How to Install a Peephole Camera

Personal security is a major industry in America, and you may be concerned about protecting your family. However, it can be difficult to know how to get the level of protection that you need. You can learn how to install peephole camera devices, and you will have a camera you can watch from your phone, tablet, or computer at any time.

You can check who is at your front door, and you can even leave the camera on to record people who come to your door during the day.

How to Install a Peephole Camera

A peephole camera is good for people who feel they do not have the money for an expensive security system or do not have the technical expertise to install traditional security cameras. You can use these cameras around your home or business, and you can even teach your spouse and children to use them.


When you have purchased a peephole camera, you will receive the whole assembly in one package.

These devices are made by different companies, but they work using similar principles.

You should start by opening the box and ensuring that you have all the parts that were included in the package.


One of the most important parts of the package is the peephole key that will be used to remove your current peephole. You may have thought that the peephole was a permanent part of the door, but that is not the case. The peephole can be removed, and that is where you will start.


You may need to apply quite a lot of pressure to the peephole because it has been stuck inside the door for quite some time. If the door is older, there may be rust on the interior that will make the peephole stick. If the door is wood, you should not be too aggressive because you do not want to damage the wood finish or diminish the structural integrity of the door.


You should start by checking for batteries that are used with your peephole camera. If the battery needs to be charged, you can charge it while you install the device. When the camera uses traditional batteries, you can use the batteries in the package or purchase quality batteries that will last longer than normal.

The peephole key is a tiny device that you can slide under the edge of the peephole on the inside of the door. The peephole will pull away from the door, and the outdoor side will remain in place. You can step outside and remove that part of the peephole so that you can continue.


Once you have removed the old peephole, you will have a proper hole in the door.

You should try to clear the area around the peephole on both sides. If there is any chipped paint or rust, you might want to sand these areas.

You can clean the door with a wet cloth, and you should make sure that it dries completely.


You can remove the peephole camera assembly from the package, and you will notice that the largest part of the casing sits under the peephole.

You will slide the assembly into the peephole, and the casing should sit flush with the door. The peephole camera will sit in the hole, but you need to use the indoor attachment to complete the process.

The indoor plug or hole will allow you to either hold the camera in place or simply look through the peephole when you are near the door.

The peephole camera may come with adhesive that you can use to stick the casing to the exterior of the door. When this is the case, you should apply light and consistent pressure to the casing to ensure that it sticks to the door properly.


You also need to check the packaging for any cables that connect from one side to the other. In some cases, most of the important circuitry in the camera is on the outside.

However, some cameras have an equally large casing on the inside. When this is the case, you need to pull out the connector cable, ensure that it is plugged into the interior casing, and allow the camera to power up normally.

Now that the housing has been installed, you can add the battery to the top part of the casing. There should be a simple lid that you can use to close the assembly, and you can wait for it to display on your WiFi or Bluetooth settings.

You can use the app that is provided by the manufacturer, you can go to their website to complete your registration. You will have the model and serial number from the package, and you will see the view from the camera after the setup is complete.


You can log into the app or the website at any time, and you can see what the camera sees. This is helpful when you are not in the house, when you are in bed, or when you do not know who is at the door.

If you have. spouse, children, or friends who need access to the camera, you should make sure that you give them access to your particular camera. Do not share this information with anyone else.

The peephole camera serves as a good deterrent for thieves or intruders, and you can use it to catch delivery drivers who simply through your packages on your doorstep.


When you learn how to install peephole camera assemblies, you need to make sure that you use each step in the process to connect the camera, to ensure that it holds in place, and make sure you can see through it at all times.

You can replace the batteries when you think they are running out, and you can improve your personal security with a simple security camera that you can install yourself. You can see who is at the door, and you do not need to take down your front door in the process.

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