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The Best Pool Fences in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Pool Fences

Are you intimidated by the prospect of choosing and setting up a safety fence around your pool? How would you like some help? We’ll make the choice easy for you. And we’ll show you fences that are simple to install with a minimum of tools needed. How does that sound?

We looked at scores of fences. After scrutinizing the features and details, customer reviews, and technical details, we were able to narrow the crowd way down. So let’s just dive right in, if you’ll pardon the pun. Check this out and decide what you think is the best pool fence for your particular situation.

Pool Fences: My Top Picks

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section Kit

This is the best mesh pool fence that we reviewed, but it’s designed to be installed in concrete. It won’t stay in the dirt. You’ll need a power hammer, but a drill bit guide is included with the purchase. The fence itself is attractive for the price, and it’s strong enough to keep kids out of your pool area.

Most who bought this fence installed it into the concrete surrounding their pool. They are impressed with how well the fence stands up to wind and people when properly installed. Many have commented on how much better the fence looks in real life than it does in online pictures. Overall, everyone was very happy with their purchase.


  • Tough and durable
  • Solid when installed into concrete, as directed
  • Good looking


  • Although assembly is easy, installation is a bit difficult and requires a power hammer

GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit


This above-ground pool fence is pretty easy to install, and it comes with instructions and all the hardware you’ll need. It actually installs on your pool, adding two extra feet of space between the ground and your pool’s access point. This may be the fence for you if you want something easy and safe. Be sure to check and make sure it’ll pass your insurance and local regulations.

People who bought this fence talk about how easy it is to install, but they warn that some installations require cutting. This is all covered in the instructions. Another thing that people like is the price. You can save quite a bit of money by getting this type of fence.


  • Strong material
  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to climbing
  • Hardware included


  • Check your insurance policy and local laws – This type of fence does not meet all safety requirements

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self-Closing Gate Kit


This one is pretty much the same as the first kit on our list, but it’s black and includes a magnetic latch on the included 36″-wide gate. It’s also meant for concrete installation. It’s one of the best for pools with surrounding patios.

The black color really appeals to a lot of people. It’s different. Most fences are plain white. It’s nice to have a magnetic latch on a gate, too. Not only is that convenient, but it’s also safer than manual latches. The kids will be able to get in, even if someone forgets to latch the gate behind them.


  • Looks clean, even when dusty
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Same limited lifetime warranty as Life Saver’s white fence
  • Magnetic latch on the gate


  • N/A

WaterWarden Pool Fence 4’ x 12’, Removable Child Safety Pool Fencing


Go with this child-proof fence if you have to go cheap, but be aware that it isn’t quite as strong as the heavy-duty fences by Life Saver. The problem is with the poles.

They’re not as thick, and they can break off at ground level if adult-strength force is applied to them. But this fence will keep your insurance company happy. It is anchored into concrete, but you’ll need a drill and masonry bit.

It seems that the installation of this fence is a bit more tricky than with other pool fences. People have complained about that. There have also been reports of the poles breaking at their bases when a lot of force is applied to them.

This is a rare problem, but it does bear mentioning. You may want to go with a fence that has sturdier poles, like one of the Life Saver fences, if your fence may go through heavy abuse.


  • Includes instructions on the video
  • All hardware, including polymer deck sleeves, is included
  • Sections are easily removable


  • Poles aren’t the strongest
  • Somewhat tricky installation
  • Power drill needed for installing in concrete

Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence

Due to its superior strength, we think this is the best removable pool fence. The poles can resist weight as few other fences can. And you can get this strength at a good price, too.

Like most fences of this type, it’s meant for concrete. If you don’t have a concrete patio around your pool, you can set pavers into concrete footers. It’ll be worth the extra work and expense if you want a really strong fence.

After perusing customer reviews, we are satisfied that this fence is among the sturdiest. People say that they can lean against it with all of their weight, and it won’t budge.

Many do wish that it came with a better latching mechanism. But all in all, people really like this one. There have been very few regrets, even years after purchase. That’s the gold standard of customer satisfaction.


  • Pretty easy installation
  • Good price and great value
  • Template included for precise drilling into concrete


  • A simple hook-and-eye latch could use an upgrade

GLI 30-0410-BLK 4′ x 10′ IG Safety Removable Fence

Here’s one of the best fences for pools that are surrounded by a concrete patio. But there’s one big caveat. You can’t get a gate for it. That saves on the overall cost, believe it or not, because that extra design feature does not have to be incorporated into the design.

If you want a gate, look elsewhere. But if you’re happy with taking a few seconds to remove a section of fencing to gain access to your pool, this may be a good pick for you.

Some people complain that there’s no gate included or available for this fence. But the thing is not everyone wants a gate. You can simply remove a section from any part of the fence you want to when you open your pool for the day. At the end of the day, you just replace the section. This is easy, but you really have to keep an eye on the kids when your pool is open.

Customers do remark on how easy it is to see through the fence. That’s a good feature for when adults are outside the pool area, but still, need to keep an eye on young ones near the pool.


  • Easy to remove sections of fencing
  • Included template makes measuring and drilling easy and quick
  • Very sturdy when installed in concrete as intended


  • No gate is even available – That’s a con for some

Giantex Pool Fence


This inground pool fence has a less common design. The poles are the usual aluminum, but the actual barrier is fabric mesh. It keeps kids, pets, and flying toys out of the pool area when their access is restricted. And you can see through it almost as well as you can see through the air. The view is virtually unobstructed.

But the mesh is not as strong as vinyl slats. It can stretch if someone leans against it. It is highly resistant to tearing, and it won’t fray for years.

Many like fabric fences like this because they can simply be rolled up when they’re taken down. Reinstallation is easier than the initial setup because there’s no need to drill the anchor holes again. One person can take it down and set it back up.

But the fabric itself is a drawback in many cases. It’s a little stretchy. Someone leaning against it can fall. That’s actually happened, and it may cause an injury. But for many people, the ease of installation and take-down outweigh that shortfall.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to take down and set back up
  • Design is unobtrusive
  • The small mesh size keeps small pets, like cats and puppies, from getting through


  • Mesh’s stretch can be a safety hazard

Sentry Safety Pool Fence Visiguard is The Most See-Thru Pool Fence


While Sentry Safety is known for its awesome and sturdy slat pool fences, this mesh fence shows that they are a real contender in the safety fence market. It’s well-made and practical. One person can put it up and take it down for the day in a matter of minutes. But you may want to buy galvanized screws to replace the cheap ones they include with this model.

People remark about how lightweight this inground pool child safety fence is. They talk about taking it down, rolling it up, and installing it again with no fuss. There have been a few complaints about the hardware. Apparently, the screws that hold the mesh panels to the poles can rust quickly. This isn’t covered by the limited lifetime warranty.


  • Easy up and easy down
  • The best instructions for any DIY pool fence
  • Good mesh size allows viewing through the barrier


  • Low-quality screws that come with it can rust

Classic Guard Swimming Pool Fence

Here’s another mesh pool fence for kids’ safety from Sentry Safe. This one has a couple of improvements, but at least one drawback. The poles aren’t as thick, and the panel design incorporates fray guards to protect the edges of the mesh. But those thinner poles can bend when stressed. This one isn’t for high-abuse installs.

Many like the thinner poles for the looks, but others have complained that they bend too easily. In general, people like how light and easy to deal with this fence is.


  • Improved design helps to stop frays
  • Thin poles aren’t as distracting to the eye
  • Good fence kit for uneven terrain and oddly shaped pools


  • Poles bend easier than other pool fence poles

Vinyl Works 24-Inch Taupe Premium Resin Above-Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

And now here’s an above-ground pool fence Kit by Vinyl Works. There are several things that set this one apart from similar fences. Start with the handsome look. It lends stately air to the pool it protects. Both the uprights and the posts are thick PVC. Don’t worry. It’s really strong. And it attaches easily to your pool’s support braces.

Some people just don’t feel safe unless there’s some metal involved. So there were complaints about the all-PVC construction.

But there aren’t really any durability gripes. Go figure. Overall, everyone who bought this swimming pool fence was happy with their decision. We checked, and almost all customers were still happy several years after first installing it.


  • Strong and durable
  • Unique aesthetic design


  • Horrible instructions don’t offer enough details. But installation is pretty straightforward for anyone with minimal DIY experience

Factors To Consider

What Type Of Fence Do You Need?

First, decide whether you want a fence that is anchored into the ground or one that attaches to your pool.

In-ground pools need the kind that secures to the ground. This is the best type of pool fence, anyway. There are fences with posts that can be driven into the ground, but they aren’t safe.

Most insurance policies and local laws require a more secure installation. If you decide on a perimeter fence, it’s best to go with one that anchors right into the concrete.

If you have an above-ground pool, you can get the concrete anchor kind or the type that attaches to your pool. The latter kind is usually easier to set up. Again, check your insurance policy and local regulations to see if this is permissible.

How High Should It Be?

Pool fences generally come in two heights: Two feet and four feet. Safety-wise, higher is better. Shorter ones are cheaper but less secure. As always, check your laws and insurance regs.

Do You Need A Gate?

The best pool fencing options give you the option to add a gate to the package. But how would you get in if there’s no gate? You remove a section of the fence. This is easy with the types of fencing we’ve reviewed here. It only takes a minute.

But here’s do give you peace of mind if you have kids. You won’t have to constantly watch because there’s a gap in your fence if you have a gate. Gates do add to the overall cost of fencing though.


How Do I Anchor A Perimeter Fence In Dirt?

You can dig holes and fill them with concrete at intervals matching the post spacing of your fence. Let the concrete cure, then drill holes for mounting as dictated in the fence’s instructions.

What Material Is Best?

The most important thing is the poles. Don’t get a fence with plastic poles. You need metal. Aluminum is the most common. Some poles are made of steel, but they’re heavy. Any type of metal will be fine.

The material of the fence itself isn’t as important. Plastic is OK, but vinyl will last longer due to its UV resistance.

You’ll want to be able to see through the fence, especially if it’s going to be a “protect a child” pool fence. The gaps between the upright slats of the fence should be narrow enough to keep a kid from squirming through, but wide enough to let you see the pool itself and the people who buy it. This is where advertising pictures come in useful.

Fabric mesh fences are great when it comes to letting you see through, but some people don’t like their tendency to stretch.

How Hard Is It To Set Up A Pool Safety Fence?

Some of them can be quite difficult. We paid special attention to this factor when compiling our list of the best. The only tools you should need are possibly a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Perimeter fences that anchor into concrete need a drill and masonry bit for installation.

To Wrap Things Up…

Now you know all about the ten best ways to keep kids unauthorized people and pets away from your pool. All of these fences do their job quite nicely, are at least fairly easy to set up, and none of them have any major safety complaints pending against them.

If we had to pick a favorite, we would ask if we could hold up two. The best pool fence for above-ground pools is the Sentry Safe Pool Fence Premium Guard. It’s not hard to install. And it’s as strong and dependable as it is attractive.

Sentry Safe also gets the nod for the top perimeter pool fence with the Visiguard. It’s tough, long-lasting, and see-through. Make your choice today, and you might be able to have your new pool fence up by next weekend.

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