The Best Chest Rigs in 2024

Chest rigs strap onto the chest and act as front-loaded backpacks to help servicemen and servicewomen carry important gear like ammunition, first-aid supplies, and other survival tools. Chest rigs are also commonly used by people who work ordinary jobs and need the extra support that they provide to quickly access things that they need.

If you are in the market for chest rigs, check out this guide. You will find in it high-performing models that have exceeded customer expectations in comfort, price, space for supplies, and fit.

It is important to pick the rig for your needs because the ideal model will give you the capacity to carry all of your gear while minimally hampering your mobility. Read on to discover the best one for your needs.

Best Chest Rigs:

1. Condor Recon Chest Rig


This rig excels in fitting all sizes, and its setup is designed to last a long time under stress. Featuring materials similar to a high-end tactical vest, this Condor product is among the chest rigs under 100. An interior mesh pocket helps keep contents from striking your vulnerable chest and stomach area, and additional padding is layered over the strap and buckle area.

It comes loaded with magazine pouches already installed to save you money. Their placement adds to the product’s comfort level, for the whole setup is focused on being front-loaded. Using this rig will give you a lot of maneuverability in the field to act quickly whether you are playing airsoft or acting in more serious situations.

Because the rig can fit a wide variety of frame sizes, it should be easy to use regardless of whether an individual is large or small. Conveniently placed buckles keep the rig snugly fitted onto the chest without causing discomfort.


  • Good value for a full magazine-pouch setup
  • Great adjustability with tension straps
  • Buckles built tough to stay securely fastened


  • Magazine pouches are not removable

2. VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig (CVAKCR2921B)

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When looking for budget chest rigs, comfort is just as important as the quality of the device. A badly designed rig won’t give you the space that you need to carry your gear or let you access it efficiently. NCStar’s rig is built to be extremely affordable and let you work to unlock your potential.

This rig features pouches all over the device that don’t interfere with movement. It is front-loaded to keep your sides free, and the pockets are large.

Retention straps are fully adjustable to give you the ideal fit, and the tightening cord can be replaced with a longer variant if you need more room for your tools. Slim straps carry the unit snuggle on the chest area without feeling awkward or unstable when worn. In addition, the unit’s stitching is high-quality to give assurance that it will hold the product together.

This rig meets comfort and performance expectations, and it is a great value for first-time rig users. Having access to the many pockets that this rig provides should increase your performance at work or let you function at maximum capacity outdoors.


  • One of the most affordable rigs on the market
  • Rig pouches able to handle oversized magazines
  • Quality Velcro holds firearm magazines in place


  • Built for smaller frames with a relatively short-waist strap

3. Condor MCR6-498 Tactical & Duty Equipment

The Tactical Rapid Assault is an incredible chest rig for is affordable and offers the ability to customize your setup with almost any MOLLE gear that you may have. It is designed to sit below the chest and around the stomach area to free up mobility and be less cumbersome.

It is also uniquely designed as well. Strong buckles secure the main storing area around your chest to make the back straps form-fitting. The whole buckle system is designed to avoid pinching by resting on surfaces that won’t rub while in motion, and padded straps secure the rig in place.

This rig is excellent for buyers who need a product that won’t get in the way of their high-activity routines but still gives them the potential to carry a lot of gear. The device’s interior is built flat to keep tools from striking the belly, and the flexible materials ensure a comfortable experience with the product.

It offers magazine pouches already installed and plenty of MOLLE space for parts that you may already have. Some rigs don’t offer both of these highlights together, so this product is a great pickup for individuals who need a comfortable rig and extra real estate space for their gear.


  • Room for additional MOLLE gear
  • Shoulder and back straps are designed to give you the ideal fit
  • Fits large and small frames


  • Shortening straps and retying knots might be necessary to achieve the ideal fit

4. Condor Ops Chest Rig

This versatile and light tactical chest rig features a full front panel to build your own MOLLE setup. It comes without external magazine pouches to give you greater customizability over the final look of your rig, and it offers plenty of padding and interference-minimizing straps to give you comfort.

The entire front panel is backed by comfortable material that fits snugly around your midsection when secured, and buckles are placed on parts of your back that won’t cause discomfort.

MOLLE parts can be expensive, so finding the right vest for them is crucial in achieving the perfect setup. By offering a huge panel for you to customize your own setup, this vest excels in value. An interior mesh pocket can also be lined with additional material to give you a more comfortable fit.

If you need a vest with built-in pockets to save you money, this product might not be the best option. However, this product is ideal for those with spare MOLLE parts or a vision to create a unique rig that will meet all of their needs.


  • Designed for creating the perfect MOLLE-based rig with access points all over the vest
  • Padded shoulder straps that don’t dig in or bite
  • High-quality stitching to extend the life of the rig


  • Designed for very large frames or for wearing the rig over body armor

5. CONDOR MCR7 MOLLE Tactical Ronin Chest Rig Split Vest- Black MCR7-002


Buyers who need a rig that will provide them with maximum comfort should look into this Condor vest. By being built with an open-back and open-front design, customers will be pleased with the amount of support that comes from this setup. It is a top lightweight tactical chest rig for this reason, for this vest excels in being easy to wear.

No magazine pouches are included, so individuals will need to furnish the device themselves with their own MOLLE gear. A unique advantage of this design is that the front straps are MOLLE configurable to give you maximum accessibility to your tools.

When traditionally-designed rigs don’t offer the perfect fit, this Ronin chest rig can offer buyers the comfort and accessibility that they are looking for. It is also designed for both large and small frames, so individuals should feel assured of a good fit.


  • Most gear is sideloaded instead of being front-loaded
  • Fits well with supply-belt setups
  • Adjustment straps are Velcro-based to secure the rig in place


  • Not as much MOLLE space compared to other rigs

6. 5.11 Tactical VTAC LBE Utility Vest, Customizable and Adjustable, Chest Pocket, Black, 4XL, Style 58631

Users who need a highly customizable chest rig should check this product out. Featuring a massive front panel with full shoulder support for MOLLE gear, this 5.11 product will let you build your dream setup.

A 5.11 chest rig review noted that although the rig is heavy-duty, it is still comfortable by being built with breathable material.

Being out in the wilderness can mean that adventurers will need a lot of gear to come out safely. The serious outdoorsman will find value in this product with the plethora of MOLLE space to craft a useful survival arrangement for their tools.

Although the product offers a lot of retail space for gear, it doesn’t infringe on mobility. By securing snugly by front-loaded buckles, the vest fits well and can carry an assortment of gear to survive harsh climates.

Interior front pockets and a water pouch add to the utility of the vest without causing undue discomfort in how they are positioned.


  • Durable construction to withstand frequent outings
  • More MOLLE space than other rigs
  • Breathable material for surviving hot days


  • Heavier than other rigs due to sturdy construction materials

7. Tactical Vest Military Chest Rig Airsoft Swat Vest for Men(Camouflage)

This army-like rig comes packed with pouches to provide a lot of space for an assortment of tools. Whether used for construction or other heavier activities, this great chest rig can unlock your potential with its abundant padding and comfort. Comfortable padding is placed on the straps, inside the chest area, and waist area to ensure a good fit.

Not only does it fit well, but the unit’s removable pouches let you craft your rig to your own expectations. Although it doesn’t offer abundant MOLLE space, this rig does come with sufficient pouches and pockets to let you store ammunition or other tools effectively.

Users who are accustomed to traditional backpack-like chest rigs will find satisfaction in this product’s layout and performance. Good-quality materials give the rig the appearance of being built to withstand wear and tear, and minimally intrusive straps provide functionality without limiting mobility.

Although it costs more than some other rigs on this list, the vest is designed to offer the comfort of a lightweight model with the utility of a heavy-duty unit.


  • Comparable quality to much more expensive rigs
  • All pouches are removable to create the best setup for your needs
  • Easily fits larger frames above six feet


  • Unit’s Velcro can be replaced with one’s own preference for more security

8. Condor Recon Chest Rig (Multicam)

If your needs require you to carry just the essentials, this Condor rig will give you the space you are looking for to maximize your mobility.

It sits comfortably around the stomach and can be worn over the body armor. Although it has magazine pouches, the vest contains MOLLE hardpoints to add select modules for a great setup. Padding is abundant around the rig and important buckles that secure the setup are in comfortable positions.

Buyers who are looking for a rig but aren’t sure of what kind they will need should check out this one if they need a minimally invasive model for work. Wearing this vest around a day job can provide the support they need to carry gear without looking out of place or being cumbersome.

In addition, padded straps give users the ability to wear the device all day and have the comfort that they need to not get sore. Condor chest rig reviews agreed that the vest is a great purchase because it is affordable and offers abundant MOLLE customizability.


  • Magazine pouches are placed in ideal locations for quick access
  • Suited for wearing over a plate carrier
  • Quality stitching ensures long usage time


  • Limited MOLLE space in favor of built-in magazine pouches

9. RAPDOM Tactical Molle Chest Rigs, Coyote

Rapdom’s vest is one of the most versatile products on this list, for this rig has detachable pouches in a very streamlined setup. MOLLE gear can be put all over the rig, and its stomach-focused design gives the maneuverability for the user to be constantly in motion.

The rig was designed with comfort in mind. Padded back straps keep the edge off when carrying heavy loads for a long time, and thin shoulder straps don’t hinder the movement of the arms.

Buyers who are interested in long-term rig use should invest in this product if they want to accumulate MOLLE gear. Plenty of space for MOLLE is found on the rig, and the vest comes with pouches to get a collection started up. A deluxe-MOLLE vest could be later acquired, but customer reviews praised this product for its comfort, utility, and durable construction.

The vest also comes with a plethora of extra pockets for carrying gear that isn’t ammunition. Outdoorsmen and laborers can find the support that they need in this rig to carry their tools without being encumbered.


  • One of the most competitively-priced rigs to save money
  • Lightweight rig to avoid getting encumbered
  • Ideal fit for big frames through cross straps and comfortable padding


  • Sizes run slightly big

Factors to Consider

Knowing what to look for when buying a chest rig can set you up for the best chance of finding your perfect model. Here are a few points to consider when shopping for a vest that will let you carry a plethora of tools without being encumbered under the weight.


MOLLE Gear can let you set up your loadout exactly to your preferences. Unfortunately, a fully decked-out system will cost much more than rigs with entry-level magazine pouches and pockets.

If you don’t require the features that MOLLE gear can bring, then a vest with included pouches should be sufficient. Rigs with included pouches are already made for exceeding expectations in harsh circumstances, so choosing a non-MOLLE rig can save you money in the long term.

Full Chest or Stomach Loadout

Some rigs take up your entire chest and stomach area, and other vests cover only the stomach area. When you carry gear above the stomach, your rig will be heavier and harder to wear. If you don’t plan on carrying an abundance of gear, opting for a stomach rig can make your setup lighter to let you wear it without strain.

Some rigs are packed with pockets, however. If you need to hold a lot of tools, then these fully-featured rigs will get the job done.

Interior Pockets

When you come across two rigs that you like, looking at their interior pockets can let you decide on one over the other.

These useful pouches can store documents like maps or blueprints without getting damaged. Additionally, tools can be kept inside to prevent weather from causing them harm.

Rigs without interior pockets could force you to acquire a separate device for storing fragile gear, so owning a rig with a satisfactory place for storing delicate items can save you money down the road.


Choosing the rig for your needs doesn’t mean spending the most amount of money. Nine of the reviewed rigs are very affordable and offer great utility for almost every situation, so large budgets are not needed to fulfill your expectations.

More expensive models will offer features like MOLLE space, extra padding, and better fits.

Deciding how important having these benefits is can give you an idea of how much you need to spend. Durably constructed chest rigs are available across all price points to let you buy one no matter how much you want to spend.


The chest rig for most situations would be the device first reviewed: Condor’s Recon model. It has space for a lot of gear while being minimally invasive and comfortable to wear. Since it is also priced below many other models on the market, many customers find it within their budget.

Buyers who need a MOLLE setup or a lighter version of the Recon can browse through this guide to find a rig that is more specialized to meet their needs. Working at a car repair shop can result in a different purchase than being enlisted in the army, so individual needs will vary.

Since comfort is a big factor in what your experience will be like while wearing your rig, this guide has selected the best models on the market that excel in being the easiest to wear.

Choosing any of them will result in a good experience, but the best model will help you do your job without being loaded down with extra pockets that aren’t necessary for your situation.

Buy one of these rigs today and experience the difference of having a high-performing product in your hands. One of these rigs could improve performance at your job or let you work outdoors with an awesome facility.

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