Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

The advancement of technology has made it possible to use cameras and surveillance in and around your home. This allows you to keep an eye on family members while you are away, as well as protect your property from break-ins and other damage. If you are thinking about adding this feature, you may be wondering how to set up security cameras around your house.

Best Places to Install Cameras

Every person has different needs and priorities, so there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to installing security cameras around your home. However, some places are better than others, and these areas are where you might consider placing your technology.

Outside at the Front Door

One of the best places to install your home security cameras is at the front door. You may think that burglars will sneak around your house and try to get in a side door, but that’s often not the case.

More often than not, they will access your house through the front. In addition, this is where people will also go to steal your packages.

Your front door sees a lot of use, so it’s a great place to have security cameras. When it comes to the type of camera you have, you have several options to consider. You might have a camera mounted on your house that is visible to anyone, or you can place peephole cameras on your door. These are more hidden, so they may not deter would-be thieves, but you’ll still be able to capture images and video should something go awry at the house.

Outside at the Back Door

While some burglars will access your house from the front door, others may venture into the backyard to get inside. This area is often more hidden, allowing criminals to go undetected. Again, you might decide to have a visible camera to stop anyone from getting into your home, or you may decide to place hidden spy cameras in this area.

Outside at Your Garage

Having a camera in this area will help you keep an eye on your belongings. Some thieves are opportunists, which means if they can quickly get into your garage, grab something and get out, they’ll take it.

You may or may not notice that anything is missing for a while. If you have a camera in this area, you’ll know if anyone has accessed your space.

This can be especially beneficial if your garage is detached. Having an outdoor security camera system with a DVR hooked up in this area will keep you connected to your property and your things. Having a camera in this area is another way to keep track of anyone and everyone who comes onto your property.

Outside in Your Yard

If you place 4K surveillance systems in your yard, this will allow you to keep an eye on pets and kids when they are outside. It will also allow you to see if anyone is trespassing on your property or checking it out for unsavory reasons.

Inside at the Main Walkways and Stairway

When placing cameras inside your home, you want to put them in a place that allows you to keep tabs on the main walkways. This could include hallways, the entrance to your house, and the stairway. Should a burglar decide to access your house from a window, it will be hard for them to move around the rest of your house without being detected. This is also a way to keep tabs on your family when they are at home.

Inside in the Common Areas

Places such as the kitchen and living room are also great places to put cameras. You may decide to have hidden cameras in light bulbs, which will make detecting them harder. This can be a great way to ensure that your house doesn’t get robbed, as well as give you a chance to keep an eye on your family and kids.

If you have people in your home while you are gone, such as repair people, cleaners, or house sitters, having cameras in these areas will allow you to watch them and ensure that they are doing their jobs. Should something turn up missing or broken, you can consult your video to figure out what happened and take appropriate steps to remedy the situation.

Inside in Your Child’s Room

If you are a parent, then you want to ensure that your children are safe at all hours of the day or night. If you are busy with other tasks, then having a camera in your child’s room is a good way to watch them.

This is especially true when they are sleeping. Having video coupled with sound will alert you to any problems that might arise while your child is in their bedroom.

Some Places You Shouldn’t Place Cameras

In addition to knowing where the best places are to put cameras, you should also be aware that there are some places where you shouldn’t put them. In most cases, not placing cameras in these areas has to do with privacy concerns.


It’s not a good idea to place cameras in bathrooms, as this is a place where people don’t want to be filmed. Many private moments happen in this area. For the sake of your family and friends, keeping cameras out of this space is the best idea.


Of course, there is an exception to this rule, and that has to do with keeping an eye on your kids. However, as your child ages, it’s a good idea to remove that camera so that they are allowed their privacy. This is also true for your bedroom and guest rooms. Again, a lot of private moments can happen in the bedroom, and it’s best not to capture these on camera.

Outside Where It Can Film Your Neighbors

You probably wouldn’t want your neighbors to point their cameras at your house, so don’t point them toward them. There may even be laws that forbid you from doing this. There is some leeway when it comes to angling your camera so that it can take in the public sidewalk and street, but you can’t point it at your neighbor to film them. Once again, this comes down to privacy.

Additional Tips on Placing Outdoor Cameras

Once you have found the best places around and in your home to put a camera, you then need to make sure you are placing them optimally. Below are some tips on how to accomplish this task.

1. Decide if You Want them Hidden or Visible

There is something to be said about having a visible camera. It can deter people from trespassing on your property or getting ideas about robbing your house.

If they can see the cameras, this may encourage them to keep walking. However, having cameras that people can see may also open them up to vandalism and destruction.

If you have hidden cameras on your property, such as peephole cameras, you can capture unwanted and illegal behavior without the cameras getting destroyed. You might consider having some decoy cameras that people can damage while also having hidden cameras to capture their behavior.

2. Make Sure they are 8 to 10 feet Above the Ground

Having them at this height will keep them out of reach of kids and criminals, but it’s also low enough that they can still capture fine details.

3. Keep Them Protected from the Elements

Most outdoor cameras are weatherproof, which means they can withstand various weather conditions. However, they are not all created equally, so you’ll want to find a camera that can handle the weather in your area. If possible, you may also want to add some extra protection by placing them under eaves or adding awnings to keep them out of the elements.

4. Aim Them Away from the Sun

When you are placing your cameras on the outside of the house, you’ll need to take into consideration where the sun will be throughout the day.

If the sun shines directly onto the camera, this will create a glare and make it difficult to tell what is going on in the video. This is also when having an awning or placing the camera under the eaves can be beneficial.

Additional Tips on Placing Indoor Cameras

When you are looking for the best places for cameras on the inside of your home, consider following the tips listed below.

1. Keep Them Away from Windows

Just like outside, if the sun shines on your camera, is it going to cause a glare? Keep them away from windows and other reflective surfaces that can make them hard to see.

2. Be Aware of Direct Light

Another thing to be aware of when placing your cameras inside your home is where your lights are. The glare from lamps and light fixtures can impact the picture and make it hard to see your video.

3. Corners Are Good Options

Placing your cameras in the corner of a room is usually your best option. This will give you the best view of the entire area and is out of the way. Remember to find a corner away from windows and direct light for the best results.

Adding Security Cameras to Your Home

Placing security cameras around your home is a great way to keep your property and your family safe. It will give you the ability to see who is coming and going and possibly deter any thieves from getting into your home. To ensure the cameras are effective, you need to find the best places around your home to mount them.

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