The Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights in 2024

Motion lights are a fantastic addition to any yard or space for creating increased security and a sense of safety. Many motion lights are typically placed in high areas that aren’t easily accessible.

Therefore, when the batteries die, it can be a hassle to get the light up and running again. That’s why solar-powered motion security lights are the best bang for your buck.

Aside from not needing batteries or having to be lined into your home’s electricity, these lights will rarely need tending to continue functioning at a top level.

To help you find solar-powered motion security lights, we’ve compiled a list of light products like our top pick.

When analyzing the products in the review, we compared features such as solar efficiency, motion sensitivity depth, and luminosity. Read on to find out which security light is best for you!

Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights:

1. Solar lights outdoor 182 Leds 2500Lm Solar motion sensor


The next motion-activated solar-powered security light in review is the Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights. These lights come in a two-pack and also pack a good punch.

Their design is intended to project wide-angle illumination upon any space you choose to use them in, granted they receive proper sunlight.

Similar to most of the lights on this list, the solar panel sits on top and the light rests on the face and partially around the sides of the unit at a downward angle.

Consumers widely agree with the described illumination ability of this light model. Unlike other models, consumers call this one “durable” and “what other solar lights wish to be”.

The Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights are the perfect lights for your driveway, garden, yard space, etc. The 48 LEDs do wonders for your space’s visibility!


  • Easy install
  • 48 high-power LEDs
  • The sensor can detect movement up to 26ft at a 120-degree angle
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • 3 Light modes


  • Requires direct sunlight

2. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Lights Wireless Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

The next item in the solar motion sensor light review is the BAXIA Technology Solar Lights (BX-SL-101). This model has solar cells on the top that convert sunlight to energy and the light sits on the face of the unit, angled downward.

The unit has a contemporary appearance, though it is slightly bulky. Situated right at the top center of the light face is the motion sensor.

Consumers claim the light to be extremely bright and say that it’s a well-valued product worth every penny. Other customers claim the company is good on their word of product guarantee.

The BAXIA Technology Solar Lights are great for spots like front doors, back patios, decks, etc. However, you’ll want to be vigilant when installing them because they do require proper time in direct sunlight to operate at their fullest capability.


  • Easy install
  • 100 high-power LEDs
  • The sensor can detect movement up to 10-16ft at a 125-degree angle
  • Waterproof and heatproof


  • No dim mode, only ON/OFF
  • Require roughly 8 hours of sunlight to charge the solar cells

3. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof 100 LED Wireless Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

The next motion sensor light in review is another BAXIA Technology branded model. This unit is similar in appearance to the BAXIA Technology model reviewed at number two being that it’s the larger, next-generation model.

Like the previous BAXIA model, the solar cells sit on the top of the light facing skyward with the light panel on the face of the unit at a downward angle.

Consumers are excited about the brightness and durability of this unit. Its easy assembly is lauded as a high point of the product. Other consumers claim it to be well worth the money.

This unit is great for those looking to cover a slightly wider angle than many of the previously reviewed lights are capable of. The 100 LED count in each light makes them very powerful for their size. They make a perfect security and utility light for the darkest spaces around your home.


  • Easy install
  • 100 Brighter LEDs
  • The sensor can detect movement up to 26 feet with a 120º wide angle
  • Waterproof and heatproof


  • No Dim Mode

4. Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 1400-Lumen LED Spotlight 9-Watt(130W Equiv.), Solar Flood Security Lights

Coming at the sixth spot is the DrawGreen LED Solar Sensor Light. Possibly the solar motion light available, this light model is in the form of a spotlight.

The solar panel sits atop the LED-filled spotlight and its large size increases the efficiency of energy conversion. The light and solar panel are attached via adjustable arms, allowing them to be moved and directionally altered.

Consumers who have used this model are shocked at the brightness of this seemingly small unit. Additionally, customers note that installation is a breeze and that it looks as good as it functions.

This sensor unit by DrawGreen is a great motion floodlight for yards, placing over garages, and placing on corners of your home. The adjustability also makes it a suitable fit for lighting areas where it may be tough to fixate a light.


  • The sensor can detect movement from 20 – 26ft at a 120-degree angle
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Will light for roughly 6 – 8 hours fully charged
  • The adjustable solar panel makes charging up easier


  • Requires multiple hours in direct sunlight for full function

5. LEPOWER 1000LM Solar Security Lights, Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor with 2 Adjustable Head

This next model, the LEPOWER Solar LED Security Light, is the first on the review list that has the solar panel detached from the light source. For this model, the solar panel is connected via wiring to the lights.

Also unlike the previously reviewed models, this unit from LEPOWER has two separate light lamps, as opposed to one large, LED-infested lamp. The LEPOWER is unique and similar to traditional spotlights and motion lights.

Previous users call the lights fantastic and note the ease of installation. Others are excited about its ability to continue working uninterrupted in the rain.

This LEPOWER Solar LED Security Light is ideal for those who wish to place a motion light in a particularly shaded or dark area. The 20ft cord length between the light unit and the solar panel allows for flexibility in making sure the panel gets the sunlight it needs during the day.


  • The sensor can detect movement from 72FT at a 180-degree angle
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Solar panel detached from the unit, allowing for placement in optimal sunlight spot
  • Adjustable flood lights for specified illumination


  • The cord connecting solar panels and lights can be annoying to hide

6. Sunforce 82123 120-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light


The Sunforce Solar Motion Light is composed of super solar-powered motion sensor lights. Similar to the LEPOWER model, the solar panel for this unit is disconnected from the light fixture, allowing you to ensure it receives plenty of sunlight.

This flood light-style solar sensor light is unique in that it has a three-headed light. The side heads of the light can be adjusted to best light your space.

Consumers have nothing but words of praise for this incredible motion sensor light. They claim that it holds its brightness very well over time, something, not every model is fantastic at. Others note its feasibility as a yardlight.

This light by Sunforce is ideal for those who need powerful light but may not be able to properly accommodate a solar panel in the same spot. The wiring allows you to place the panel in optimal sunlight. The unit is durable and sturdy, lasting some users years.


  • The sensor can detect movement over 30ft at a 180-degree angle
  • Weather-resistant
  • Solar panel detached from the unit, allowing for placement in optimal sunlight spot
  • Adjustable lamp heads for specified illumination


  • The wire connecting solar panels and lights can be annoying to hide
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (they are charged by the solar conversion)

7. Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor 42 White LEDs 2 Red LEDs Ultra Bright, 2 in 1 Landscape Solar Wall Solar Light

Onward we move through the solar motion light reviews. This next model is unique to the list so far because of its different shape. The Sunix Solar Security Light extends from a base plate that gets screwed into your place of installation. The design is sort of like a sconce light fixture.

Of course, there is a solar panel peering off the back of it. Coming in a pack of two, this unit is smaller than the previously mentioned items but it has strong motion detection abilities.

Consumers are generally impressed with the power of these lights. The size and lower number of LEDs lead some to believe it won’t get the job done.

The Sunix Solar Security Light is a perfect motion sensor light for those looking solely for lights for security. The flashing red LED gives the light an appearance of surveillance and prevents unwanted intruders. Additionally, the adjustability of the light and solar panel is ideal for tight spaces.


  • The sensor can detect movement up to 20ft
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Will light for roughly 6 – 8 hours fully charged
  • The adjustable solar panel makes charging up easier


  • Only 16 LEDs
  • Requires multiple hours in direct sunlight for full function

Tips on Choosing

Research lighting

The first thing you should do before choosing a solar motion sensor light is to learn about lighting. Each light has a different output or lumens, and knowing how to read that will help you immensely with your choice.

However, depending on your space, lumens may not be the determinant for you. That’s why generalizing yourself with the terminology of lighting such as wattage, volts, etc. will help you gain a fuller understanding of the products you check out.

If solar security lights are not a good solution for your weather conditions, we recommend you check other security lighting options, such as motion sensor lights.

Ask others and professionals

When it comes to anything electrical or infrastructure-related, seeking the advice of a professional is helpful. Luckily for us, solar-powered lights require no wiring, so you should be okay to ask anyone about their experience with solar sensor lights.

If you don’t know anyone who has used them or experienced them before, feel free to ask the professionals; after all, they’re still professionals. Online forums and communities are also great places to gain information and answers regarding things such as solar sensor lights.

Keep an eye on the brand

When it comes to any product, let alone a light fixture, you want to be sure the brand you are choosing to buy is reputable and reliable.

Reviews will generally help you gain an idea of how the public receives the company/brand. Take reviews with a grain of salt, however, may follow them up by searching the brands

Factors To Consider

The Shape and Form of the Light

The shape and form of the light you’re looking to buy is a major factor to consider. Typically, function follows shortly behind the form. How each light is put together will have a large effect on how it illuminates your yard, and every different model will do this uniquely.

The models with adjustable spotlights or separate light heads are great for hitting multiple areas with light, while the light panel models are generally only suitable for a specific, contained area.

Solar panel location

Where the solar panel is located on each unit is something to consider. Models like the LITOM have hardly noticeable solar panels as they rest flat on the top portion of the unit.

A few of the spotlight models have the solar panel flared up on top of it. Then you have the models where the solar panel can be placed up to 15 feet away from the actual light unit. Regardless of your taste, you do have to be sure that the model you get will be able to face the sun where you intend to place it.

Your space

Another factor to consider when shopping for a top solar sensor light is the space that you intend to light up. If you have a large space, you’ll want a wide-angle illumination model. If you need a simple motion light for your front door, it may not be necessary to get the brightest option available.

If the point is to make your home more secure and safe, check out our solar-powered security camera reviews. Those cameras will help you to save on energy bills and make your home more secure by providing surveillance around your home.


Should I get adjustable spotlights?

The adjustable spotlight models are fantastic for yards and spaces that are too large for flat models to reach. Having the ability to adjust the light is ideal for those who need to focus the light on specific spots as well

Flat models that lay on whatever they are attached to generally have trouble lighting tough spaces because of their lack of directional specification.

The more LEDs the better?

Having more LEDs doesn’t necessarily make the light better. While adding LEDs can boost the overall light output of a unit, brightness also depends on the unit’s solar efficiency and other factors, such as proper use. So while generally more LEDs will be brighter, it’s not always the better option for every situation.

Is a detached solar panel better than an attached one?

Whether or not a detached solar panel is better or not is up to you in a couple of ways.

  • First, if you plan to use the light somewhere with inadequate sun exposure, a detached panel would suit you better for charging the light.
  • The second way is aesthetics. If it’s getting sun and you like the way it looks, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.


In conclusion, the solar motion security light is the one that most appropriately fits your space and accomplishes what you need it to accomplish. Some models will be more powerful than others, but you may not need all of that power.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive review of solar security sensor lights, to help you narrow down what it is that light models are capable of and what you need from your light. Acquainting yourself with vocabulary associated with lights and light fixtures is a great place to start, and this review should have the ball rolling already.

There are so many awesome units out there with great features with warmer weather and the hot months soon among us, there’s sure to be an uptick in outdoor activity. Stay prepared and get your solar-powered motion security lights now!

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