How to Open a Gun Safe Without the Key

Have you considered breaking inside a gun safe? Many people wanted to know how to break into a gun safe, especially if they forgot the code or lost the key.

A safe is a secured vault where you can hide important things like money, jewelry, and guns. Most Americans are using a gun safe to secure their firearm, but there are times when they forget the code used to access it, and others are losing their keys.

The following information will enable gun owners to access their safes, even if they don’t have any keys or codes. It includes the use of simple materials, to the most extreme options.

How to Open Gun Safe without Key or Code

Opening the Gun Safe without any keys

When the gun safe that you are using is dependent on a key, the first thing that you want to do is to contact the company. They can send you a duplicate key if you provide the information that they need. If you cannot contact the company and they did not help you, try resorting to other steps.

The first thing that you can do is to pick the lock on the keyhole using a knife or a screwdriver. Try to pick it up and see if it will unlock. If this is not successful, try using a hammer and a chisel instead.

Force your way into the safe and eventually, you will locate a button that you can press to easily open it.

Using a paperclip can also help you open the safe, and you must be experienced in picking locks to help you gain access. Magnets are also used by those who are locked out because they can control the solenoid inside the safe. Triggering the solenoid using a magnet can reset the safe. Finally, you can take it to the locksmith if everything else fails.

Opening the Gun Safe without any codes

Using a manual override key

Gun-safe manufacturers wanted their customers to enjoy the products that they create, and they introduced a lot of ways for their customers can access their belongings inside the safe, even if they do not have the code on hand. Most safes come with an override key that the customers can use whenever they forget the code.

If you cannot remember what the code on your safe is, try using the manual override keys.

The keyhole for most gun safes can be found at the back, and when you have the key in your hand, use it to open the vault.

This step can be considered if you know where the override keys are. If you do not have access to the keys and forgot the codes, consider a different solution.

Using a paperclip to pick the locks

Watching a lot of movies will give you an idea of how this works – picking the lock mechanism using a paperclip. Most gun safes that can be accessed using a code have a keyhole usually located at the back. If you do not have the manual override keys, you can consider using a paperclip instead. Straighten the paperclip, and enter the keyhole slowly.

Try to search for the lock mechanism, and slowly pick it up. You will hear a click if you are successful. This method would require a lot of patience, and you should dedicate a lot of time to opening your safe. Perform this method in a place where you can focus.

Using a combination lock change key

The combination lock change key is an available feature for some gun safes, and not all models have it. Using a combination lock change key will enable the owner of the safe to access what’s inside without having to enter the correct codes.

The combination lock change key will reset the codes on the safe, and you can start entering a different set of codes to open it.

Other manufacturers do not include a combination lock change key because they know that the safes would become vulnerable to being opened by burglars and thieves.

If you happen to own a gun safe that has a combination lock change key, use it to your advantage, especially if you forgot the codes.

Using a rare earth magnet

Most electronic gun safes are equipped with solenoid – a material that controls the locking mechanism. The solenoid on an electronic gun safe can be reset by using a strong rare earth magnet. A strong rare earth magnet can be purchased from a DIY shop, or through online retailers like Amazon.

Once you have the rare earth magnet on hand, put it inside a sock so you can prevent being injured while opening the gun safe. Rare earth magnets are so strong, that they can break a finger using their force. After you secured the rare earth magnet inside a sock, try to place it in front of the gun safe and look for the solenoid.

While hovering it over the surface of the safe, try opening it and see if it unlocks. A lot of patience is needed to open the safe using this method, but it definitely works. This method would not pose any damage to the safe, and it is a recommended hack when you forget the codes.

Drop the safe multiple times

This may sound ridiculous, but gun-safe owners are saying that dropping it from a safe distance (usually ranging from one to five inches) will reset the lock and open the safe. If you forgot the codes for your gun safe, try performing this hack and see if the vault will open.

First, cover the surface with a cloth, to protect it while dropping the safe. Then, try to drop the vault at a height of one inch.

If it does not open, try to drop it at a height of two inches. Perform these steps until the gun is safe and open.

If you reach a height of five inches and nothing happens, consider other options on how to open the safe without the codes. Dropping the gun safe from higher altitudes can destroy it, making it unusable.

Using mathematics and logic

Codes are a combination of numbers, and if you forget what your codes are, rely on mathematics and logic to open them.

This is similar to what is shown in movies – spies listening to the clicks inside the safe and trying to unlock it using the correct combination.

You would need to have a stethoscope, a notebook, and a pen or pencil when performing this method. The most important thing when unlocking the safe using this method is to listen to the clicks.

Write down the number where you hear the clicks, and try to open the safe using these combinations. You need a lot of patience to accomplish this task, and a lot of concentration too.

Call a locksmith as a final resort

If everything else fails, call a locksmith who can help you unlock the safe. Locksmiths have a set of specialized tools that they use to unlock a safe. However, you may need to prove your identity first before they can help you out.

Opening a Stack-on Safe without keys

Stack-on safe is a brand of gun safe that uses a key. If you own a Stack-on Safe and you forgot where the keys are, the best

thing that you can do is to report the issue immediately to Stack-on’s customer service department and see if they can help you out.

if the company did not give you any assistance after reporting the issue, consider performing the steps above on how to open safes without the keys.

If you are still having trouble opening the Stack-on Safe using the tips above, you can consider taking it to a professional locksmith and having them open it for you.

Opening a digital Sentry safe without codes

Sentry Safe is another brand of gun safes that is used by a lot of people. To access this safe, one must have the code on hand, and entering the correct combination will give you access to what is inside the vault. However, some people forget what their code is, preventing them from accessing their guns.

When you forget the codes for your Sentry Safe, the best thing that you can do is to use a magnet that can trigger the solenoid, enabling you to open the safe.

If your model features a keyhole, you can use a nail filer or a paper clip to open it. This can take some time, but it is proven to be effective.

Opening a Sentry Safe using a magnet would not damage the locking mechanism. However, using a nail filer and a paperclip can damage the safe, especially if the person doing it does not have a lot of experience in picking locks.

Opening a Sentinel gun safe without codes

Sentinel Safe, which is another brand of gun safe, offers secured storage space for your guns. This brand requires you to enter a code so you can access what is inside. In case you forgot the codes used for opening the vault, you may want to consider opening it through the emergency keyhole.

You should have the emergency keys if you tend to forget the code. If you do not have the keys, consider performing the steps stated above and see if you will be able to open the Sentinel Safe. If everything else fails, visit a professional locksmith and ask them to unlock the safe for you.

They have all sorts of equipment inside their shop that can open any safe, no matter how durable it is.

Opening a Stalwart safe without codes

Stalwart Safes is a brand of gun safe that requires codes to access the vault. When you have this kind of safe and forget what the code is or where the keys are, you can still access what is inside using simple tools. Consider looking at the back of the safe and searching for bolt openings.

These bolt openings can be reached using any slim tool, and this is where the reset button for most models is located.

You can use a flashlight to peek through the holes, and try to reach it using the tool that you have on hand. Press the reset button, and it should enable you to re-enter the vault without any issues.

If the reset button does not work, or it is a different model, try working with a professional locksmith instead and ask them to open the vault for you.


A gun safe is made from durable materials that cannot be easily opened. It can be frustrating if you lost the key to access the safe, or if you forgot the code that requires you to open it, but there are ways that you can consider so we can still access it. There are several options to consider, from the simpler ones to the most extreme ones.

You can also work with a locksmith to help you open the safe. It is important to keep a hidden spare key for your safety in case you lost the original one, and always remember the code that you need to enter so you can open the safe.

Quick access to the safe is important, especially during emergencies. You can consider buying safes that can be accessed easily even if you don’t have a key or the code.

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