The Best Door Security Bars in 2024

In the United States, it is estimated that about two million homes are burglarized every year. If your home does not have some type of security system, your risk of burglary is up to 300 percent more. About 30 percent of burglaries happen via a door.

The door security bar can help to keep your home safer from criminals. It protects your possessions, your pets, and your family. The first step is finding the doorstop or bar to protect your home.

Checking out some of the best options narrows down your options so that you have a good place to start. It is also important to learn more about these devices so that you can ensure proper use and installation.

Best Door Security Bars:

1. Master Lock Door Security Bar, Home Security Door Stopper

The Master Lock Door Security Bar is a type of door stopper that works to enhance home security. This adjustable bar is flexible, so it can be used for a variety of door types.

It grips the floor strongly without causing scratches due to the padded foot. It maintains full contact with the floor since it contains a pivoting ball joint.

The strong 20-gauge steel ensures that it will not collapse under pressure if someone is trying to gain entry into your home. It is ideal for all home types, from apartments to single-family homes.

This Master Lock 265dccsen dual-function security bar can be used as a French door security bar, an entry door bar, or even for sliding doors.

This Master Lock door security bar is adjustable, making it easy to use. The push pin may be hard to use, but this Master Lock security bar ultimately provides optimal door protection.


  • Works for a variety of door types
  • Works well with a door that contains a deadlock
  • Long adjustability to fit most doors


  • Pushpin might be difficult to operate
  • May fail prematurely

2. Ideal Security Sliding Patio Door Security Bar

The Ideal Security Patio Door Security Bar is a solid choice for secure patio doors. It remains in the doorframe when you are not using it, so it is quick and easy to put into place.

This bar will fit most patio doors. It is easy to install and only requires a few screws. Once you have it installed on your doorframe, simply move it up and down to use it.

The durable aluminum will not rust or wear down easily. The child-proof lock ensures that it will remain in place even when kids try to move it.

Easily find the right height to keep almost any patio door secure. The bar is not pressure-mounted, so you do not have to worry about it falling once you put it into place.

This security bar is best for patio doors. It has a child-proof lock and allows you to determine how open a door is, so you can keep your home secure while getting ventilation. You can also use this device for larger sliding windows.


  • The child-proof lock prevents children from moving the bar and getting outside
  • Very easy to install
  • Works for almost all patio doors


  • It May is not ideal for all vinyl doors due to possible damage from the screws

3. Brinks Heavy Duty Dual Function Door Security Bar

The Brinks Commercial Door Security Bar is a type of dual-function bar. You can use it for sliding doors and doors that have hinges.

The tubular steel is 20-gauge, so ensures optimal strength and security. This bar can stand strong to up to 300 pounds of force. This means that it is nearly impossible for a human to push or kick in a door when this is in place. The bar is adjustable, and it has a swivel base. This makes it relatively easy to place on just about any door.

This lightweight bar is simple to adjust with the pushpin. It offers great flexibility when you use it on multiple doors since you can remove the yoke. This security bar is relatively easy to use. It was made for commercial doors, so it is incredibly strong and durable.


  • The long adjustable range makes it ideal for almost all door types, including sliding doors
  • It is lightweight and only takes seconds to secure into place
  • Highly durable 20-gauge steel


  • It May be difficult to place on doors that have odd angles
  • The foot may come loose and have to be reconnected

4. Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

The Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Bar is ideal for a variety of environments and door types. You can use it on most floors without it moving around.

This bar does not contain any plastic parts, ensuring optimal durability. The 16-gauge steel can withstand an extreme force of up to 2.560 pounds. This means that most humans will not be able to push or kick in a door when this bar is providing security.

This strong bar locks into place quickly and easily. While it is a bit on the heavy side, since it is adjustable, you can carry it with you if you want to enjoy some extra security when you are traveling.

This home security bar is easy to use, and it can withstand an extreme amount of force. To prevent it from sliding on wood floors, simply place a rubber square below the foot. Overall, this is a bar that can be used in a variety of environments for protection.


  • The steel is a strong durable 16-gauge
  • It is easy to use
  • It grips most surfaces
  • You can remove it fast should an emergency happen


  • It may slide on wood floors
  • It is a bit heavier than similar models

5. SABRE 120 dB Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm


The SABRE Wedge Door Stop is a durable choice to enhance home security. You can use this bar for both sliding doors and hinged doors to prevent forced entry.

It is quick and easy to put this bar into place. It is adjustable, so you can place it into doors of most sizes. There is a top piece that you add to this bar for sliding doors. Remove it easily to use on other door types.

This bar can grip most floor types without issue. This is due to the padded foot and pivoting ball joint. The padded foot also prevents this bar from scratching any floor surface.

This bar collapses, so you can easily store it when it is not in use. You can also take it with you for added door security when you are traveling.

This bar is high in quality. It is made from strong steel, so it will not collapse under pressure. While it may slide on slick surfaces, this is an easy fix by putting a small piece of rubber under the foot.


  • This bar is collapsible, so it is easy to carry around or store when you are not using it
  • It is compatible with most flooring types
  • Made of a very strong steel


  • This bar may slide around on slick floor surfaces, such as floors that are waxed

6. Wedge-It WEDGE-IT-1 The Ultimate Door Stop


The Wedge-It The Ultimate Door Stop is almost indestructible. It is made from a highly durable LEXAN plastic material. This device is lightweight and easy to place. To keep a door closed, simply wedge it under the door. To keep a door open, you can use it at the hinge, at the top, or at the bottom of the door.

A fireman created this device to allow for greater safety when people need to keep doors open to exit during a fire. When keeping a door open, it allows for 90 degrees. When keeping a door closed, it firmly wedges the door so that it cannot be kicked or pushed in.

This door security device is small and easy to use. It can help to hold a door open or keep it closed.


  • Small and easy to use
  • Works on three areas of a door
  • Designed by a fireman to ensure quality


  • Not as effective for keeping doors open

7. Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock

The Addalock Portable Door Lock is a security device that is easy to use. It is portable, so it can be used anywhere, such as in your home, your office, a college dorm room, or a hotel room.

You just follow the simple directions to slide it into place. There is no need to carry any tools because they are not necessary to use them.

It is lightweight and small, so it will easily fit into a handbag, briefcase, or luggage. When you need to exit the space, simply remove it and put it away until you are ready for its next use.

This is a portable door lock, so you can take it with you when you travel. It is easy to put into place and no tools are required to secure it. It may bend prematurely, but even when it bends, it appears to still keep the door closed.


  • Small, so it is easy to carry
  • Easy to use and requires no tools to install it


  • May bend prematurely under pressure

8. SECURITYMAN 2-in-1 Door Security Bar & Sliding Patio Door Security Bar


The Door Security Bar easily wedges below a door handle to prevent someone from gaining entry into your home. Once it is in place, no one is able to force a door open from the outside.

It is made from durable metal and plastic. This ensures that it will not crack or break due to weather extremes or someone trying to push against it.

It is easy to put into place and adjust to the proper size. Simply measure the area where you will place the bar. Put it into place one inch shorter and then extend it to the right size to secure your door.

This door security bar works for most door types. It is made from a strong material and helps to stop intruders from getting in. To prevent sliding on hardwood floors, simply place a small piece of rubber below the foot.


  • This bar is easy to use
  • You can use it for multiple door types


  • It may slide around after being put into place on hardwood floors

9. DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security

The DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace is easy to use, only requiring a few seconds to put it into place. You will not need any tools to ensure that it is properly secured.

Use this device with all floor types without worrying about it sliding around. You can even use it on waxed floors laminate and hardwood without it moving.

It is designed to be removed quickly should an emergency occur. You just use an upward motion to get it off your door so that you can quickly exit. This device is ideal for almost all door types. It is small, making it ideal for traveling, dorm rooms, and other small spaces.

This product is easy to use. It is lightweight, and you do not need any tools to install it. It works with most standard doors, and with all flooring types.


  • It remains securely in place no matter what floor it is placed on
  • You only need 0.3 inches of clearance to use it
  • It is quick and easy to put into place


  • With a 90-degree turn, the apparatus may snap
  • It May not work well with doors that open outward

What is a Door Security Bar?

You might not have heard of these types of door security devices before. They come in many forms, such as a travel door lock, door jammer, patio door security bar, under door blocker, or sliding door security bar.

The door security bar creates an extra layer of protection for your home. It is important to know how the doorstop or bar works so that you can fully understand the benefits that these devices offer.

These devices are particularly beneficial for securing the front door of your home.

These bars are made from durable materials, such as reinforced steel or strong rubber that have limited flexibility. This means that even with significant force, they will not break and allow entry into your home.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors you want to think about as you go through the process of buying a door security bar. First and foremost, you must make note of the types of doors that you have in your home.

Materials & types of the doors

Consider the materials of the doors in your home. For example, are they solid wood, do they have glass panels or are they made from mixed materials? This will help you to find the device that will work best for your needs.

Also, consider the types of doors that you are trying to secure. Some types of doors are not able to accommodate all types of these home security devices. You will need to ensure a proper fit so that you are getting the maximum security from the devices that you choose.

You want to take accurate measurements of your doors and door frames. This ensures that the devices that you choose will fit well so that they offer optimal security.

Kid Safety

Do you have children? If you have younger children, you want to choose options that they are not able to easily remove on their own. Remember that kids are curious, so when something new goes into your home, they will want to play with it. As a solution, you can use baby gates to not let them remove the security bar.

Easy of use

Think about how often your family comes and goes. If you are in and out often, you want to choose a device that you can quickly remove and put back into place so that it does not become a hassle.

Think about your doors and what they can handle. For example, if you do not have a lot of space between the floor and the bottom of your door, a wedge that goes into this area is not ideal.

Capability with Your Security Devices

Consider the types of security devices you are already using. You want to make sure that your security bars can work with your existing security so that everything works together.

Pet doors

If you have a pet door on your door, you want to make sure that your security wedge does not interfere with this. If it does, your pets will not be able to come and go freely.

If you make changes to your doors in the future, you may need to choose a different home security device. Keep this in mind as you go through the process of replacing doors in the future.


Are Certain Options Better Than Others for Specific Doors?

As you shop for these devices, you will find that there are often certain devices for certain doors. For example, you will find sliding glass door lock bars, entry door security bars, or screen door stoppers. Consider the types of doors in your home to make the best choice.

Some options are multi-functional and can work for a variety of door types. For example, a doorknob stopper typically works with all doors that have knobs. Adjustable security bars can also be made to fit most door types.

Can These Devices Be Used on Large Windows?

Some door barricade bars will work for large windows. A sliding glass door security bar may also be ideal for large windows that open.

Consider the design of the window and how it opens. For example, a sliding door bar can work for windows that slide side to side. But, if your window opens up and down, you might consider a bar-based lock bar.

Will These Devices Make It Harder to Exit the Home During an Emergency?

Any time you use a bar lock or door stopper stick, you are making it harder to open the door. However, this difficulty is typically only when someone outside of your home is trying to open the door.

Should a fire or similar emergency happen, door wedge security will not trap your family inside. Simply remove the device and exit your home. You can remove these within seconds, so they do not present security concerns during emergencies.

Making the Decision

You just received a lot of important information about the security bar options. It is important to use all of it when you start shopping.

Unfortunately, burglars are not going to stop targeting innocent people, so it is up to you to secure your home in the best way possible. The doorstop, or door jammer, are excellent place to start.

Consider the information you learned here about choosing the best option. Read the reviews and think about which one would work best for your home.

What is important is that you quickly purchase your device and install it properly. This will increase the safety of your house so that you and your family can relax whether you are home or away.

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