The Best USB Spy Cameras in 2024

We are going to be looking at some of the USB spy cameras that are currently available on the market. There are always many different factors to consider and we will be balancing all of them within this buyer’s guide.

After comparing hundreds of similar products, we have managed to narrow down our top ten product choices to present them within this product review.

We have looked at price, quality, customer feedback, durability, and overall value. These factors are usually the most important with any major purchase and that certainly proves to be true with these USB spy cameras.

These ten product selections might not be ideal for every type of customer, but there will likely be at least one selection within this review that catches your attention and matches your desired criteria. The design specifications of each USB spy camera will be briefly mentioned in every review and additional details will be found on the product page at Amazon.

We are now ready to begin looking at each of these USB charger spy cameras. We will start with our number one spy camera selection and continue from there throughout the remainder of this product review.

Best USB Spy Cameras:

1. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote Viewing

No products found.

Our third USB spy camera review will focus specifically on the TOQI Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera. This wireless device is extremely popular within the industry because of its impressive features and efficient design.

The compressed recording format allows for recording up to 128 GB. A generous 12-month warranty is also included with all purchases.

Customers were incredibly pleased with this spy camera because it has a large amount of storage space and several useful recording features, including loop recording. The slightly higher price point has not impacted the customer reviews in a significant way.


  • Extremely Simple and Easy to Use
  • Large Memory Storage Space
  • 12-Month Warranty is Included


  • Does Not Support Audio Recording
  • Slightly Expensive Price Range

2. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Charger Camera with Remote View

A USB charger camera with motion detection is always an important addition to a spy camera. This all-new version of the Aynone Wireless Hidden Spy Camera comes with remote-viewing technology that allows users to watch their spy camera feed from their smartphones.

The motion detection is simple to set up and start using as well. In addition to the high-quality design features, the manufacturer provides all customers with a risk-free purchase for 90 days. Customers can request a refund within this time frame if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

The most popular feedback from customers relates to the generous risk-free refund warranty and the high-quality design features that come integrated into this Aynone Wireless Hidden Spy Camera. The fast setup process and impressive motion detection technology have received exceptional praise from existing customers.


  • Risk-Free Purchase (90-Day Refund Warranty)
  • Fast Setup Process
  • WiFi is Supported (Remote Smartphone Viewing)


  • Expensive Price Range
  • Minor Durability Issues

3. Hidden Camera – Spy Camera Charger – Mini Spy Camera 1080p

Our penultimate product selection will allow us to complete a review of this full HD hidden USB spy camera. This affordable device supports motion detection and loop recording. If you are looking for a basic device with traditional features, we recommend that you consider purchasing this product.

The general affordability of this camera has resulted in very positive customer feedback for it on the Amazon marketplace.



  • WiFi is Not Compatible with this Camera

4. HD 1080P Hidden Camera – Motion Detection Mini Charger Camera

No products found.

Our eighth review will feature the JRKQDY Hidden Camera and it will conclude our long list of the ten USB security camera reviews. This selection is affordable, efficient, and effective. The spy camera features have been positively received by customers because of their outstanding quality and value.

Over one hundred customers have left a positive review because of the overall quality of this spy camera and the general durability that it has been crafted with.


  • Affordable Price Range
  • Fast Setup and Installation Process
  • Sufficient Loop Recording Features


  • WiFi is Not Supported

5. Spy Camera Charger,Masalmbo – Hidden Camera

No products found.

We are now going to begin our second spy camera charger review within this buyer’s guide. The OLTEC Spy Camera Charger is capable of serving as a surveillance camera that can easily record in high-definition 1080p quality. A powerful night-vision feature is also integrated so that you can operate this hidden spy camera in dark lighting conditions.

This motion-detection spy camera can also operate efficiently by saving storage space and only recording when motion is detected. These positive features are some of the primary reasons that this spy camera has received such exceptional customer reviews.

Customers have expressed their appreciation for this product because it is affordable, efficient, and effective. The night vision feature was positively received and the outstanding recording quality is just another reason that customers loved this spy camera.


  • Outstanding Recording Quality
  • Efficient Motion Detection
  • Affordable Price Range


  • WiFi is Not Supported
  • Minor Durability Issues

6. Hidden Camera Charger WiFi, USB Spy Camera Charger

No products found.

We are now prepared to begin our tenth section of this post, which happens to be a wall charger hidden camera review for the ehomful Hidden Spy Camera. This camera supports WiFi remote viewing, night vision, motion detection, and 1080p recording resolution. Unfortunately, several reliability issues prevent it from being listed higher in this list.

Over seventy percent of customer reviews for this product have been negative. While the overall design of the product is not bad, several durability and reliability issues make this spy camera too much of a hassle to deal with.


  • Affordable Price Range
  • Motion Detection and Night Vision Functions
  • 1080p Recording Quality with WiFi Support


  • Negative Customer Feedback
  • Several Reliability and Quality Issues

7. Spy Camera Charger Hidden Camera Mini Spy Camera 1080p

No products found.

Our first product selection will allow us to take a look at this full HD hidden 1080p USB spy camera review. DIVINEEAGLE has created an exceptional hidden USB camera that remains affordable and effective.

This camera can easily be hidden in plain sight and capture HD video to keep an eye on everything. No WiFi is required to operate this product and this device can be equipped with a 32GB micro SD card for storage purposes.

There is also a motion-detection feature that can be utilized with this miniature spy camera. There are many reasons to consider purchasing this spy camera, but the most important reason might be that it is simple to operate and it can be used immediately by plugging it in and starting a recording.

Many customers were pleased with the affordable price range and overwhelming video quality that came with this particular USB spy camera. DIVINEEAGLE has found a way to create a simple and effective device that gets the job done effectively for customers.


  • Affordable Price Range
  • Efficient Hidden Spy Camera Design Quality
  • Extremely Durable and Reliable


  • Micro SD Card is Not Included
  • Poorly Written Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors should you Consider when Buying a USB Spy Camera?

The most important factors that customers should consider when purchasing a USB spy camera are value, quality, and reliability. A high level of video quality is always important and you will also want to make sure that the camera lens is hidden sufficiently to ensure that nobody detects it.

WiFi support for remote viewing is also among the more popular features, but the cameras with these types of features are typically a lot more expensive in price.

How long do USB Spy Cameras last for?

USB Spy Cameras are relatively affordable so you can expect them to last for at least three years before having to worry about their durability. Some products within this review even come with a long-lasting warranty for added customer protection.


Many of the products within this review serve as security cameras that look like phone chargers. These unique devices are designed to blend into plain sight, while still utilizing high-quality features like motion detection to capture 1080p videos.

The loop recording functions are equipped on just about every single one of the items within this review. These convenient features automatically overwrite old video files and start new recording files when necessary.

You will now have the tough challenge of browsing through each of these products with the hopes of finding one that suits your specific needs. With that being said, all of the information is here within this post and you can find additional feedback within the customer review sections on the Amazon product pages.

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