one distinct advantage to the hands-on approach of the ecobee3 must be mentioned: Being so involved with the schedule set, you will readily notice if it’s not working. For instance, if the heat is supposed to come on at 8 a.m. and it doesn’t, something is wrong.

Being less involved in the temperature adjustments, would you notice such an anomaly?

While the price of a smart thermostat may appear high to many, it’s a wise investment that pays for itself in savings. The geofencing in itself, for instance, enables the thermostat to minimize energy waste.

The same goes for the incredible intuitive capability of the Google Nest. Meanwhile, the ecobee3 accomplishes this by enabling you to carefully control how the energy is utilized.

And, as we’ve discussed above, the savings do add up.

Ecobee3 lite vs. Google Nest E: Smart Thermostats Reviews

Google Nest Thermostat – Smart Thermostat for Home – Programmable Wifi Thermostat – Snow


Combining the Google Nest with Alexa enables voice control, while the energy-saving features save you money. Google asserts, “The Nest Thermostat E’s energy-saving features have saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.

Based on typical energy costs, that’s an estimated average savings of $131 to $145 a year.”

In contrast, claims that its product will “save 23% on annual energy costs.”

Available Voice Assistants

And while the idea of voice control may seem peculiar at first, it’s the most convenient option—certainly more convenient than accessing the app or getting up to adjust the thermostat manually.

The Nest supports two of the three major voice assistants (Google Home and Amazon Alexa). In contrast, ecobee3 supports all three, which include Apple HomeKit.

With a Frosted Display, the round Google nest blends in with the décor. The Nest app enables you to change the temperature from wherever you are, all while enabling you to view how much energy is being used and how.

However, as you may already know, a common observation is that it “automatically learns your schedule.” And it’s this factor that differentiates the Nest from the ecobee3: The Nest mostly runs in the background without your involvement.

The thermostat also turns itself down after you leave home, saving energy. Moreover, geofencing is available, enabling it to detect when you’re coming home and turn it back up.


Geofencing utilizes our phone’s GPS to accomplish this.

The Nest accomplishes this by starting with a general baseline for your schedule, and as you make your first adjustments it learns your preferences.

However, the schedule is never entirely fixed; it will continue to evolve, learning from your adjustments. In stark contrast, with the ecobee3 you set your exact schedule.

Thus, the choice comes down to a preference for automation (Nest) or control (ecobee3).

Ecobee3 Lite SmartThermostat

One of the first things you might notice is that the rectangular ecobee3 is less attractive than the Nest. Its appearance has been compared to that of a smart watch’s face. It certainly doesn’t blend with the décor.

But like the Google Nest, the ecobee3 lite features connectivity with Alexa, enabling voice control. The ecobee3, however, features a touchscreen as well.

Common Complaints

The ecobee3, in fact, is hardwired into your home, whereas the Nest uses a rechargeable battery.

While the Nest Thermostat E runs on a rechargeable battery, the ecobee3 lite is hardwired into your home.

Yet, the biggest difference between the Nest and the Ecobee regards just how involved you want to be with the details of its functioning. Do you want to tightly control the thermostat or let it run in the background effortlessly?

However, there have been complaints about the Ecobee. Common complaints about the Ecobee include:

  • Only one room sensor is available.
  • Tedious installation process.
  • Can’t set different temperatures for different rooms.
  • Difficult to use.

Voice Assistants

Furthermore, as for connectivity, the ecobee3 has a wider compatibility range, supporting all three voice assistants: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.
Geofencing is also available with this thermostat.

The thermostat also comes with a Power Extender Kit (PEK). The PEK enables installation in homes without the C wire (e.g., older homes). Plus, it’s a budget smart thermostat.

It is also worth noting that last summer, ecobee4 came out. In this newer version, Amazon Echo is built into the thermostat. Thus, the thermostat includes Amazon Alexa, whereas the ecobee3 is merely compatible with it.

Plus, the ecobee3 is perhaps the smart thermostat for multiple zones. It’s indeed a thermostat loaded with features.


In the final analysis, both these smart thermostats are great choices. Plus, they are similarly priced, and most customers are satisfied with the products.

On the one hand, this makes choosing between the two appear more difficult. However, the upside is whichever you choose the nest or ecobee3, it’ll be a fine choice.

That said, life is about making choices. Thus, the highest-rated Wi-Fi thermostat, in reality, is the Google Nest. With its great appearance that blends in and its ability to run with little user input, the Nest e-learning thermostat is indeed our favorite.

Many of us, after all, prefer automation. We have enough to worry about already.
All that said, it comes down to a personal choice, and if you’re more of a hands-on person, consider the ecobee3.

Whichever your choice may be, we hope you found this Ecobee Nest comparison helpful.

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