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The Best Swim Jammers in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Swim Jammers

For all of you guys out there, nothing should stand in the way of your swim performance, so you need the right gear. Swim jammers work to enhance your speed and allow you to feel more comfortable.

Much like bicycle shorts, swim jammers are sleek and form-fitting so that you may feel unstoppable the second you dive into the water. That’s why it’s important you find high-quality ones so you can get the most out of your swim training and competition.

We tested dozens of jammers, and with our extensive reviews and additional buyer’s guide at the end, we should help you find the best swim jammers around.

Let’s not wait any longer and jump into our reviews.

Swim Jammers: My Top Picks

Fiteng Men’s Swimsuit Jammer Athletic Swim Endurance Training Swimsuits


The Fiteng Men’s Swimsuit Jammer Athletic Swim Endurance Training Swimsuits aim for long-term wearing with their comfortable design. The polyester is soft against the skin while also having breathable properties.

This features a drawstring for quick adjustments, and it generally fits snugly without being tight. You can find this in five sizes and five sleek color designs.

Many consumers enjoy how comfortable the shorts are. The fabric is smooth enough, and the jammer isn’t known to slip while swimming whether casual or competitive. There’s a good deal of thickness to the material to know they’ll hold up against frequent dips in a chlorine-based pool.

However, consumers noticed some issues with the seam quality. They may start to fray early on, a complication that might lower the overall durability.


  • Snug and breathable
  • Smooth and comfortable fabric
  • Thick material


  • Seams may start to fray

Speedo Male Jammer Swimsuit

The Speedo Male Jammer Swimsuit features a low drag profile to help improve your performance. It also resists sagging and bagging, and the material stands up well against the likes of skin oils and suntan lotions.

Made in five different color styles and five sizes, this jammer swimsuit features an easy-to-use drawstring that you can adjust as needed.

Consumers rank this among the best competitive swimsuits thanks to how well it’s built. The stitching appears top-quality, and there’s a good front liner to smooth out the crotch area. There are also notes about how the swimsuit jammer fits true to size, but users also appreciate the ease of adjusting it.

Although this features technology meant to make the shorts durable and resistant to chlorine, some guys have noticed discoloration and bleaching on the inside even after rinsing clean.


  • Fits true to size
  • Stitching appears durable
  • Quality front liner


  • Poor chlorine resistance

Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer


The Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer is engineered using endurance+ fabric for a long-lasting design. This fabric is also light in weight so you won’t feel weighed down. This is available in three different colors and multiple sizes. With the inner drawstring, you can still adjust to customize the fit.

Many consumers feel this is the best jammer swimsuit thanks to how well it functions. It features fast-drying material that’s also chlorine-resistant so the jammer holds up under frequent use.

The material also doesn’t seem to bunch up. This can help you feel more comfortable as you’re not forced to readjust during your training. Another note for comfort is the four-way stretch design that helps your muscles move better while maintaining the shape of the suit.

Another high point guys mention is that the jammer stays in place as you swim. Although it fits comfortably snugly around the waist, there are some complaints about it feeling too tight around the legs.


  • The material doesn’t bunch up
  • Stays in place well
  • Fast-drying


  • Tight fit around the legs

BALEAF Men’s Swim Jammers Athletic Training Swimsuit


BALEAF Men’s Swim Jammers Athletic Training Swimsuit is a comfortable jammer made from a blend of soft nylon and spandex. The fabric is designed to ward off chlorine damage, and it’s water-repellent as well so that it can dry faster.

There are six different color patterns you can choose from if you want to personalize your swim gear. It’s also designed in five sizes, and the elastic drawstring inside will help you maintain your fit if it’s initially too small or too large.

Consumers appreciate this as one of the best men’s jammers thanks to how well it fits. There’s just the right amount of compression so that the shorts offer enough snugness to stay on without going overboard. Also, their seamless construction and elastic waistband offer an easier, more comfortable fit.

Many consumers noted that the stitching appears high in quality, but the overall durability remains questionable. Some have noticed that the shorts may become see-through around the back after a few swim sessions in the pool.


  • The fabric feels comfortable and smooth
  • Dries fast
  • A good amount of compression


  • Low-quality durability

TYR Sport Men’s Solid Durafast Jammer Swimsuit


The TYR Sport Men’s Jammer Swimsuit effectively manages harmful UV rays for those of you guys swimming outdoors. They also come in four colors for customization, and you can choose from five different sizes. Stopping above the knee, this jammer offers a compressive fit while still providing you with a free range of motion to not hinder your performance.

Several guys place this among the best swim jammers for training due to how comfortable they are. They stay up well and don’t sit too low below the waist. The lining is soft as well.

Consumers also enjoy how well the shorts cover, and with the lightweight design, they don’t drag you down in the water. Some have mentioned it fits tight in the thighs, but the shorts may loosen up over time. On the topic of adjustability, there is an inner drawstring, but it’s thin and feels rather flimsy.


  • Holds up against chlorine
  • Durable fabric
  • Comfortable


  • Tight around the thighs
  • Flimsy drawcord

Ispeed Men’s Fashion Jammer Swimsuit


The Ispeed Men’s Fashion Jammer Swimsuit sits well just under the waist, and it provides a snug, comfortable fit for long-lasting wear. It’s an affordable pair of jammer swim shorts that come in two different sleek color styles. There are also several sizes to choose from so a variety of guys and boys can comfortably wear the jammer.

Consumers praise just how reliable the material is in terms of maintenance. The jammer is easy to clean while also featuring quick-drying fabric.

The material also has a good thickness to it so that you know the shorts won’t tear or fray. Additionally, the shorts are a comfortable length. They’re low enough that they won’t bunch up, but they don’t quite reach the knees either.

If there are any issues surrounding the jammer, it’s that some consumers note that it may lose its shape after a few swim and wash sessions.


  • Material dries fast
  • Thick fabric
  • Comfortable length


  • Might lose its shape

Srnfean Men’s Swimming Jammers

The Srnfean Men’s Swim Jammers emphasize comfort with their flat-locked seams that feature anti-chafing properties. There’s comfortable compression that reduces friction in the water, and there’s enough stretch so that you can move more easily.

This specific jammer comes in a single color and size as it’s better suited for smaller guys or young swimmers. You can still adjust accordingly with the inner drawstring.

With the chlorine-resistance and quick-drying attributes, consumers enjoy how long-lasting the jammer is. The material also has reliable seams so it can withstand frequent use and washing.

Another high note about the shorts is that the material is breathable. The jammer still manages to hug your body without causing you to build up any sweat. One of the biggest concerns about the Jammer swimsuit, however, is the inconsistent sizing. It tends to run too large, so you may need to adjust often.


  • Durable seams
  • Easy-to-use drawstring
  • Breathable material


  • Sizing runs large

Kanu Surf Men’s Competition Jammers Swimsuit


Kanu Surf Men’s Competition Jammers Swimsuit features a heavy-weight material and liner for more durability. They also feature a UPF 50+ rating to help block out the sun’s harmful rays when you want to dip into the pool outside.

Even with the thick material, it’s still conforming enough to fit as an under-layer if you’re lounging around or surfing. There are four different colors available as well as five sizes.

Consumers enjoy that the shorts don’t just have multiple colors, but there’s a good amount of color retention so that they look new even if exposed to chlorine. The shorts also wash up rather well too.

Despite the usefulness for casual swimmers, many guys feel these are the best swimming trunks for training on how well they fit. They don’t slip off, and there’s a balance between flexibility and snugness.

With that said, some consumers mention that the shorts may not last very long as there’s a chance they can lose their shape and stretch out.


  • Good color retention
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Fits well


  • Might stretch out fast

TYR SPORT Men’s Phoenix Splice Jammer

The TYR SPORT Men’s Phoenix Splice Jammer is a high-quality swim jammer that’s available in over a dozen different color styles. They’re chlorine-proof and maintain their color over time.

As for functionality, the jammer sits above the knee and features a comfortable compressed fit. There’s an odor protection feature so they remain fresh after training.

Consumers appreciate these as boys’ swim jammers considering the multitude of sizes available. They sit well just below the hip, and they stay up even under intense training.

Adjusting is easy thanks to the inner drawstring and the material stretches well to go along with your own movement. There are some durability issues with the material, however. Some users mention that it’s thin and there’s a high chance the shorts will become see-through.


  • Color doesn’t fade
  • Stretches well with your movement
  • Don’t slip while swimming


  • Material appears thin

Onvous Men’s AquaGensis-Lite Swim Jammer


The Onvous Men’s AquaGensis-Lite Swim Jammer features durable engineering designed for versatile use such as swim racing and cross-training.

There’s moisture-wicking technology to help with comfort during training, and the water-repellent and chlorine-resistant qualities aim to minimize drag. You can find these swim jammers in a single color and six sizes.

There’s plenty of praise for the comfort of the swim jammer. The material feels breathable, and there’s a good blend of muscle compression and four-way stretch for freedom of movement.

Consumers notice that the stitching in the front is high in quality and reliable enough for long-term use. It’s simple to get a good fit as well since the drawstring adjusts with ease.

One main issue guys noticed is that the material, although durable, is thin. This thinness leads to concerns about the shorts not lasting long or becoming see-through.


  • Breathable, comfortable material
  • Good stitching in the front
  • Easy to tighten the drawstring


  • Thin material

Factors to Consider

Swim jammers are useful whether you want to improve your comfort or your performance in the water. However, you don’t want to settle for anything low-quality, so there are a few considerations to keep in mind as you shop.


The size of a jammer, no matter if it’s a professional swimsuit or one you’ll wear casually, is one of the most important features to consider.

If it fits too tight or too loose, you’ll be uncomfortable and hinder your performance instead. It helps if you take down your waist measurements and research the shorts in question to know whether or not they fit true to size.

It’s beneficial if the jammer features a drawstring as well. This can help you adjust the shorts if you need to.


If you’ve noticed anything about swim jammers, it’s that they are meant to have a snug, form-fitting design. Even so, there’s no reason that they have to be uncomfortable.

Much of the comfort goes back to proper sizing. Once you move beyond that, consider the fabric. Smoother material may rest easier against your skin for less irritation.

Also, some swim jammers have moisture-wicking material that’s breathable enough to pull sweat away. This may help if you need to use the jammer for diving swimsuits or cross-training shorts.


The main benefit of swim jammers is an improvement in performance. This only works if the jammer is well-made.

There should be enough water-repelling qualities so that you experience minimal drag while in the water. Such features also help with maintenance and durability in the long run as this can help the shorts wash up better.

On the notion of durability, consider jammers that are resistant to chlorine exposure, more so if you know you’ll be in a pool most of the time. This can aid the jammer to retain its color.


Here are a few answers to popular questions about swim jammers.

How beneficial are swim jammers?

Swim jammers can enhance your performance by improving your speed and lowering the drag you can experience in the water. Many guys also find them more comfortable.

Should swim jammers have a tight fit?

The point of swim jammers is to help you move better in the water, so there should be noticeable compression. As such, they are form-fitted. It’s important that they’re not too tight that they cut off circulation though.

Is there a difference between swim jammers and speedos?

Swim jammers and speedos perform much in the same way when it comes to enhancing your skills in the water. The main difference is the appearance since swim jammers are like shorts and provide some leg coverage.

Making the Decision

Swim jammers are favored by many guys and boys for training and general swimming. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and offer more benefits to your performance than typical swim trunks. If you want the best swim jammers, we recommend the Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer.

This holds up to frequent use and abuse well, and it resists the damage from chlorine. The shorts also stay in place well without bunching up. There’s a four-way stretch to help you move better too.

If that doesn’t line up with your needs, feel free to check out the rest of the swim jammers in our recommendations.

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